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Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 21st 2010

Only 42 sleepies till holiday..... So much to do......... ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 18th 2010

finally going to upload some semi-recent photos. will probably put more up soon of some of the people that stayed during the World Cup. 2 weeks and we embark on our journey through Southern Africa. take care... and to whomever stopped by the other day to see me (somewhat scared) sorry I was not around... ... read more
Die Radio Kalahari Orkes

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 15th 2010

Back in South Africa, we spent another week catching up with Kam's cousin and her family, who had just returned from Canada. We also did a bit of sightseeing in Johannesburg, of which we had thus far only seen the Apartheid Museum. We went to Melville, which reminded us very much of Sydney's Newtown with its chique restaurants and second-hand bookstores and we also went to Newtown which didn't really remind us of anything. Here we checked out the Museum of Africa, which told us surprisingly little of the history of Africa, but had some great exhibtions about gay and lesbian Johannesburg, Ghandi's stay in South Africa, as well some great art exhibits. We also did a tour of the South African World of Beer museum. With two pints included in the already very reasonable price ... read more
Newtown graffiti
Kam and her peri uma
Exploring the caves at Sterkfontein

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 14th 2010

The World Cup has come to a close... there is a strange empty feeling- a void of some kind. Everyone seems to be having some withdrawals. I personally cannot believe it is over... I was soused to hearing about the next game, looking forward to it, enjoying the fan watching parties... the fan parks- so well organised and spectacular- everything was done so well and I tip my hat to South Africa and FIFA for making this (according to surveys given to individuals that have attended two or more previous Cups) the most exciting/interesting/diverse Cup yet. I do not doubt it. South Africa has a certain charm and magic that no one can deny. And no one has. The papers have been full of love stories- of "I will tell all of my friends and families ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 14th 2010

July 14th With a full day in Johannesburg to enjoy, Nicio and I made plans to go head over to the Bruma Flea Market. We had a breakfast at the hostel and even made friends with an English chica named Gemma. She decided she wanted to get some shopping done as well so she joined us on our adventure to the Bruma Flea Market. The three of us made the 30 minute walk down to the market and talked about our travels thus far, Gemma had only just begun her voyage and would be leaving South Africa in a few days, bound for the south Pacific, Australia and New Zealand to be precise. We spent more than a few hours walking around the market, being hounded by vendors trying to sell us the remaining World Cup ... read more
10-Bruma Flea market and the R W & B
11-Souvenirs at the Bruma Flea Market in Johannesburg
12-Funky statue


Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 14th 2010

Today, sadly enough, was our last day in South Africa. It feels like we have been here forever, which is nice because time didn't fly by like it often does on vacations. Looking back, we really took advantage of our time here, seeing some of the most interesting sites in the country, while stumbling upon others we had not heard of that were unique experiences for us. The last main item on my list was to visit the famous township in the southern part of Johannesburg: Soweto. I will have to do some research on the history of Soweto to learn more about it, but it certainly played its role in the apartheid era. Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu lived there back in the day, and Soweto was the center of dark periods of violence. The ... read more
02- The 3-year old boy
03- Cambridge and I
04- Terry's aunt

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 13th 2010

Our main activity today was visiting the Lion Park, which is a place that breeds lions and has other animals on display as well. One of the main attractions is that you get to pet and play with lion cubs. Of course, that was the first thing we did once we got there. You basically get in a cage for about 5-10 minutes with 12-15 lion cubs of all different sizes. Some are sleeping, others just relaxing, others pacing around like adult lions and roaring...really cute and funny to see. The 3 rules are that you can't pick them up, can't pet their heads and can't feed them anything. We always went to where other people weren't, because you go in there with 10 other people, so everyone is trying to find the best ones for ... read more
02- Janel petting a lion cub
03- My turn
04- Cub sleeping

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 11th 2010

We didn’t do too much today before the game. We met Edi, a Mexican who is staying at our hostel, and went for lunch with him to a place where we can use internet for free. We ate and tried to post a few blog entries, but ran out of time and left for the stadium. We wanted to be at the stadium around 5pm to check out all the festivities on the outside and be in our seats for the Closing Ceremonies. We left the restaurant in large part also because I was pissed off at the Travelblog site, which was giving me problems renaming pictures and with the descriptions I typed in for each picture of the semi-final game. I wanted to throw the notebook in the garbage, really, but instead, decided to drive ... read more
02- Cute fan I bumped into
03- YAY, I'm here
04- Super hero pose

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 11th 2010

Final day with Hawkins, the van must be returned. So an early start from the Kruger camp site, leave at 6:30 when the gate opens. We detour through Blyde Canyon and stop for a few scenic panoramas. It's still a long winding drive to Joburg so we have to press on, Hawkins gets pulled over for speeding but once again we are let off with a warning. After cleaning the van for a couple of hours, we get into Jozi at 5pm which is handy as it's getting dark and the newly chipped crater in the windscreen cannot be seen. We part ways, I go off to a hostel I have already booked, Hawkins goes off to meet the Aussie boys as he's forgotten to book anything! Accoustix hostel is quite lively but awful facilities. The ... read more
Big High Five at Blyde
Blyde River Canyon
Photo 7

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 10th 2010

What was it like finding things to do for a month in one of the world’s most dangerous cities? Ah okay… Our base for the world cup was in Johannesburg and had it not been for the World Cup I probably would be lucky to spend a day or two here. But instead Joburg would be an on and off spot for 30 days, depending on where the matches were. Apart from being pick pocketed the first night out it seemed safe enough, safer than what other places in the world I have been to. (Namely Caracas, Venezuala.) But that was probably because we were gaited up with electric fences and we had two dogs roaming around the house for protection. It partly seems to be paranoia, partly making sense. And it can leave you confused ... read more
White Rhino
White Rhino

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