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Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town July 17th 2014

These words were uttered during the minibus drive to Georgetown. A 10 hour journey was somehow shortened to 6 by some of the most aggressive racing lines Malaysia has ever seen. Having arrived in Georgetown just about alive, stumbled into the cheapest hostel in the area which is less than 3 pound a night. We're making a habit of lucking into bargain hostels. Long may it continue. We even have a tv in our private room here. Checked out a lot of the top sights including the museum of Penang and Fort Cornwallis. Tried two local must have dishes of Kway Teow and Laksa. Both pretty great. About to embark on an 8 hour bus journey to Krabi so pending any visa issues, we should be in Thailand before the end of the day.... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town July 12th 2014

Vrijdag 27 Juni 2014: Vandaag ga ik terug de baan om. 's morgens ga ik echter nog eerst met Sandra ontbijten, roti. Een sort pannenkoek met verschillende vullingen, ik keis voor ei. Met wat voeding in de maag loodst Sandra me de stad uit. We kunnen wat achterweggetjes nemen wat het rijden weer veel aangenamer maakt dan de grote baan, zeker in de kleine dorpjes. De hoofdbaan blijft echter onvermijdelijk. Het is op dit punt dat ik afscheid neem van Sandra en haar bedank voor de dagen in Kuantan. Vanaf nu rijd ik weer alleen verder. De baan is druk en ik kan een zijweg nemen langs een industriezone. De baan is bedekt met zand en telkens er een truck voorbij komt, kom ik in een zandstorm terecht. Terug op de hoofdbaan kan ik herademen en ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town June 24th 2014

Arrived in Penang feeling hung-over from the night bus trip without actually having drunk a drop. I dont travel well on night transport but it saves on time as well as a few bucks on accommodation. I get both envious & furious when l hear someone snoring loudly & contentedly before take-off. Anyway after then catching the first ferry over from Butterworth to Georgetown, I watched the dawn sky lighten over the Malacca Straits. Not my favourite time of day & not even the beauty of Penang at sunrise alleviated my irritability. I just wanted to find my hostel & shower. That's when l slipped & turned my ankle. I went down like a bag of excrement. There was no one around to help scrape me back up, nor any taxis around at that hour on ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town April 20th 2014

OK I haven't been the best at keeping this up to date but there is too much food to eat rather than writing blogs! Anyway here are another couple of entries and I'll try to catch up to where we are now soon. Our trip to Georgetown, Penang was one of the worst journeys we've done on our trip. It took 16 hours to get from Surat Thani to our hostel. The first leg was a mini bus down to Hat Yai, the last big town before you reach the Malaysian border. We made good progress to here and we were dropped off on a street with a load of travel agents offering trips to Penang, we just had to find the best priced one and the one leaving next. That was the problem, they were ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town April 14th 2014

7th April Penang, Malaysia Penang is an island state in Malaysia connected to the mainland by the Penang Bridge (the third longest suspension bridge). We berthed in its capital Georgetown for a short visit, arriving at 8.00am with Sailaway at 4.30pm The place is another UNESCO world heritage site which has managed to retain a considerable amount of natural environment. Our island tour took us first to a typical Malay village or Kampungs, which are built on stilts for ventilation. They are surrounded by fruit trees & plants in compounds which they sell on roadside stalls. We stopped on the roadside by clove trees, scents of clove and nutmeg were in the air at local fruit & spice stalls. Another shopping opportunity!! The next port of call was a Butterfly Farm. Our tour was going clockwise ... read more


Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town March 23rd 2014

HE SAID... We arrived in George Town at 12.30pm. The drive from Kuala Kangsar was reasonably smooth, although typing in the minibus proved a little difficult, as the suspension was over–compensating for the road. It was a surreal experience driving over the long bridge linking mainland Malaysia with the island of Penang. We navigated the complex streets of outer George Town until we finally arrived at the Banana Boutique Hotel in Chulia Street. We checked in, unpacked and found my ring (it was in my pocket all along). We rang the home–stay and let them know it had turned up. I felt terrible, because they had been searching for the last few hours since we left. We headed straight out to lunch at Hameediyah Tandoori House, which was only one street over from our hotel. When ... read more
fish head curry
fish head curry
cendol stall

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town March 13th 2014

I attract idiots. There's no question about it now. I was pretty sure this was the case back in the UK but, even though still not far into it, this trip has confirmed it beyond doubt. Take yesterday for example, fate conspired to put not one but two such characters into my life and that can’t be a coincidence. One was a Malaysian Walter Mitty who we got behind in a supermarket queue when we were buying bananas and yoghurt for our breakfast (I know…….but remember, this is the ACDC World Tour and that's just the way we roll ;-). The young guy in front of us seemed normal enough at first but, by the time we'd bagged up and paid, let's just say we didn't hang around to chat to him anymore. He wasn't a ... read more
On The Beach Penang Style
Comfort And Quality In Coach Class
Fort Cornwallis

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town March 3rd 2014

Wednesday February 26th So most part of the day was travelling to Cameron Highlands. The bus driver was horrendous. A bit like a boy racer, just couldn’t get there fast enough. Overtaking all the time, on blind bends and hills and then having to brake suddenly as he was going too fast. Maryanne was going to say something when we stop, but we didn’t stop in the three hours it took us. I think he must’ve calmed down after a while as all three of us slept on the way, and the driver did drop us all off individually at our hotels so that’s good. This was the first time I had arrived at a hostel/hotel without a reservation. Basically, not known where I was sleeping that night. I arranged to get dropped off at the ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town February 24th 2014

I thought I had posted the following update a couple of weeks ago but have just realised it is still sat here. ooopps. Penang has got to be one of the best places in the whole of Asia for food. There are large communities of Indians and Chinese along with the local Malays, mainly due to the days of British rule when they moved people about the various colony's to suit themselves. They all seem to get on well together and it makes for great food halls. While I was feeling a little bit adventurous I tried some clay pot frog with was OK but a little froggy for me. So had a great week seeing the sights but mainly eating. When I left for the airport my taxi driver on finding out I had ... read more
Garland maker
Rickshaw taxi rank
Penang fish market

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town February 21st 2014

I was in Penang when l was attacked by a rat. It was a few years ago, in the Year of the Rat, and l was hoping it was a lucky sign. I didn't manage to win the lottery but l did survive the rat bite which most people would think is pretty lucky in itself. l say attacked because l honestly don't know what l did to provoke it. I was in Penang's main town of Georgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of it's remarkable colonial architecture & unique townscape. I have always liked Penang, even after the rat bite, it has a great atmosphere, a comfortable fusion of Chinese, British & Malaysian cultures. It really is like nowhere else, it's uniquely charming, cultured & relaxed. And if for no other reason, it is ... read more

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