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Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg August 14th 2011

Today we did what many in Johannesburg do on a Sunday afternoon - wandered around and ate at the Rosebank Mall. The mall is, well...a mall. Nothing about it really sets it apart from Anywhere USA - not the shops (Body Works even!), escalator, food court, the clothes on the people walking about. But on Sundays, I was told, there was a nice African market. So after we stopped at the drugstore so I could buy some lip stuff (it's SO dry here! thirsty all the time and my lips are chapped, chapped, chapped!), Miles and I headed to the market. At first, even this part of the mall felt not totally unlike lots of places in the US...craft fair sorts of places. There were lots of vendors selling their wares. But as we walked through, ... read more
Mr Crepe Man
Something about these women
Dancing at the Mall

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Soweto August 12th 2011

I was truly exhausted last night and yet didn't actually fall asleep until about 3am. Maybe it's just being here, maybe it's jet lag. Regardless, morning came quickly. And despite my eagerness for the bike tour of Soweto, crawling out of bed was no small task. Strong, hot shower and strong, hot coffee, and I was good to go. We drove around the outskirts of Joburg (that's local speak for Johannesburg...that and "Jobi, I'm told) and eventually into the section of Soweto called "Orlando West" (nothing to do with Disney...named after someone...shoot, don't remember who he was...sorry). We found the Backpacker's Hostel, paid for the tour, and joined our fellow travelers in selecting and testing out bikes. After our guide, NK, did introductions and the safety thing, we headed off. We rode down the road - ... read more
Sharing a beer in a shebeen
Kids excited by the bikes, and maybe even us
doing laundry

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg August 11th 2011

Apologies for the long lag in postings. One of these days I'll back and up and fill you in, but for now, here's the short version since last I wrote: Went to Florida. Lived in a tent, worked as a guide. Left Florida. Saw Linda. Retrieved Skeffy. Drove every mile of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Went to the Cape. Left Skeffy on Cape & went to Canada. Got thrown out of a Canadian National Park. Went to Montreal. Went to Justine's graduation in Burlington. Went back to Montreal. Left Montreal. Went to W. Mass. Back to Cape. Skeffy and I moved into a dorm in Worcester for me to do a 2 month consulting gig a little college there. Finished in Worcester. Put Skeffy in foster care. Went to Cape. Left things in storage unit. Back ... read more
No, I wasn't late to the airport!
Warning on South African wine bottle
Flying into Johannesburg

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 30th 2011

Hello all, it's been a while hasn't it? In fact I noticed that I haven't written a travel blog since December 2008, which in itself is a depressing thought! Aside from a 2 week road trip through Europe last summer with my gal pal Natasha (making myself sound camp 2 lines in, impressive)I haven't set foot on foregin soil since I returned. But after a long period of scraping the pennies to try and pay off the last trip, I have sort of reached a point where I could get travelling again, admittedly I still owe a lot of people a lot of money but these are minor points if you ask me, desperate times and all that. So here I sit in South Africa, as usual this blog will be aimed at family and friends ... read more
The ladders at Drakesnberg
8 lions as soon as we entered the park

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Melville June 11th 2011

Traveling solo can’t be called "lonely", because being open minded, friendly and outgoing means meeting tons of people, many of whom who go on to become quality long-term friends. Nevertheless, leaving your family and everyone you know and love at home, usually not being around any one person for more than a few days, means it can be difficult to build the kind of personal relationships that allow for deeply meaningful conversation or fulfilling interaction. Even a “real” hug can be hard to come by. So that is why, after traveling alone across Africa for 15 months and not seeing a single familiar face, my mom flying here for some quality mother-daughter time was the perfect intermission between the first and second chapters of my trip – a vacation from traveling. Not to mention that together ... read more
first day, gettting out of Jburg
Hennie and Hessie in the CS club


Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton May 17th 2011

Hendrien and I took our dogs to the 2011 Royal Canin Dog Day. We completed the 4km walk with over 1500 other dogs!... read more
2011 Royal Canin (05)
2011 Royal Canin (06)
2011 Royal Canin (08)

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Soweto May 3rd 2011

Leaving New York’s JFK airport on Tuesday May 3rd was the beginning of an adventure we have not done before. A 14 hour flight to Johannesburg South Africa and then a 2 hour flight to Cape Town where we met the rest of our Smart Tour travelers. We are in high hopes of seeing the big 5 animals in Kruger, Hluhluwe Imozozo, and Chobie National Parks while visiting the countries South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Our first days were uneventful unless you consider that on the 2nd day we overslept and missed the bus for Table Mountain and the tour of the Southern Cape. After a hurried breakfast and a cab ride, and circular tram we found our group at the top of 3,100ft Table Mountain with a view of the cape and the city. One ... read more
2 New York how far
3 Table Mtn 1
4  Cape of Good Hope

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton April 27th 2011

I went to a conference hosted in Johburg for Round Square which is an organization “dedicated to empowering the youth.” The theme was Neva 2 Young 2 Lead, silly name amazing concept. I learned so much and had an amazing time meeting people from Ghana, Kenya, India, Australia and more South Africans. The conference was 3 days long and I don’t want to go into all the boring details, so here are a few highlights: •Aloysias Maimane (keynote speaker): My favorite part of his speech is where he talked about how one wants to have a legacy. You don’t want your funeral speech to be “he lies so and so, he lived and…. Had a Volvo.” His speech was not filled with demands on how one must better themself, but rather hypothetical questions meant for personal ... read more
Neva 2 Young 2 Lead
Neva 2 Young 2 Lead
Neva 2 Young 2 Lead

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg April 20th 2011

Our arrival and introduction to Johannesburg was far less scary than the travel advisories portrayed. Though the security in the posh suburb of Oaklands, where we stayed, has to be seen to be believed - from an Aussie perspective. We've opted to do minimal text and just label photos - more detail at home for those who are interested. We have so many great photos (in our opinion) so I'll do this in stages so that no entry is too large. What I must say before changing over to visuals - what a country of contrasts - luxury & opulence - slums & poverty - broad arid scrublands - lush forests with towering trees - spectacular mountains - amazing animals. Hope you enjoy the blog - don't forget to add a comment or message at the ... read more
Security Access
Luxurious Fortresses
No Buggy No Cart = Caddy

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg April 9th 2011

On April 6th we flew to Johannesburg via Amsterdam to attend the wedding of son Pat to his fiancee Claire. Brother in law Tim, Marlene's brother Gerry & friend Beth also flew in from Canada. Ian's brother Garry and his wife Jan travelled from Australia on their first leg of a round the world trip. The big surprise for Pat & Claire came when sister Kim and her husband James arrived with us!- they flew to Africa and back for the wedding - and Kim is 5 months pregnant - it was a complete surprise - both were honored to be included in the wedding party. The setting was magnificent and everything went off perfectly thanks to the meticulous planning of Claire's Mum Gaye, her Dad Jonathan and her sisters Amy & Robyn. Jonathon & Gaye ... read more
unity candle

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