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South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora November 21st 2011

To mark the end of our time in Peru, we chose to stay in a small fishing town on the pacific coast. The place is called Los Organos and our accommodation was the most spectacular beach bungalow. We shared it with Neil and Nilla and several litres of rum and beer. Your correspondent has some hazy recollections of our stay here and will try to recall some for his dear readers. The bungalow is owned by Carlos. He is a Peruvian who lived for many years in Australia, thus he has the most bizarre accent that you could imagine. He is also quite mad but one of the best guys we have met on our travels. His plot of land on a hill just back from the ocean has four bungalows. Each has it’s own view ... read more
the fleet is in town
rum may have been involved
a small place we called home

South America » Peru » Piura » Piura November 15th 2011

Amazing Galapagos wildlife and some other bits of Ecuador. Look away now if you don´t like photos of birds and iguanas.... read more

South America » Peru » Piura » Talara » Lobitos November 4th 2011

This is a little bit of a catch up entry, so it's not just about the beaches, but also includes a brief stay in Lima and a trip to a fantastic musuem in Chiclayo on my up the coast of Peru. Heading North I landed in Lima from Iquitos and following some haggling, I scored a taxi to a recently opened hostel near the historical centre of the city. I'd chosen to spend the night in 1900 Backpackers purely because it's location near the centre of the city, meaning it's nice and far away from the bland Miraflores, but the hostel is actually one the best I have stayed in anywhere. It is inside a large restored colonial building and has retained it's ambience whilst being converted into a hostel. The ceilings are high, the dorm ... read more
Crabbling to the Pier
Surfer at Sundown
Blank Streets of Lobitos

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora August 29th 2011

It's been awhile, but I've had a busy couple of weeks in Peru! First of all, signing up for classes was a pretty big hassle. The enrollment day was Monday the 22nd, the 2nd week of classes and signups started at 9 with a first come, first serve policy so we had to get there early. Oh yeah, and it was only international students signing up so most of the classes were already full with only a couple of extra spots. I got to school an hour before signups and was feeling pretty good about it, but I got my number and saw I was the 130th person to arrive that morning!! WHAT? So I was a little nervous about getting the classes I wanted. It took forever, but finally at NOON I was able to ... read more
Cloudy Mountain
Coconut man

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora August 15th 2011

Before I left the states, I had a general route planned out. After hustling from city to city, conquering treks, exhausting my verbal communication and engaging in new experiences, I figured I would want to spend my last week or two relaxing. When the time came I headed up the coast to Trujillo, which typically is supposed to consist of sunny beaches overcrowded by surfers. Truth be told, there was a beach but it was cloudy and cold, and I knew the minute I arrived I had to get my ass out of there! I decided to stay the day so I could sleep, when I woke up I met Libby, a earth loving california dreamer. We agreed Trujillo was robbing everyone's happiness and took an overnight bus to the infamous beaches of Mancora. We stayed ... read more


South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora August 14th 2011

This is to be a (relativly) short entry as I did as I intended to in Mancora - very little! I updated my vitamin D, by enjoying far too many lazy days around the pool, the beach, and of course in the sea. Most of the time, I body-boarded in the sea, which was as much fun now at 22, as it was when I was the same size as the board itself - which must have been pretty young - oh what it is to feel old! Anyway, I did enjoy that, as the waves were pretty good in Mancora. So good infact I went surfing. And it (kinda) worked! I was crusing down green waves, a Beach Boys soundtrack in the back of my mind - actually one of my wipeouts was because I ... read more

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora August 12th 2011

In Mancora, at last, after a combination of fairly uncomfortable local buses. It is a bit of a touristy hotspot but I think that was what we wanted after so much time in the mountains!! We got ourselves a wee private room at one end of town which was grand. The place had laundry which we needed to do by this stage too. And it was a couple of minutes walk to the beach. Mancora beach was lovely, water was warm and it seemed pretty popular. There wasn’t much sand to the beach, which seems a stupid thing to say but it was a bit small. Surfing and kitesurfing seem pretty popular here, as well as a trip to local swamps to see crocodiles. I'm sure i will regret not doing this but I think we ... read more
Beach time!
Eoghan's giant steak
View from the best restaurant in the world

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora August 8th 2011

On the 22h bus from Cusco to Lima, I decided that actually I fancied a few days on the beach, rather thasn in the mountains of Huaraz. This was quite a big descision in some respects, as it required a bit of rearranging. More than that, instead of another 8h bus, it meant that I had to get a 15h bus, followed by another 3 h colective taxi - so including transfer times, I was travelling for 42h by bus. This was not good. Needless to say, attempts at conversation with me towards the end were met with monosyllabic answers or a smile that didn't touch my eyes. However, at the end of it was Mancora, Peru's best beach. I am spending a few days here now, r&r before I head into the Amazon. It is ... read more

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora August 7th 2011

After leaving Huacachina i arrived into the greyness of Lima and, after spending an hour cycling in circles for a bit, eventually found the hostel to meet up with Jake again. I really did not like Lima as a city. It's absolutely huge and to get to the center from the Miraflores area, where all the tourists stay, it's a 30 min bus ride or 15 min taxi. While i was in Cusco i made a friend at the hostel who lives in Lima, so had a free guided tour of the city. In one day you can pretty much see all there is in Lima, walking round the center and going to a few museums. The highlight was probably the San Francisco monastery catacombs, where they buried the dead for a couple of hundred years. ... read more
Ruins at Caral
Caral Ruins

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora July 13th 2011

Finally left Huanchaco behind. Great place and very relaxed but time to move north. A quick flight landed me in Talara where I stayed overnight before heading off to Mancora. What a great place! Good beach, good food, nice people and places to stay to meet all budgets. I am going to post more pics tomorrow but here are the last few from Huanchaco and the first few taken as I checked out the area in Mancora.... read more

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