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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 13th 2012

Here we go with a few more photos, Clare and I had a very quiet day yesterday, just watched movies and read our books. It was the first day we had not done anything so it was nice - mind you. Today we went wuith Francesco up the coast to the Tamar turtle project, Praia do forte, which was really good. They have been open since 1984 and since then have managed to save or I believe breed 11,000,000 turtles which is really quite impressive. They have vaiety of big ones to look st which are sadly swimming in smallish pools, but we gather after a year they are released back to the ocean. Enjoy the photos. We are off early to Rio tomorrow so the next update will be from Copocabana! Just a note - ... read more
Big lens
Free food

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 11th 2012

Another day out, this time our guide was Fernando and he was excellent, he had a good grasp of english and a good knowledge of the area. He was also one of the first locals we had found who had been outside Brazil.... read more
View from Balcony
Historic City center
Old Buildings

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 10th 2012

Well as I start this Mum is on the mend, ventilator tubes out, drains, plugs wires and other extranous bits are out. It was nice to hear her voice , I did not speak to her for long as she was drifting in and out, either I was boring and poutting her to sleep or it was the drugs and surgery. Sharon is doing a stunning job looking after Mum, the pressure must be intense. As I said to her all she has is my support, this is while I drink beer at the beach and enjoy the sun. Well we are just leaving the north, the Route of Emotion which is what we have been on. We had a day in the dunbe buggies, we went to Lagos Paradiso and had a swim then onto ... read more
the beach
the sites
light house

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador May 1st 2012

Wasnt gonna write about Salvador because only here for one day as a way to get to Morro de Sao Paulo but has been an experience so can be a side blog. Dont have any photos of it either, as we were warned by soooo many people not to take cameras out, so we didnt! Got up early and got ready in 7 mins for the taxi to get to the airport, was tiny airport and us having an hour there was way more than we needed! So got another poo escapade; went to the loo towards the end of the flight and the air steward came into the toilet and told me to go back to my seat, i was like errrrrr........ So yeh it was locked, he unlocked it and hurried me up! Got ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador March 23rd 2012

We left our beloved Bolivia into Brazil via a small town called Puerto Suarez. Probably not somewhere you would describe as a tourist resort as the supermarket was one of it’s main attractions!! It’s redeeming feature was that it was on The Pantanals, which are the largest wetlands in the world – about the size of Holland, Belgium and Portugal put together. The part we saw was the size of a little bit of northwest Albania. Your correspondent found that the best way to view the area was not by canoe or on foot or even horseback, no indeed, the best way was to sit at the elevated bar and drink cold beer while looking around. Some of my dear readers may scoff at such a method, but while sat there, we saw three giant otters ... read more
busy beach
olympic torch bearering feet
G fails to notice tide has gone out


South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador March 20th 2012

Salvador, capitale de Bahia, est la 2e ville touristique du pays. De fait, le Pelourinho, la ville haute sur sa colline, est envahie de touristes de jour, et désertique à partir de minuit / 1h00, quand les policiers quittent les lieux. Il est conseillé aux touristes de ne se déplacer qu’en taxi, même pour les petites distances. Pour être rentré à mon hôtel à pied, vers la fin de soirée, j’ai vu comment seuls les habitants les plus pauvres restent dans la rue, en groupe, quelquefois alcoolisés ou bien sous l’emprise du crack qui fait des ravages ici. Ils sont en groupe, et il est des quartiers du centre où les Salvadoriens eux-mêmes ne s’aventurent pas. Je demandais à l’un d’un si je pouvais rentrer de la ville basse à la ville haute à pied, après ... read more
Salvador da Bahia, D2 (101)
Salvador da Bahia, D3 (3)
Salvador Gamboa (20)

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 27th 2012

Never in my life have I been part of a better party than the one I experienced in Salvador for Carnaval. Never. I had originally planned to go to Rio for Carnaval; however, I ended up being invited to stay in Salvador with a friend whom I met back in 2010 on the tiny and mysterious speck of land that is Easter Island. It was one of those moments whereupon you meet someone and an instant friendship is formed. Thus, we have kept in touch in the interim and when Leandro discovered that I was returning to South America, he promptly invited me to come to his homeland in the Bahia region of Brazil and partake in the biggest party on the planet with him and his friends. Such an offer was simply too good to ... read more
Bahiana making acarajé
Carnaval in the streets of Pelourinho, Salvador
Shop owner during Carnaval

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 20th 2012

Ash Thursday and we are in Salvador. Our first hours in Salvador though were spent in the airport because we had to make up for the money we spent to take a taxi, to switch airport in Sao Paulo, not to miss our flight. Early morning we took the bus and went to our hostel a small cute place with the most likeable staff. We couldn´t check in untill 1 so we went to Barra Shopping to spent more money. When we have finally checked in and started making our beds, Justine and Kiki entered the room and informed us about Carnaval happenings. We decided we were going to do Camarote with them so we went out again to get the money. Stef and me slept for a while coz we didn´t sleep enough at the ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 13th 2012

Brazilian beaches tour With plans to be in Salvador, Bahia for Carnival, my friend Mary and I needed to decide on a mode of transport. We wanted to relax and have everything taken care of for us, so when we came across the poster for ‘CruztheCoast’ in our hostel in Rio, our decision made itself. The tour offered is an 11 day tour of the coast of Brazil, beginning in Rio and finishing in Salvador. We quickly got in contact with the company and after paying a bargained R$1100 (including accommodation), myself, Mary and our new German travelling companion Till boarded the bus two days later. The rest of the travelling contingent was all native English speakers and with our Irish tour guide, Anne, we knew we could relax without translation concerns. First port of call ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 8th 2012

Our transition from Patagonia up to Brazil wasn't exactly smooth sailing. The flight El Calafate to Buenos Aires was delayed 6 hours, which allowed copious amounts of Gin Rummy to be played. Even once we finally landed in Buenos Aires, we weren't allowed to leave the plane due to wind and rain on the tarmac. I swear, the crew at EZE airport have no idea how to handle unfavorable weather. An hour later, we disembarked the plane and received our saoked bags from the carousel (they didn't have covered containers to transfer them). Our luck came when we were able to share a taxi with a couple girls from Denver, Jame and Rachel. They had been travelling a similar route through Patagonia and our paths had crossed quite frequently. It was thanks to Rachel that Chloe ... read more
Classic Salvador
Classic Salvador
Beat up iglesia

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