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Asia » China » Liaoning » Shenyang April 19th 2014

Over my first month being here I had the opportunity to see both the Shenyang Normal University and the Paleontological Museum of Liaoning which is one the same grounds. I didn’t see much of either the first time I went there. But the second and third time I saw more of the Normal University. I figured since I had seen the Paleontological Museum I might as well see the university grounds as well. I didn’t have high expectations for the university since I had seen many others that weren’t that impressive. To my amazement this university was vast and looked great for the most part. Of course a few places were still under construction or in need of repair which is typical of most schools worldwide. Of course I brought my camera to snap some shots ... read more
part of the old gate for the old university

Asia » China » Liaoning » Shenyang April 16th 2014

My dear readers; Once again I thought to give you some information about the city I am in. That city is Shenyang of Liaoning province. Shenyang is the largest city in Liaoning as well as Northeast China with a population of a little over 8.1 million people within its administrative area. The city was once known as Shengjing or Fengtian Prefecture. In the 17th century, Shenyang was conquered by the Manchu people and briefly used as the capital of the Qing Dynasty. It also serves as a transportation and commercial hub of Northeast China particularly with Japan, Russia and Korea. The name of the city literally means, ‘The Yang side of the Shen River’. A reference to the Hun River which was formerly known as the Shen River is on the city’s south side. Archaeological findings ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Shenyang April 14th 2014

♦Paleontological Museum of Liaoning♦ This museum is on the campus of the Shenyang Normal University which happens to be close by to where I live. The first time I went to view this museum I was late, found out from a security guard yelling at me as I walked up the stairs that the museum closes at 2 pm on Sundays and to come by during the week. The unfortunate thing is that by the time I get back from work during the week it’s already too late to view it so it will have to wait until the following weekend to have a full view of it. The reason I went at 3 was that I took a nap around eleven thirty and didn’t wake up until 3 that afternoon, I guess I needed the ... read more
view from outside 2
side view
view of main gate from stairs

Asia » China » Liaoning February 7th 2014

Ciao! Yesterday was spent eating two helpings of lo mein, finishing Auschwitz: The Nazis and Final Solution, The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler, Children of WWII, and Forgiving Dr. Mengele, and got to see Pussy Riot on Colbert which was pretty cool, and we drank a fair amount of tea (we're giving up soda for the tenth time). We spent a lot of time laying around, clearly. I was still rather sick and we were pretty into our documentaries. Sleep was hard because of fireworks going off around 5am. :( Today we took a dreaded trip (dreaded because it is dreadful getting out of bed and actually doing anything D:) to Kaifaqu to go to the import store, Deli Harbor. Since we've begun leaning towards always cooking at home (being vegans, it's so much easier/nicer/a relief ... read more
Making some relish :)
cooking the "dogs"
cutting the bread!

Asia » China » Liaoning January 22nd 2014

Ciao! Yesterday, we Skyped with Josh and Niki for a couple of hours, played video games, watched Colbert/Daily Show, relaxed, etcetcetc Today we Skyped with Aunt Colleen for a few hours and then went on a trip to Dalian to pick up the package she sent us!!!! :D We took a loooong trip there, got some Starbucks (love the Vitasoy there), then took a bus to the chem plant and walked to the main school. We waited for Graham to finish with some things and chatted before deciding to go out to eat together. We took the 202 train to meet up with Celia and Cassie and ate at Keshike, the vegetarian hot pot restaurant. That place is so spectacular. The atmosphere, the food, mmmmm..we're quite fond of the place. We also saw some monks entering ... read more
Chocolate goodies :")
Our need for shirts has been answered


Asia » China » Liaoning January 14th 2014

So we haven't updated in a few days beeecaaauuuseee…. After the English competition on Sunday, Graham invited us to stay at his place in Dalian for a couple of nights while Cassie was away aaaand his daughter is in town. We'll start with Saturday: Pretty short. Relaxed. The only thing we ate all day were homemade spring rolls. Even though we didn't have tamari, the sauce was fantastic. They were so great. We watched Captain Phillips, ate a midnight bowl of oatmeal with strawberries, then slept. Sunday: Woke up in a bit of a hurry to get out the door to the main school in Jinzhou. We had no information on where the competition was being held etc etc. We got there and Graham introduced us to his daughter, Celia. They welcomed us with the gift ... read more
She likes to come out from under the bed

Asia » China » Liaoning January 1st 2014

Train tickets: booked. Hotel: booked. Gear: 97% bought. Harbin here we come! From the 24th-28th, it is official. We're taking the high-speed train 900 km north (slightly east as well). We spent much less money on gear than anticipated, which was a nice surprise. All we have left to get are hats and I need to get a second pair of gloves. So, so, so excited!!! Our first bout of traveling within China. And next year around this time we'll be exploring Southeast Asia, we promise you 8) Anyways, we have (as expected) been ultra lazy these past couple days. Our Lush package reached Dalian today so we're just waiting for that phone call that we can pick it up! We watched the second installation of the Hobbit and last night we watched the ABCs of ... read more
Warm Totoro helping a sore tumtum.

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian December 27th 2013

No pictures today folks-we neglected to pick up batteries for the camera. But I decided to write a small update since it is officially our holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_* Our week was a mixture of uneventful and eventful. We taught about Christmas the whole week…everyday…..six-seven times a day….so needless to say, we. are. Christmas'd. out. Done with Christmas. We have a whole year to recover from being smothered by Christmas. We watched Welcome to the Punch, Ron started reading Walden and I started reading 12 Years a Slave, we both beat the Elite Four, donated money to PETA, and we got tons and tons and tons of Christmas drawings and cards from our kids. Also, in China, people give apples to each other on Christmas Eve. This is because apple in Chinese (pingguo) and Christmas Eve (Ping'an ye) ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning December 24th 2013

Just a couple of photos for now. We did our Christmas shopping EXTREMELY last minute…..(about two hours ago.) So there's a picture of our presents under the tree. The real present will be us being able to go to Harbin. :D The second is something I actually worked on quite hard… Today I made it a point to learn how to say/write Merry Christmas in Simplified Chinese so I wanted to write it out, and the meaning of all the characters, for you guys. I am working really hard to learn and it is not even close to perfect but I had about ten failed attempts to get one I felt okay with sharing! I'm really, really enjoying learning how to write and I can't wait to keep sharing progress. I'm kind of starting big and ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Kaifaqu December 22nd 2013

Hello all. Today was the second day of the English competition, this time in Kaifaqu. The event was held at a primary school in Kaifaqu and the students who attend the primary schools in that district of Dalian were competing. It was the three levels once again, a total of 89 kids. None of them were ours, since we only teach in Jinzhou. The competition was pretty fierce but the kids who really deserved it will be moving on. The finals for both school districts are January 12th. We captured a lot of pictures and also a few videos we're hoping will load on here. So enjoy! We're going to spend our evening relaxing, eating pasta, and playing video games. Love from Asia.... read more
Amy helpin' out
Parents challenge.

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