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South America » Colombia » Santa Marta November 12th 2012

In the city of Santa Marta, on Colombia's Carribean coast, you can find all of the modern conveniences that we in the Western world have come to expect: bars, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, etc. Add to this the Carribean sea, some lovely old colonial architechture, churches, and paradisiacal beaches and lost ruins all within the nearby vicinity, and you have yourself a pretty decent backpacker destination. But if you look beyond the sun-kissed plazas and the tourist track, you will see that the city of Santa Marta has economic poverty as well as geographical riches within its vicinity. If you venture beyond the city centre and go to a district of the city misleadingly named "Oasis" then you will find the perfect example of the poverty and deprivation that plagues many of Santa Marta's residents. Past ... read more
Walking to Mariposas
In class
In class

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta November 12th 2012

On the 5th October I headed back to Bogotá to meet Phil who was visiting for 11 days. I met him at the airport (which was to become an all-too-familiar place for me), where unfortunately he also had the same problem that I did when I first arrived in the country, and was unable to withdraw any money. It just so happened that another British traveller (who he had met on the flight) had exactly the same problem with her bank card. (As you can't get Colombian pesos anywhere in England this meant that neither of them had any local currency at all - not a terribly pleasant start to any trip). So I was able to get my charitable thang on and pay for the taxi ride for all three of us and ensure that ... read more
Paragliding in San Gil
Phil and I outside the Terrocotta House
The Cavalry

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Ciudad Perdida November 6th 2012

We arrived into santa marta with avianca who for a flight costing 40 quid and is ten times better than ryanair and this is south america. It was a very small airport we came into and both bags arrived this time which was a bonus and the customs point in the airport was pretty much non existent! We arrived at the dreamer hostel and it has been a really good point since we have been here...being lazy booking all the tours through the hostel. The next day was the start of the tour to ciudad perdida and in our group consisting of 4 germans, 3 americans, 1 dutch, 3 french and the 2 of us. This turned out to be a tough old hike across the jungle with lots of ups and downs and it was ... read more

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta September 29th 2012

Eftir kuldan í Bógota flugum vid i hitan í Santa Marta og skelltum okkur í eitt gott veikindafrí. Fyrst ákvad Eyrún ad vera veik og eftir tvo daga thegar hún vard hress fékk ég leyfi til ad taka vid henni. Vid nádum thó einum degi a milli veikindana thar sem vid vorum bædi hress og skelltum okkur í bátsferd til Playa Blanca og Eyrún fekk ad synda í sjónum og vörka tanid. Annars var bara slappad af i hengirúmi og okkur látid lida vel. Eftir nokkra daga í Santa Marta skelltum vid okkur, med fedgum fra Miami sem vid hittum a hostelinu, til lítid sjávarthorp sem var rétt hjá og heitir thad Taganga. Fyrsta daginn skeltum vid okkur a ströndina ad snorkla og liggja og sóla okkur. Eyrún var ekki alveg ad finna sig í snorklinu ... read more

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Palomino September 14th 2012

Blame it on my Disney land experience of Cartagena but as I made my way along the Caribbean coast toward Venezuela, I was definitely in the mood for a more remote, tourist free type of experience. Palomino, a tiny undiscovered gem along the Caribbean coast was simply perfect, pristine beach, intense agate blue sea, fishermen and breathtaking view of the Sierra Nevada mountain chain from the beach. I can only be grateful that the locals met in Santa Marta shared this tip with me…What else, well, this is still off the road for most tourists so there was barely anyone and no infrastructure as such other than hammock and a few bungalows! Life sweet life… The “getting there” part Surprisingly easy! One would expect that this type of place be a hard one to get to ... read more
An interesting way to use the fishing boat!
Cooking time!
La Sirena


South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Ciudad Perdida September 4th 2012

CUIDAD PERDIDA- aka. the lost city- The story of this adventure is nothing short of a movie. I am hoping you will derive as much entertainment and enjoyment from it as i did living it. The chain of events leading to myself being carried by a donkey, yaniv by a horse and hospital visit no 2 started in santa marta, colombia. Setting the scene: Sitting in the office of the Expo tour company we made our arrangements for our customised 4 day hike ignoring the standard 5-6 day recommended route. After much attempted persuasion from david, the tour manager , NOT to cut corners and do it 4 days Yaniv managed to ensure him that we were at our peak fitness and strength. The catch to our 4 day exclusion was that we would be required ... read more

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Ciudad Perdida August 29th 2012

'Ciudad Perdida' bedeutet vergessene Stadt und dieses von dem Urvolk Tayrona im Jahr 300 v.Chr. gegründete Handels- und Politikzentrum liegt nun verlassen, aber gut erhalten in Mitten der Sierra Nevada an der karibischen Küste Kolumbiens. Nachdem die Spanier einfielen war das Volk umkämpft und von Seuchen befallen. Die wenigen Überlebenden flüchteten in umliegenende Gebiete, die Stadt wurde verlassen und vergessen. Die Tour dorthin ist nicht einfach und zudem ziemlich teuer. Aber es hat sich gelohnt!!! Für uns hieß es also die wichtigen sieben Sachen zu packen und für 5Tage in den Dschungel zu gehen um eben diese Stadt zu 'suchen'. Unsere Truppe (zwei Ecuadorianer und zwei Israelis und wir) wird von Miguel angeführt. Er, sein Bruder und seine Cousine haben die folgenden Tage für unser Wohl gesorgt und über Stock und Stein geholfen. Die Familie der ... read more
durch bahnbrechende Flüsse
unzählige glitschige Stufen

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Ciudad Perdida July 31st 2012

There were two reasons that I slowly made my way north over the course of the year from the striking scenery of Patagonia to the sultry heat of Colombia: Firstly, each and every backpacker whom I have met in my two journeys through South America has spoken so effusively to me about the friendliness of Colombian people; secondly, to trek to ‘The Lost City’, known as Ciudad Perdida, located in the tropical jungle close to the coastline where the Colombian sands are lapped by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Ciudad Perdida was only rediscovered in 1973 by a local from nearby Santa Marta (which is, incidentally, where the liberator Simon Bolivar took his last breath – I actually visited the room in which he spent his final days and ultimately died, with the room containing ... read more
One of many stops to cool off with a swim in the river.
Typical scenery along the trail.
One of the many river crossings.

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta June 23rd 2012

The city of Santa Marta, situated on the shores of the Caribbean, was founded in 1525. It is also where Simon Bolivar died in 1830. Prior to the takeover of the country by the Spanish there were various indigenous groups living in the area including the Tayrona and after whom the Tayrona National Park, which is close to Santa Marta, has been named. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is the highest mountain range by the sea so the scenery is quite spectacular. Since our plane from Bogota was over one hour late, it was almost 11pm by the time we finally arrived at our apartment. Like our Villa de Leyva accommodation, the apartment was provided courtesy Alvaro & Gloria. Our first full day was spent sussing out the place; a huge complex with its own ... read more
Kev in Santa Marta
Michelle with Santa Marta Marina & market stalls in the background
Courtyard in the first Santa Marta hospital

Dear family and friends,.....................(If this is too much to read, then at least have a look at the pics!!) The last time you heard from us we were on the ecuadorian coast. Well we have travelled through two counties and have picked up more friends along the way. Lets get back to the tale. We endend up in Montanita on the coast of ecuardor and spent a lazy week soaking up some sun and playing on the beach. Our good friend Charles had to go back home and it was sad to see the lad leave but as they say 'all good things must come to an end' (Thats your trip im talking about charles!!! ha ha ha). We got out the lonely planet and formulated a basic plan. The plan was, pass the dangerous Columbian ... read more
The Caribbean!!!
Alanas sand castle at montinita
The markets where we lost the girls....and our money!

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