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South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo November 8th 2006

Onwards and upwards, into Lima we plough, and what we discover is a city we can definitely handle. We head out to the pleasant suburb of Miraflores with its tree lined streets, modern houses and cliff side mall. We enjoy the luxuries of city life for only two days before we embark north to the fishing village of Huanchaco. Having arrived at 6.00am in the morning, our first mission was to find a hostel and catch up on some much needed sleep. Lucky for us the first hostel we went to, “La Casa Suiza,” was full so we found a great family run place down the other end of town. After speaking to some locals we found out that “La Casa Suiza” had a policy of NO PERUVIANS ALLOWED. Unbelievable! While illegal, they still seem to ... read more
Traditional fisherman
On a path of discovery
Chan Chan

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo » Chan Chan November 7th 2006

The panamericana seems to stretch out forever along the peruvian coast, linking the dry sand lands of the south with the surf towns in the north. In the middle of this coastal band lies Lima, like the buckle of a belt, holding this diverse nation together. Although I seem to prefer small towns to the big smokes, Lima held some appeal with its coastal location, and the lovely suburb of Miraflores. In particular Miraflores has a mall (not what one goes abroad to see) that is built into a conglomerate cliff, that overlooks the Pacific ocean, and the many surfers scattered throughout the blue. We had to spend a day in Lima before progressing north to find a surf instructor and the right beach. We ended up seeing two films, and sampling two different types of ... read more
Welcome to "Chan Chan"
Crabs in the sunset
More Huanchaco sunset

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo October 21st 2006

We have arrived in the small beach town of Huanchaco. Arriving at 10pm , meant we had a meal and many drinks to over compensate our long drive to get here. The next night our drinking games only felt appropriate to follow the previous evenings affairs. Therefore we decided not to take too many close up shots in this town. We visited the old ruins of the Pre-Inca Civilisation. It is a huge city made of adobe bricks and foundations of where the people ran their daily lives, fishing and farming. Incredible. We also had a look around the Huaca Pyramids, becoming quite the tourist attraction during our tour. After our mornings exploring Rich and our friend Andy gave the surf a go and again became the tourist attraction with mothers asking them to pose with ... read more
Chan Chan - The Pre-Inca Civilisation
Piccie with the locals
Our cute beach hut

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo September 26th 2006

After 32 hours of driving flying and driving again we have arrived in Trujillo. The first impressiong we got in Peru was Lime at night through the taxi windows on the way to the bus terminal. The sight was not plesent... The bus was a tourists bus and we slept from the moment we got on (before the bus even moved) to the moment it arrived to Trujillo. Trujillo is a beautifull town. It still have the look of a spaniard collonyal town. We took a guide and went to a tour to the historical sites around the city: Huaca de la Luna and Huaca del Sol - two temples in the shape of pyramides one to the Sun and one to the moon. These temples were built by the Moche culture. The sun temple has ... read more
Huaca de la Luna
chan chan

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo August 11th 2006

First Things First. I need to catch you all up on our time in Huanchaco, a little beach town just north of Trujillo in the North of Peru. We arrived in Trujillo at about 730 am after an over night bus from Lima, the worst overnight we´ve had. In addition to the cell phone symphony ringing all night, the guy behind us had his watch alarm set for 6am and let it ring at 5 minute intervals instead of just turning it off. Last I heard it was when we were getting off the bus and hour and a half later. Tired, nauseated, miserable we went in search of a place to stay for one night before we headed up to Huanchaco, since we had no idea how to get there and thought seeing Trujillo would ... read more
The Hostal El Sueño
Hostal Naylamp
This is the other Naylamp Terrace closer to the beach


South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo August 6th 2006

Hello out there. I feel like I havent blogged in a while. Has it been a while? I cant say for sure ... the days are all running together here in the slow little beach town of Huanchaco where weve been chilling out for the last five days. due to be here for another five or so. I think it is sunday because a couple days ago I really lost track of the time and had to look in my journal and count back to figure out it was friday... which surprised me a little, not that I thought it wasnt I just hadnt thought about it much at all. its nice. anyway the camera thing doesnt work in this computer here at the hostel and the sun is out and the deck overlooks the ocean. ... read more

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo July 23rd 2006

After our sad border-crossing experience a few days back we decided to invest in some post-trauma rehab time at the beach in Mancora, Peru. James managed to hire himself a surfboard and had his first surf in three months and we both managed to get sunburnt. It was good to be at the ocean again. And after an overnight 8 hour bus ride we are now in Trujillo, Peru... We´ve been visiting these ruins from around 700AD. We walked through this city (Chan Chan) which was massive in terms of distance. It was all made out of stone and sand... and there were still some massive walls standing. It was crazy to walk down these pathways in this city and to think about who built these walls many years ago.... the ruins are definitely the oldest ... read more

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo July 23rd 2006

It´s been a crazy few days- staying up to catch a 10:00 bus from Arequipa to Nazca (got to finish John Krakauer´s "Into Thin Air" and watch Disney´s "8 Below) on the way), then viewing the Nazca lines (a bit anticlimactic and M got her usual motion sickness and vomited towards the end of ther 35 minutes flight) and the Nazca aqueducts (built 1500 years ago and still in use they rival the Romans) before catching more buses: first a 2:00 ride from Nazca to Lima (more bad movies and a terrible James Patterson novel) and then a 9 hour bus (business class, less comfortable this time, but cheaper, than royal class) ride from Lima to Trujillo. M and I are both exhausted- M´s even ready to be home in New York- but tomorrow we see ... read more

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo July 11th 2006

We eventually managed to leave the desert and Huacacina behind, a few days behind schedule as i managed to get ill AGAIN! We set off to Pisco the port near the Ballestas Islands and managed a while 2 hour bus journey without a hitch! The Ballestas Islands were great, we saw penguins and loads of other unidentifiable sea birds! We also saw hundreds of sea lions, they are hillarious creatures and look so ungainly slipping about on the rocks, yet in the water they are almost graceful. We spent a long time watching one heaving itself up onto a rock, only for a big wave to wash it straight back into the water again! We also saw quite a few dolphins in the harbour and one swam right under our (very small) boat. From Pisco we ... read more

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo July 10th 2006

10th July having found the cheapest possible overnight bus to Trujillo, i ventured off again...well actually, it was the only bus company that wasn´t booked out...and surprisingly the most comfortable sleep i´ve had on a bus so far! for 30 soles! admittedly the valium helped! met a girl named Tess (Holland) and Ushua (Israel) on the bus and we spent the whole day exploring Trujillo. An ancient area, filled with remains from at least 3 different cultures. Having had enough of organised tours and the take take take (my money) nature of everything in Peru, we decided to do on the cheap. We took the local ¨collectivos¨ which take you across town for 50 cents. have taken much more of these recently...haven´t been living like the average budget traveller up till now! Visited the temple of ... read more
city of Chan Chan- where kings once roamed!
Temple of the moon
representing the sun god

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