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Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands January 3rd 2010

Arctowski Station - King George Island. This is a Polish station.... read more
Blue Whale Skull
Sailors Shrine

Antarctica » Antarctica January 3rd 2010

It never really got dark... The sun went down at 11PM and it was the longest sunset I have ever seen. At least 30 minutes. Then there were amazing pink/purple colored clounds for the next 2 hours until the sun rose again at 1AM.... read more
2010-01-03 Antarctica - Sunset 0002
2010-01-03 Antarctica - Sunset 0003
2010-01-03 Antarctica - Sunset 0004

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands January 1st 2010

Cruising to the South Shetlands... read more
Wow - Another Boat
Adelie Penguins
Many Bergs


Antarctica » Antarctica » South Orkney Islands December 31st 2009

South Orkney Islands - Too much sea ice to make a landing. :(... read more
Thru the Porthole
Orkney's Dead Ahead
Crabeater Seal

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands December 21st 2009

Rosco and Bones’ Antarctic Blog We left Gerardo and Marisol’s place, in Punta Arenas after lunch, but as we do, we seemed to be running a bit late? Our latest check in time for our flight to Ushuaia, was 2.15pm, we arrived at the airport around 2.40pm to find all the counters closed, but fortunately for us we spotted a girl down behind one of the counters, so we approached her and just put our luggage onto the scales, as if we were on time, she said something to us in Spanish, which sounded like the flight had closed etc, so I put our other bag onto the scales and gave her our passports. Spanish type of mumbling came from the attendant, but she spoke into her radio and a few minutes later, the bags were ... read more
Drake Passage
Drake Passage

Antarctica » Antarctica November 25th 2009

Plop! Oh, no! What was that? What was that thud? What just landed on my bed in the middle of the night? Should I just not move and see if it goes away? Was I dreaming? Hey! It moved, I felt something and heard it too! Ok, have to reach out from under the covers and turn the light on... Click. Nothing. Plop! Plop! Yes! There it is! Phew! Not a snake falling on my bed after all! A frog, trapped in the lampshade! After dismantling the shade and throwing the slimy, bug-eyed creature out of the window into the tropical garden, I tried to get back to sleep. Mission impossible. The neighborhood dogs have decided to have a loud and obnoxious noise-fest and the mad-men have decided to join in too... just another peaceful ... read more
New Job?
The Office

Instead of passively being beaten, it is better to take the initiative directly to that third party to talk about them. I believe you will be very curious what the other is a kind of person. The relationship between a woman is very subtle, particularly in the situation like you. While the hesitation, but as long as one of the parties make the first step, it is easy to obtain relieved and communication. The same for the woman, the person may understand your feelings, and admiration for your courage. But, unfortunately, if you had to suffer an arbitrary or unreasonable third parties may also wish to show your courage and despot. Since there must be a decision, then the three men had to make choices without any escape route. Of course, we are all adults, they ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica November 7th 2009

This is a route map of my travels.... read more

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