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Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Soweto May 3rd 2011

Leaving New York’s JFK airport on Tuesday May 3rd was the beginning of an adventure we have not done before. A 14 hour flight to Johannesburg South Africa and then a 2 hour flight to Cape Town where we met the rest of our Smart Tour travelers. We are in high hopes of seeing the big 5 animals in Kruger, Hluhluwe Imozozo, and Chobie National Parks while visiting the countries South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Our first days were uneventful unless you consider that on the 2nd day we overslept and missed the bus for Table Mountain and the tour of the Southern Cape. After a hurried breakfast and a cab ride, and circular tram we found our group at the top of 3,100ft Table Mountain with a view of the cape and the city. One ... read more
2 New York how far
3 Table Mtn 1
4  Cape of Good Hope

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton April 27th 2011

I went to a conference hosted in Johburg for Round Square which is an organization “dedicated to empowering the youth.” The theme was Neva 2 Young 2 Lead, silly name amazing concept. I learned so much and had an amazing time meeting people from Ghana, Kenya, India, Australia and more South Africans. The conference was 3 days long and I don’t want to go into all the boring details, so here are a few highlights: •Aloysias Maimane (keynote speaker): My favorite part of his speech is where he talked about how one wants to have a legacy. You don’t want your funeral speech to be “he lies so and so, he lived and…. Had a Volvo.” His speech was not filled with demands on how one must better themself, but rather hypothetical questions meant for personal ... read more
Neva 2 Young 2 Lead
Neva 2 Young 2 Lead
Neva 2 Young 2 Lead

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg April 20th 2011

Our arrival and introduction to Johannesburg was far less scary than the travel advisories portrayed. Though the security in the posh suburb of Oaklands, where we stayed, has to be seen to be believed - from an Aussie perspective. We've opted to do minimal text and just label photos - more detail at home for those who are interested. We have so many great photos (in our opinion) so I'll do this in stages so that no entry is too large. What I must say before changing over to visuals - what a country of contrasts - luxury & opulence - slums & poverty - broad arid scrublands - lush forests with towering trees - spectacular mountains - amazing animals. Hope you enjoy the blog - don't forget to add a comment or message at the ... read more
Security Access
Luxurious Fortresses
No Buggy No Cart = Caddy

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg April 9th 2011

On April 6th we flew to Johannesburg via Amsterdam to attend the wedding of son Pat to his fiancee Claire. Brother in law Tim, Marlene's brother Gerry & friend Beth also flew in from Canada. Ian's brother Garry and his wife Jan travelled from Australia on their first leg of a round the world trip. The big surprise for Pat & Claire came when sister Kim and her husband James arrived with us!- they flew to Africa and back for the wedding - and Kim is 5 months pregnant - it was a complete surprise - both were honored to be included in the wedding party. The setting was magnificent and everything went off perfectly thanks to the meticulous planning of Claire's Mum Gaye, her Dad Jonathan and her sisters Amy & Robyn. Jonathon & Gaye ... read more
unity candle

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg April 6th 2011

So I have decided to a series of "city/province focus posts"... wherein I will share photos from whichever place I am focusing on, as well some after thoughts from our time in that area. We have been home for almost 3 months now... seems crazy. I still have not seen a lot of my family, and even some of my friends. I took the job at Whole Foods quite soon after we arrived and with the absurd hours, I was just constantly drained and did a lot of sleeping. But that job is finished (thankfully!) as of yesterday. Jump for joy. johannesburg gets a bad rap worldwide and even within South Africa itself. If you mention Joburg to,say, an American who has never travelled or if they have travelled, they have always stayed at the tourist ... read more
rosebank mall
Photo 4
Photo 5


Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg April 1st 2011

Ive now been in Joburg for 2 weeks and its a very diverse city.... The only things you ever hear about the city is that it is very dangerous and you shouldn't visit, as you are likely to get mugged, stabbed, shot or raped...or a combination! When I landed, i knew nothing except what id been told about the city (the negative things...). So I was very apprehensive to begin with. I was met off the Gautrain (a train that runs from the airport into Sandton (the very nice, expensive area in the middle of the city)) by Rashid, the taxi driver. As he drove me to where I was staying he showed me some parts of the city...except for the weather and the beggars there is very little that is different to London or Manchester. ... read more
Soweto Housing
Soweto Housing
Soweto Housing

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton March 27th 2011

This blog documents our travels to 4 exiting destinations in the US. It's spring on the east coast and we're planning to have a jol. Amber starts in Somerset West. Rinette is actually in Hermanus when we start. So she'll start in the Cape as well. Bianca and myself are in Joburg and have a flying start. We'll spend 3 days in Miami, 7 in Orlando, 4 in New York and 4 in Washington. ... read more
My travel buddies

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg February 21st 2011

Haven't been on the road for a while, but here's a trip down memory lane, back to South Africa and 1973.... Birdhaven It all started with the sacks - the sacks in the back of the Land Rover. Watching quietly from behind a half-drawn curtain, we saw our stepfather - in Barbour jacket and shooting boots – emerge from the cabin. Dark glasses hiding owlish features, he dropped to the ground, clamped an unlit cigar to his lower jaw and, an open shotgun hanging over his forearm, strode up the slate garden path and through the half-mast door. “Bring ‘em in boys!”, he said, lurching heavily into an armchair and lighting the half-smoked cigar. Throwing his legs onto a footstool, he swatted two flies, blew his nose violently, and waited for my younger brother to scamper ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg February 8th 2011

We arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa on the 8th of Feb. after a 16 hr. flight from Atlanta! Fred's sister Jane picked us up from the airport. It has been 26 yrs. since they've seen each other. Jane drove us around the suburbs of Johannesburg where Fred used to live. We didn't drive into downtown Joburg because it is unsafe and has deteriorated. It was very interesting seeing the different population groups and cultures around the city. It has a lot of atmosphere. The suburbs have hilly terrain with many tropical plants. The land in South Africa is very green. We stayed at Jane and Eric's house for the first three nights during which we also visited Fred's brother Nic and his wife Delia and family. Jane and Nic both have lovely homes with beautiful yards ... read more
Jane and Fred at the airport
At the edge of Johannesburg
Surgery anyone?

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg January 20th 2011

19-12-2010 Johannesburg would have attracted me like a magnet when its gold and diamond mines were going strong, but now they are defunct. Take away the mines and what tourist interest does Johannesburg have? “None” Of course, some artificial tourist attractions have been created – like The Sun City, which is just a casino and the Gold Reef City, which is an ‘amusement park’ with the usual paraphernalia of roller-coaster rides. Well, we are not gamblers and getting wrung out from inside out on a roller-coaster ride is NOT my idea of ‘amusement’. The Pilanesburg Park too, which is near the Sun City, pales in comparison with the Kruger N.P. especially, as I described it to Avi, “Stone animals inside the Sun City and ‘stoned’ ones outside in Pilanesburg” because I suspect that the ‘big five’ ... read more
The deserted road between the 'gated' communities
Mining Equipment
The 'mining' train

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