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South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora July 30th 2010

Writing you from the last left of our trip and the third installment of our series 'Engagement Honeymoon in Peru', this installment is called 'Mancora Beach Getaway' . After a stopover in the not-so-pleasant Machala, we continued on back over the border into Peru - and it might sound like sarcasm but I swear its not - I had missed Peru. My time in Ecuador was marred with parasites and I know it was too rushed to make a proper judgement, so I will make an improper judgement: I like Peru much more than Ecuador. Other than being a little pricey, Ecuador came off as very American-wanna-be (tons of 'American Clothing' stores, using US currency, etc) and Peru has an undeniable character that her Ecuadorian brother has lost is his search for the American dream. The ... read more
Naif beach hideaway
Naif beach kitchen
Naif kitchen

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora July 28th 2010

Aangezien we weer een lange rit voor de boeg hadden, hebben we in Lima een luxe bus genomen naar Mancora. Helaas bleken we achterin naast het toilet te zitten. En hoewel het verder echt een luxe bus was (zo is de bus bijvoorbeeld voorzien van draadloos internet), was het toilet duidelijk al een tijdje niet meer goed schoongemaakt waardoor alles in een straal van drie meter werd bedwelmd door een penetrante urinewolk. Gelukkig waren er nog twee stoelen helemaal vooraan aan het raam vrij. Na overleg met de busconducteur zijn we toen daar gaan zitten en hebben we de rest van de reis weer normaal konden ademhalen en film kijken. De volgende ochtend arriveerden we in Mancora; een klein surfersdorpje helemaal in het Noorden van Peru niet ver van de grens met Ecuador. Na aankomst hebben ... read more
Balkon hostel Mancora
Eitje bakken voor ontbijt
Keuken hostel Mancora

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora July 14th 2010

Lazy days. After leaving Trujillo we've headed north to relax by the beach for a few days - this time to a place called Mancora. It's a real tourist town after what we've had for the last couple of months, you can't move for sunglasses salesmen and 2x1 drinks offers! Still, we're in a posh little bungalow with hammock and a flower bed in the bathroom! Leaving SKIP was a bit wierd, quite sad really. You live and work with the same people for a couple of months and then you're off. It's a shame to be leaving all the grubby little kids too. Made some good friends, and had some great times though so that was all good. Also had a good leaving do where we took over a balcony in a bar and saw ... read more
More from Sarah's class
Team photo
My English class

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora July 9th 2010

We arrived in Mancora on morning of the 6th (Tues) and now that we're at the beach, I feel like we're on a vacation from our vacation. The Loki hostel is like a resort right next to the beach with a pool, bar, ping pong table, and loads of daily activities for less than $9 a night! I've definitely decided that I want to open a hostel somewhere abroad when I retire...I've been keeping tabs on what is good and what is bad. Since traveling is one of my biggest passions, it's pretty much perfect for me hehe Mancora is gorgeous and the people are super friendly, however it is more touristy that the cities we've been to with more gringos, especially at the Loki... The highlights: We watched the 2 semifinal soccer matches with everyone ... read more
Finally playing futbol!
Colaborating with my team paa
More sunsets

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora June 27th 2010

Sunday We got there Sunday settled in, shared stories with the dorm both ways and decided to go to the bar. At Loki you don't buy anything with cash, you put it under your name and dorm number and pay everything at the end which is a dangerous power to give me! We sat at the bar I got a toastie and Hollie got tomato pasta, it was nice to have something simple instead of avocado or plantane on your plate like the last 3 weeks. We jut had a quiet 1 having 6-7 beers whilst chatting to a lovely bird named Jenny. Monday Woke up and sampled the free breakfast of flat breadbuns (not cakes) with butter and marmalade, plus free tea and coffee. Not great only did that once. Looked at the board and ... read more


South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora June 21st 2010

Crossing the border from Ecuador to Peru and arriving to Máncora Finally on Monday (21.06.2010) I managed to leave Salinas, and I took the bus in the evening at 8:30pm, because another bus broke down and was replaced by this one, direct to Guayaquil with the bus company CICA (or CLP). After two hours of watching a very, very bloody movie, I arrived in Guayaquil at 11pm. I went immediately to get the busticket for the 23:30 bus to Máncora (company CIFA) and purchased one ticket for 12,5 US$. I bought a sandwich, had a coke, bought some water, used the toilet and went to the bus, which was a little bit late, so I had time, to buy some sweets and a newspaper to spend my last few US$. When you buy the bus ... read more

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora June 18th 2010

Well, its been a wonderful few days here in the tiny beach town of Mancora in the north of Peru. I wanted sun and warmth, and boy did I get it. The overnight bus from Trujillo to Piura was uneventful, and I arrived a little sleepy in Piura around 5:30 in the morning. I asked the lady pretty dazed where the EPPO bus terminal was (this is supposedly the most safe bus up to this area) and she told me only a few blocks away. It was dark outside and I considered waiting to walk to the other terminal but ran into a nice girl from Scotland who suggested we walk together. Once again, my mantra, everything seems to work out when it needs to. The bus ride to Mancora was fairly long, about 4 hours ... read more

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora June 16th 2010

We finished Macchu Pichu (which I will write about after I have finished the blog) and then moved on to Lima. We had a rather eventful journey when after three hours on the bus the policia boarded only to tell us we had to turn around and go back to Cuzco. It turned out that our driver had been involved in an accident earlier that day and was currently driving drunk. The bus was full of Israelis so you can only imagine the commotion when our full cama bus was taken to the bus station and our replacement bus was…semi cama! Personally I didn’t care that much but an army of 6 Israelis were bent on making themselves heard when they crowded around the Peruvian police shouting (in English). Surprise surprise their protest came to nothing ... read more

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora May 25th 2010

Up the northern coast of Peru we drove, to a place called Punta Sal, near Mancora. We pitched our tents right on the beach and woke up to the sound of the waves! There was a great coupe who ran the place and really help make it magic. We had dinner on the beach and salsa & samba lessons as the girl who rang the place was from Brazil. The dancing was not great, but the beach party sure was.... ... read more

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora May 5th 2010

Time for some warmer weather and the beaches. We high-tailed it from the Andes, via a 7 hr stop in Lima to Trujillo, Peru. After arriving at 6am in the morning we decided to split a cab with a yound American fellow to the beachside town of Huanchaco. Cabbie picked a great hotel for us (balcony, big room, cable TV) and we negotiated price down to 30Soles ($11AUD) a night, given we would stay for a few nights. Bargain. Huanchaco is a Peruvian holiday spot and is well know for its good surf and caballitos de torta (Reed boats). Being the off season it was quiet. Surprisingly quiet actually. Which was good for us. Although most restaurants were closed so finding eating and drinking spots wasnt that easy. There were plenty of hippies selling there wares ... read more
Chan Chan - Ruins
Mancora - View from balcony
Mancora - New friends Pete and Tanya

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