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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta June 20th 2014

The word interesting probably describes best our first day on the island of Java. We took a boat from near Pemuteran on Bali, and upon arrival on the Javanese side, we immediately witnessed an accident where one of the dock workers fell on the ground unconscious while they attempted to dock the boat. Either he fell from somewhere, or something fell on him, we heard also glass breaking, but are not sure how exactly it happened. Next, they failed to attach the boat on the dock properly, and we watched nervously as the cars drove from boat to shore on the swaying little bridge. Crossing it on foot was ok, luckily, and I was quite glad we had not gotten on one of the buses, even if we were offered those seats multiple times. We did ... read more
traditional music played at Sultan Palace
sunrise view to the temple, only the temple is hardly visible
Borobudur temple

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta March 22nd 2014

14 mars J'ouvre les yeux dans cette humide chambre du Bladok Losmen & Restaurant au coeur de l'Area Sosrowijayan a Yogyakarta. C'est qu'hier soir, je suis descendu du mini-bus plutot deboussole de ces dix heures de somnolence refrigeree. Je prend ma douche froide (froide par obligation) dans la salle de bain indonesienne (mandi) de ma chambre alors que je realise que je devrai pondre davantage que troner ici. Je descend au restaurant, reprend tranquilement vie, et me lance au hasard dans les rues et ruelles (gang) du quartier. Les cyclo-pousses sont harcelants et les vendeurs qui feignent l'amitie instantanee pullulent aux alentours. Des gamins en velo font l'aller-retour dans les ruelles en faisant vibrer des coins de carton coinces dans les rayons de la roue arriere de leur becane. Une fillette aussi barbouille de craies l'asphalte ... read more
Ecolieres sous le parapluie jaune

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta November 4th 2013

Today we explored the sights of Yogyakarta. With chameleons on shoulders, we visited the Palace, Tamansari water castle, the underground mosque, the Sultans Palace. So good day of tourism and learning a thing or two. Later in the afternoon, we got a local bus to Prambanan. The funny thing was, Benny was holding the chameleons in their cage and the bus ticket man said we were not allowed on the bus with creatures. So we walked away down the road, squished down the metal cage and put Dewi and Jonny in Benny's bum bag (fanny pack if you prefer). The bus journey was long, but once there we found a hotel right opposite the gates to Prambanan temple ruins. Nate and I chilled with a beer and ate in a local warung down the street, sat ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta November 3rd 2013

In the morning we all had a lie in until 9am. Much deserved I think. Leaving the guesthouse early afternoon, we headed for the bird market. I didn't really know what to expect of this place. We used the local bicycle carriages to get there as it was a fair few kilometres. This market was basically a giant pet shop. Birds, fish, bats, reptiles, rabbits, cats and dogs. The guys loved it, Benny kept saying "'s great, you never know what's going to be round the next corner". When it came to the cats and dogs, it broke my heart to see them in their cages. Yes, they were being fed, eye drops etc but still. They all looked pedigree too, such beautiful creatures. However, there was a fun aspect of this day. Nate and Benny ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta October 30th 2013

I went to Yogyakarta this past week with Natasha. We arrived on Wednesday morning and went straight to the hotel. We stayed at a hotel called the Kangen Boutique. Usually when I go travelling, I just stay at some shithole hostel in a dorm room. This way is great for meeting people when you go traveling by yourself. But this time, because I went with the Mrs, I thought I should splurge out on a nice place. The place was great: the room was huge; décor was really suave; and the room had fox sports, which meant I could watch the UFC on Sunday Morning. After we dropped out bags at the hotel, we went straight to the centre of the city. The three famous sights there are Malioboro Street, Kraton and Taman Sari. Kraton was ... read more
Star Hill
The Mrs


Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta September 3rd 2013

“The Javanese believe that the placenta is the twin child of a newborn,” Reni Fatmasari says, holding a clay pot delicately while examining its smooth sides. “It is for this reason that when a baby is born, the mother’s placenta is placed in a pot like this, then buried in front of the house for 35 days.” It’s early Tuesday afternoon and we’re in a roadside stall that sells flower offerings. We’re on our way to the Kasihan Spring just outside the center of Yogyakarta and Reni suggests we stop by the store first to buy flowers we can offer to the spirits that are said to reside in the spring’s premises. While waiting for the store owner – a 50-something woman – as she places our purchase in a paper bag, Reni clues me in ... read more
Teacher at Work
For the Spirits

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta September 1st 2013

The Always Smoking Country is Indonesia, home to dozens of active volcanoes regularly spewing noxious ash clouds into the environment. Indonesia is also home to dozens of millions of men regularly spewing noxious ash clouds into the environment and it is this factor for which I give Indonesia its moniker. That's really one of the only few downsides to traveling in Indonesia which, with the exception of Bali and even there mostly Kuta, is practically devoid of travelers on the Banana Pancake Trail compared to other more crowded destinations such as Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. My second trip through Indonesia this year (first in Sumatra back in May and June) started in Pontianak, Kalimantan (a.k.a., Indonesian Borneo). I ended up bolting from Kalimantan 3 weeks ago much earlier than I planned and have since been chilling ... read more
Still Ascending After Sunrise
Looking at Merapi from Merbabu's Summit

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta August 10th 2013

Een lange maar goede vlucht met Malaysia Airlines bracht ons 's ochtends in de hoofdstad Jakarta. Omdat we er al vroeg waren, besloten we meteen een bus te nemen naar een stad ten zuiden van Jakarta: Bogor. Hier was het ook nog steeds vies en druk, maar midden in de stad is wel een prachtige, grote botanische tuin. Via een mannetje op straat vonden we een hostel. Daarna op pad, maar de weergoden waren ons niet goed gezind. Zo hebben we nog wel een stuk door de botanische tuin gelopen, maar kwamen we uiteindelijk helemaal verzopen weer aan in onze kamer. Omdat we steeds weer door de plensende regen moesten lopen hebben we echt heel slecht gegeten, namelijk een lunch bij de Mac en het avondeten bij de KFC. Uiteindelijk bleek dit wel beter voer dan ... read more
gezommen onder deze waterval

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta July 11th 2013

I have been wanting to attend Vesak celebration at Borobudur temple for the longest time, so when a friend of mine Ella asked me to join her with a group of photographers to go to Yogya, without hesitation, I agreed. I had looked forward to the trip and had prepared my gear better this time. I have been to Yogyakarta ("Yogya") many times but this was the first time that I was there with a bunch of photographers. Just like many trips of mine, I hardly knew anyone other than my friend Ella and Taufan. Every single one of the participant is a professional photographer by my standard, except my friend Ella, Taufan and I who are the new comers in this world. I had left Singapore on Thursday evening on May 20th and stayed at ... read more
Silverwork in the make
Hard work
Magnificent Borobudur

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta July 11th 2013

Hello to all my followers, Today was a great day. We started our day going to a bird market, but they didn't just sell birds they sold lizards, owls, bats, genuine pigs, snakes (including a massive python and I'm talking big!) and monkeys. When I saw them selling monkeys I could not believe my eyes! It's so cruel. After the bird market we went to a restaurant called Via Via. We had a beautiful tasty lunch there it was great. Next door was a cool batique shop I got a few sovaniers from there. Then we caught a taxi back to our hotel for a swim and dinner. Thank you for reading my blog Zara... read more

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