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Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton January 15th 2012

Heute morgen sind wir mal wieder früh aufgestanden, um nicht allzuspät in Johannesburg anzukommen. Nach gut 8 Stunden Fahrt inkl. Pausen durch schöne Landschaften sind wir gegen halb 3 in Hennings Wohnung gelandet. Gleich nach der Akunft haben wir uns auf den Weg zu einem Handwerker-/Kunstmarkt gemacht, den es jeden Sonntag hier gibt. Danach sind wir noch ein paar Geschäften vorbeigeschlendert und wieder zurück in die Wohnung. Den Abend starteten wir wie immer mit dem obligatorischen Drink zum Sundowner - diesmal mit einem Glas Wein neben dem Pool auf der Dachterasse. Anschließend waren wir noch lecker thailändisch Essen. Viel ist nicht passiert heute - dafür war Bettina in besonders guter Stimmung. Zuerst gabs ein paar flotte Sprüche für einem jungen, etwas korpulenten Herren in Knickerbocker & pinken (!!!) Schuhen, den wir im Aufzug trafen und auch ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg January 2nd 2012

So this is the first time I have lagged on my travel blog but i guess this segment is the few days leading up to the new year. On thursday we had a long shift, the highlights of which include: - standing in a fountain of blood while oferating on a 2cm hole in the left ventricle (saw the man today, he looks great) - the trauma desk getting compleatly cleared of patients for the first time since we arrived Andrew got a splash in the eye when removing a chest draing and so he is now on double therepy PEP. On friday night we went out to Melville for one of the sydney boys birthdays. They had rounds of shots including one where you drink with a straw through fire (well that was the idea, ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Soweto December 28th 2011

On christmas day we walked into a packed full trauma casualty. Instead of going to morning rounds, and without discussion between us, we began to see patients who were waiting. It was a crap morning but at least it seemed that some things were in our favor, like the suturing kits that usualy are in short supply, meaning patients have to sit arround with their faces hanging open, were in steady supply. My mistake occured while suturing a man who had deep lacerations across his face, after re-anethetising the last layer of the wound i turned to put the needle back on my tray and pricked myself in the finger. At this point we had been working strait for 9 hours. I told an intern who I was working with and she asked if the man ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg December 27th 2011

we got here last night. Flight was great. I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures. I only have a minute. On the flight I watched 4 movies and we had great food. our seats were great. they did lay flat and we both slept great. Once here, we had about a 30 minute ride to the hotel. Now this is a nice Holiday Inn, much better than the one we stayed at in Raleigh. Went to Nelson Mendala square last night and had a wonderful dinner. Most places were closed for a national holiday, so after that we came back to the hotel.... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton December 26th 2011

On friday most of the australian students had arranged to get togeather and go out for christmas. After finishing out wardwork for the day we headed over to the house being rented by the other university of sydney boys for a barbeque. We sat arround a table eating and drinking and it felt like christmas. The others had arranged a private minibus to take us all into a nightclub in an area called santon. I got carded at the door and then asked for my date of birth, the man said i had a baby face. Once inside we began to drink again. We had been talking expansivly about how great milo was and had earlier decided that we would do shots of milo at the bar. Thankfully the bartender was game and we slammed down ... read more


Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg December 21st 2011

highlights of the latest 24hr shift: - watching a young boy come out of ketamine sedation and be high as a kite - wresteling an unconcious person out of a wheen chair and onto a bed, then stopping their arterial bleed - giving a 50yo lady 32 sutures while chatting about life and having her be so comfortable that she fell asleep pitfalls of the latest 24hr shift: - not placing a urinary catheter in an unconcious patient in time and suffering the devastating consiquences of getting pissed on - eventualy finding my delerious patient in another ward eating a plate of food he stole from another patient and then getting told off by the nurses of that ward for "telling my patient he could come and eat there" and that "he couldnt go and have ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg December 18th 2011

for dinner on friday night a bunch of us went up to newtown, an area of which is very upmarket. We ate at sophiatown bar where I had tripe and mopani worms because i had already eaten way to much for the day. as expected my appetite was deminished significantly. after dinner we went over to the bar next to world of beer, there we listened to lively jazz and drank their house wine which i suspect was just red paint. on saturday we went for a walk up in the nature park, the zebras were hiding in the morning but i had a nice chat to a tortise. after that we headed over to soweto for lunch on vilkazi street which is the tourist hub. andrew and I went to the hector peterson museum, avoided ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg December 17th 2011

Johannesburg (4 June 2011 - 10 June 2011) Next morning was the flight to Johannesburg so we woke up early, picked up a driver from the rental car showroom who dropped us off at the airport and we were off to Jo’burg. Johannesburg was a bit of a let down after Cape Town with dry lifeless surroundings and a desert atmosphere. Baggage was delayed so we quickly rushed to the car rental showroom and picked up the car we had book – our dream – the luxurious Nissan Xtrail!! Brand new, shiny silver, it was waiting for us in the parking and we couldn’t wait get on the road. After a long struggle with fixing the GPS to locate our guest house we drove for an hour and half to reach the place and found it ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Soweto December 14th 2011

Over the first few days in south africa, we were consistantly warned about the guy who runs the trauma unit at bara. He was always described using advoident words like interesting. On wednesday morning rounds finished up in the boad room with everyone sitting in rank when the guy who calls himself prof arrived. He is a balding, small, feirce looking person who from the outsed did his best to not only intimidate but it seemed to embarass and hurt most anyone arround him. When there was laughter allong with one of the senior doctors misfortune in a case he mirthlessly yelled, "no! shutup stupid students! why are you smiling! dont smile, ok!" He went on making sure each person was identified to him by race, apparently using this to judge their character. Hy heart sunk ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Soweto December 13th 2011

Thismorning began with an early drive back to the Bara. The working day began at 7am with a round of over 30 doctors and students all wearing the same blue scrubs strolling around the hospital. The hospital itself seems to get bigger every few steps. During the morning rounds, the nursing and ancillary staff in each ward join, singing loud choral African music. The sunny weather, echoes of singing and the friendliness of the doctors made for a joyful beginning. After rounds there was a bullet fast M and M meeting at which the staff sat around the table in rank order with the students sitting on a bench against the wall. Thankfully this was the only time during the day when our reception was anything but gracious. Andrew and I put up our hands to ... read more

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