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South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida January 15th 2006

Dear All Covered a lot of miles since we last spoke, unfortunately picking the busiest time of year as all of Venezuela have been on holiday too! Didn’t really notice it in Mérida as you expect a city to be busy and it can absorb more people. Pico Espejo Tried to buy a ticket for the teleferico on the 2nd but was told it was fully booked until the 6th, which is mad as it´s pretty pricey at 42 bols a time, about 11 quid! But it is the highest and longest in the world and I like these sort of things! Decided to queue in the morning in the hope of someone not turning up for their reservation, despite being there at 6.30am I was behind at least 60 other people and the gates didn´t ... read more
Oooh, hello boys!
Local flora and fauna
The beautiful Villa de Lleyva

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida January 10th 2006

I trust everyone's been getting merry and fat!!! Xmas Eve Cerrado (closed)- the favourite word of la continent! Even though there’s plenty of people walking round the streets at night the only places open are the burger vans and street food joints! Had a weird sweet pancake with cheese and ham for tea and an early night! Xmas Day I've been spending most of my time here in Merida with Will and Michael from UK and US, failing to find anything at all open we got a taxi to the hot springs up in the mountains, thinking it would be a nice tranquil spot to chill out. Got there to find it packed full of mainly teenagers with reggaeton blasting out the speakers! Still, they had beer so settled into the 37 degrees water with an ... read more
Mmmm...Xmas dinner
Even the Simpsons love Jaji
Paragliding Harris

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida December 25th 2005

We did not spend much time here, but managed to spend a Christmas. We never even intended to visit, but the flights were so cheap he just had no other way of getting to the mainland. When we arrived to Caracas Silvie was poorly, and I was paranoid, this being my first time in South America, that we were going to be robbed, or worse. I spoke very little Spanish back then. Caracas treated us kindly however. Seemed no worse than any other capital city however. We spent the next day in Puerto Colombia, with my first taste of the Caribbean sea, having not done the beach in the Dominican Republic. Silvie saw a monkey, and the road there crumbled away at the edges of a steep dangerous valley and twisted up and all the way ... read more
Don´t be deceived, this place is a shit hole
a nice place to hang out
Santa is coming

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida December 18th 2005

Jo - here are the pics from your camera.... read more
jo's pics
jo's pics 3
jo's pics 4

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida December 16th 2005

I've been on the bounce, dear reader , since last sharing travel adventures with you and the journal continues from Cali in Colombia. After a relaxing stay in a quality hostel it was time to move on, and north is the plan. I booked on a bus to Bogota and for the first time on this trip I was the only foreign traveller on board. The journey was through mountainous terrain along winding roads, and the bus arrived in Bogota in the early evening. Bogota is the capital of Colombia with a population of seven million inhabitants at an altitude of 2600 metres. It's interesting to note three capital cities in South America are at high altitude and surrounded by mountains. La Paz is at 3600 metres, Quito is at 2800 metres and thirdly of couse ... read more
Historic Town, Bogota
Teleferico summit, Merida
Views from the summit


South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida October 12th 2005

Back to having a personality, a meaning for life, an identity...(and a bit scary) getting back in the saddle after such a long break but feeling whole again!. And please indulge the odd typo as this keyboard has most of the letters scratched off the keys!! so its a bit off guesswork on the hunt and peck.... And the tyres are here, somewhere, stuck in customs, stuck in the warehouse...who knows but they're we headed off to the beach at Puerto Colombia...first the traffic of Caracas to contend with, always congested but we manage to slip the lanes even with our fat arsed bikes...then a couple of hours on the autopista to the turn off...ahhh, this is more like it, a one-and-a-half lane concrete road, poured in 3 meter slabs and striated, luckily, as its ... read more
Stop and smell the roses
Cultural Centre, Merida

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida October 10th 2005

Pueblos del Sur Saíndo de Mérida em direcção a sul, pela Pan-Americana, a cerca de 40 Km saímos para uma estrada secundária onde uma grande estrutura, tipo arco, em ferro sinaliza a entrada da estrada que dá acesso aos Pueblos del Sur. Cerca de 25 aldeias espalhadas pela cordilheira andina, isoladas do tempo, de tudo e de todos. Partimos à descoberta de uma Venezuela que vive nos Andes e que mantém uma cultura muita própria, forte e acolhedora. O isolamento de algumas destas aldeias, por vezes a 7hrs de carro desde qualquer outro lugar habitado, confere-lhes uma identidade muito própria. Para além do meio de transporte pessoal ou de uma boleia ocasional, os transportes públicos são escassos, não são assíduos e para alguns dos pueblos só viajam uma vez por semana. Devido à inexistência de estradas ... read more
02. Porta de entrada para os Pueblos del Sur
03. Tralha
04. Mirador

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida October 2nd 2005

Photo Gallery Here are a selection of photos from my brief but amazing visit to Venezuela and Colombia. You can see some of my pictures here and Jo has written an article about the trip at this link: Link to Jo's Page. For those of you fluent in Spanish, you can also read about some of our travels at Sal's pages - Link to Sal's Page ... read more
Encontrados Bingo
People of Encontrados

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida September 29th 2005

Mérida O meu objectivo em Mérida é visitar os locais propostos pelas agências de turismo sem a elas recorrer. Pelos meus próprios meios. Depois de La Culata, La Musuy, chegou a vez de visitar os Relâmpagos de Catatumbo. Fenómeno natural (do qual nunca tinha ouvido falar) e único no mundo, os Relâmpagos de Catatumbo são famosos pela espectacularidade, frequência, e por serem o principal regenerador da camada de ozono. Praticamente todos os dias do ano, com uma frequência de 3 a 10 segundos, os raios rasgam o céu. De dia, a luminosidade e de noite, as nuvens, podem por vezes afectar a visibilidade do fenómeno quando vistos à distância, dos locais seguros e permitidos. Dentro do Parque Nacional Ciénagas de “Juan Manuel”, na região dos deltas dos rios Catatumbo, Zulia y Bravo, que desaguam na margem ... read more
02. A caminho de Santa Bárbara
03. No trânsito
04. Jason

South America » Venezuela » Andean » Mérida September 28th 2005

Mucuchies e La Musui Uma estudante de Mérida, que trabalha na pousada, fala-me de alguns programas de fim de semana que a levam fora da cidade. La Mucuchies é um pueblo pequeño a 3 horas de Mérida e um dos atractivos são as águas termais que ficam em La Musui, a 4 km. Para contrariar as agências de turismo que nos tentam vender as águas termais de Tabay, e que depois de ver fotografias não me arrependi em nada da opção tomada. De minibus lá fomos para Mucuchies, numa Dodge V8 "tipo Vito" de 12 lugares. A estrada revela-nos uma paisagem andina até deslumbrante. Serpenteando pela berma da montanha, sempre a subir, podemos ver lá em baixo o rio largo que corre e os campos agrícolas muito bem definidos. O tamanho de Mucuchies contrasta com a ... read more
02. Loja Siria
03. Cercada pelos Andes
04. Alojamento

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