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Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 6th 2009

BE Warned !!- this one is a long impression and reading it might result in an uncontrollable urge to promptly book a flight to Nepal, next February. When I started my no-planning-stage to Nepal, I fantasized about the Himalayas, about Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, about long tracks in thin air. Right of the bat in Kathmandu I realized that I was unquestionably "Templed-Out", and that if i see one more statue of Buddha I'd become a Born Again Christian with a Jehovah-Witness-Behavioral-Disorder. Just think of a light consistent knock on your door, one unsuspecting afternoon, and here is Mr. Travlin Z packing a Bible, covered in crimson colored lacy cloth, and offering you a word of pseudo-brotherly-compassion in a futile attempt on your soul. So I wandered about aimlessly for a couple of weeks. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Nayapul, ... read more
Fresh Tiger Tracks
High grass in Tiger territory
Mrs. Rhino hiding

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan February 3rd 2009

The journey from Pokhara was by bus, and not just any bus - it was the most rickety ramshackle bus that we have ever seen. It looked like it had been sitting in a bus yard for decades. There were a lot of tall people on the bus, and they kept whacking their heads because the roof was so low, and dad was one of them, in fact every time he stood up he hit his head. We left Pokhara at 7:30AM and the journey took 6 hours - but it felt like 2 days. It was soooooo boring, there was nothing really to do. We even made up menus for a pretend cafe. As soon as we arrived in Chitwan we got a taxi to our camp and the driver was called Chris, he was ... read more
Pinky the Elephant
Half ton twins..
The really cheeky chappie

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan February 3rd 2009

Howdy people, gotta say I am really looking forward to finally having this thing up to date at some point in the near future! Took a crippling, no suspension bus to Chitwan with a mega low roof so you repeatedly bash your head! This was of obviously on a Nepali road, which are amongst the scariest in the world too, around valley and clifftop rims, cornering at speeds not meant to be reached by buses with little in the way of functional brakes. On the bright side, it was a pretty interesting set of sights on the way, including a proper Nepali service stop where will filled up on veggie burgers and saw two bushes which (for one reason or another) had been covered with egg shells... Landscape-wise, on leaving the Himalaya's around Pokhara, we travelled ... read more
Croc Spotted on the Jungle Trip
Following the Guide
I Spent One Morning Being Attacked by Puppies

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan January 27th 2009

OK, I realise I still haven't even finished writing about the trek, but here's a link to a video of the elephant baths at Chitwan National Park. Ciaran is on the front, Gareth in the middle and me flailing at the back. PS, back in Kathmandu, canyoning tomorrow, rafting day after! ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan January 18th 2009

The bus south left at 7.30am. My rucksack was hoisted atop the bus and I settled in my seat, trying not to infect the whole bus with my persistent gurgling cough. It was very chilly. I had on every clean layer I had but still felt the cold. The road south took the bus through mountains terraced for farming and winding cliff roads that overlooked a beautiful turquoise river. Houses spotted the countryside on both sides of the water. Women washed their children and clothes in water from the stand pipes in front of their houses clinging to the mountainside. I think there was at least one goat outside every house. Long precarious walkways were strung over the water, some nothing more than a cage on a wire that would be moved by hand. After a ... read more
Chitwan National Park
Chitwan National Park
Chitwan National Park


Asia » Nepal » Chitwan January 6th 2009

6 Jan - this a truly memorable day with lots of elephant interaction. It begins after breakfast when we hear the magical sound of trumpeting elephants. They have come to the resort to meet us. There's 4 of these massive, gorgeous creatures with painted trunks, gorgeous big eyes and extremely wrinkly bodies. They are very well trained by their mahouts, friendly (although slightly intimidating at first due to their size!) and perform various tricks with their trunks. It's four people to an elephant so Heather and Dallas (the Aussie couple), Bhup and me board our elephant. We have a great 2 hour elephant ride round Chitwan spotting several Indian one-horned rhino, wild boar, rhesus monkeys and sambar deer. Like tiger-spotting in India, it's an amazing experience to get so close to these animals on elephant rather ... read more
Rhino spotting
Rhinos are also quite wrinkly
Rhino close-up

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan January 1st 2009

Caught another local (tourist) bus to Chitwan National Park.. was very excited at the prospect of seeing loads of wildlife - Rhinos, Tigers, Deer, Elephants etc... Stayed at the Riverside which I really recomend - very much enjoyed sitting by the river and watching the sunset from my hotel bar - beautiful. And met another big group of travellers.. Got up for a very early morning canoe down the river then then into the National park for a jungle walk to supposedly see the wildlife... loved the canoe trip saw many birds .. but the walk was a bit long winded - expecially as it was hot and all the guys showed me was animal dung and some footprints...where is this wildlife? Although was glad not to come across a Rhino when I was walking through ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan December 22nd 2008

Forgot to write this before we left Nepal but after Steves man flu we took a couple of days away from Kathmandu and went to royal chitwan national park in the search for a tiger! Alas, we didnt find a tiger but we did ride on a elephant and see rhinos, mugger crocodiles, a wart hog, tons of birds and a gharial in the water next to our boat which was a bit daunting! The park is really big and we only got to see a fraction of it on our jeep safari but it really is amazing to see all the different would have been great to see a tiger (we did see a footprint!) but hey there are only 100 or so in a 900km area so it was always gonna be a ... read more
Sunset at Chitwan
Spiders web at dawn
The forest from an elephants back

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan December 11th 2008

Hello again! It's only been a few days since we last wrote, but a lot has happened, and we're trying to make up for the 2 1/2 weeks without word. At the moment we're in Sauraha - a little village just outside Nepal's Royal Chitwan National Park. We've been here since Tuesday, and we move on again tomorrow to Lumbini. But, before we get on to that, we'll pick up where we left the last blog - Pokhara! In total we spent 4 nights there, having a very welcome break from non-stop trekking, and spending most of our time shopping or lying down. Somehow, between the two of us, we managed to come away with 4 new tops, another pair of shorts, more flip-flops, and a new bag/headband/bracelets/necklace/earrings that Hannah needed very urgently The plan to ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan December 8th 2008

SEPT. 23, 2008 The differences between mountain life and valley life are striking. Spending the morning at the Lukla Airport all bundled up with hats, mitts and jackets then arriving in Kathmandu to the start of a 30+ degree day. The race for the showers was intense after 15 days gone without. We also had to sort all our laundry to be put in for washing and what we would take with us to Chitwan National Park and Pokhara. A mini bus picked us up at another hotel to take us to the Park, where my friend Alex has been teaching for three months. It was a beautiful drive- without A/C, and quite dangerous but beautiful none the less. Buses go off these roads on a daily basis due to rock slides, land slides, poor roads, ... read more
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