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Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo May 10th 2012

Another day with no diving or ocean safaris…..most of the group are learning to dive today, which leaves four of us with nothing to do, Marcel, Pieter, Ben and I. Our coordinators from All Out Africa had to leave to renew visas and so nothing has been scheduled for us, but we have been notified that tomorrow we will be on an ocean safari (which is out on the boat looking for whale sharks). Yay! Hopefully I’ll be able to post whale shark photos tomorrow! So I was up at 715a.m. (can’t sleep late here), had peanut butter and toast for breakfast, then decided to go and check out the beach. Marcel came along. I’d like to fix my daughter up with Marcel, he is a sweetheart. How many 23 year olds want to hang out ... read more
Doing laundry
My humble abode
Manta Ray information

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo May 9th 2012

The volunteer organizers have been out of town since I’ve been here, so the other divers and I have had quite a bit of free time. Most of the group are just learning to dive, and spent the day in a classroom doing dive tables. I have been learning my fish….the fish surveys involve butterflyfish, rock cods (groupers), parrots and surgeonfish. So I learn 60 fishes for doing the surveys. I think I’ve just about got them, though. After I looked at the fish, I decided to go over to Casa Barry, the lodge where the Foundation for the Protection of Marine Megafauna is located. I was so interested to come to Tofo because of Dr Andrea Marshall and Dr Simon Pierce, manta and whale shark researchers I saw on National Geographic. Andrea Marshall came to ... read more
lunch at Casa Barry
Leslie, Marcel and Ben

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo May 8th 2012

Blog entry Tuesday May 7 LONG day, but certainly eventful. It started very early with a 6a.m. wake up call and a ride to OR Tambo airport at 730p. The flight from Joburg to Inhambane was late, and I have a feeling that is not unusual. I met fellow travelers, most of whom are probably Alexandra’s and Wesley’s age. I am a little disappointed about that, I admit. I know Lexi (the girl I contacted through Flickr who did this trip) had women in their forties on her trip. League of nations here: Marcel, Jasmine, Lesley from Switzerland, Felix and Suzanne from London, Patty, Tam and Melissa from the states, and Daniella and Elke from Germany. There may be one or two who are close to 30. They are looking at me in panic, I know, ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 5
Photo 6

Africa » Mozambique » Southern April 7th 2012

Day 11 – Last planned day in Mozambique. The idea was to get into Swaziland and find a place to camp. We had a lot of road to cover and little time for sightseeing. As we got closer to Maputo I started to realise that this plan was not a good one at all. Why not stay another night in Maputo instead of rushing to get out. Tommie had the same thoughts and agreement on the new plan was instant. The most interesting part of the trip was driving from the outskirts to the inner city of Maputo. It is something which you have to experience at least once, especially on a motorbike during peak traffic. I want to get one of those helmet mounted cameras for future trips. (worth capturing) We soon found a ... read more
Sonder helmet
Photo 4
Rusitge toer teen die see front

Africa » Mozambique » Southern April 6th 2012

Day 8 – a Sad day in history. We are starting our trip back and the weather turns from the previous delight fully two sunny days to an overcast and rainy day. We manage to pack our tents and most of the other stuff before the rain starts, but by the time the bikes are packed and we had our oats and coffee we are soaked. The previous evening there was another couple with kids in the camp close to us as well. They watched our packing saga and when we met them at reception when checking out, in good spirit but wet. There comment to us was” you guys must be hardened campers” and this made us realise how adaptable the human being can be. When we left home we were not hardened campers at ... read more
As Tommie so lyk is dit sleg:-)
Van Noord Na Suid
Pad Kafee


Africa » Mozambique » Southern April 5th 2012

We decided that not to travel further north, but rather spend some time in Inhassoro for two days without traveling. The 4th of April started with fantastic wheather for a change and it stayed like that for 2 days. We started the day by doing our washing after having some instant oats. These instant oats packets I can reccommend to anyone who need to travel light. Having a breakfast of some sorts makes for a good start to the day. I have to thank my wife for this brilliant idea. The washing line is something you should not forget on any trip, expecially if you travel light. We had 3 of everything, except for jeans of which I had two pairs. I could have done it with one pair. After breakfast and washing we went for ... read more
Tommie het 'n meisie ontmoet.
Plaaslike haarkapper
Kroeg & Resturant in die mark

Africa » Mozambique » Southern April 3rd 2012

We were very slow to start on day 7 on the trip from Guinjata Bay to Inhassoro because the weather looked like rain again, and we had lots of the wet stuff so far. We woke up early after a good night’s sleep and at 07:00 the first candidate for washing one of the bikes arrived. The second guy arrived at 07:45 and tried to convince me that the time on my watch, GPS and Cellphone was wrong. Interesting, the different types of people there are on earth. This guy was the same one who Tommie bought the prawns from. After we were beyond the discussion of what time it was and he got the go-ahead to start washing, he quickly had two or three other people there who started cleaning our boots with coconut hair ... read more
Vir die wat hou van duik,
Petrol in Guinjata

Africa » Mozambique » Southern April 2nd 2012

On day 7 we cover a distance of 230 km from Xai-Xai to Guinjata Bay. We are not in a hurry because it is not a long distance. Tommie got up early today to take some pictures of sunrise on the beach, the pap en wors breakfast goes down well and finally we get on our way. First we drove back into Xai-Xai for petrol and our next stop was at Quissico. We did not plan to stop here, but on the other hand, we did not plan anything, exactly for this reason. As we drove in our normal law abiding manner, within the speed limit through the town the most beautiful view of lakes and palm trees appeared on our right. The GPS indicated a camp site down there somewhere and we decided to have ... read more
So nice, I have to publish 2 pictures
Packing up

Africa » Mozambique » Southern April 1st 2012

We started our trip to Xai-Xai early in the morning, greeting Keith, Annette and Deon who looked after us in Maputo, but only after having coffee and rusks again. It felt like leaving family after a visit. Because of all the rain and me not covering the open connector after removing the GPS, the wiring got wet and caused a short circiut. After filling up with expensive fuel (49 Meticals @ 3.48 / SA Rand per liter) we did some alterations to the wiring and got it working again. Now we were on our way through Maputo which varied from Massive and well-kept houses to narrow streets with shacks, the biggest African market I have ever seen and many interesting things along the road. While driving past the market a loud bang gave me a fright. ... read more
Friendelike handelaar in Manhica
Almal hou van ons fietse
Gratis koeldrank!

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo March 31st 2012

If there would be only one day which we will never forget from our trip, it will be this one. The GPS showed "Deep Sand" to a certain point where the road split, and after that it showed "Off-road". I am not an experienced T4A person, but the difference in description led me to the assumption that off-road is not deep sand. Hahahaha. Anyhow, Gert and Ruben took our luggage on the Bakkie to the split in the road and we had a joll up to this point. We loaded the bikes and said our good byes to our support team. This was now my first experience with the bike fully loaded in the sand, and it was clear from the start that I had trouble coming. Tommie faithfully came to my rescue each time I ... read more
Pak die fietse
Afdraai van "Deep Sand"
Diep sand

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