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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth February 5th 2009

So far I have hiked through a Stream Flow Cave, a walk that lasted about an hour and went though a cave that became pitch dark with a rapid flowing stream through it. At parts it was all the way up to my stomach. I made it out to the west coast and visited Greymouth, Pancake Rocks and went on some short walks. One was to another cave that was not very interesting, but we met weird guy along the way that made the trip very amusing. Another walk today was the Charming Creek walk; on it was a suspended bridge, an old goldmining railway system, some tunnels through the mountain, and a large waterfall.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth January 24th 2009

Our fourth day fell on Christmas Eve and was one of relative rest; the first three days were a whirlwind of activity. When we were planning the trip, we knew that by the end of the third day we would be spent, so for the fourth day taking a scenic train through the mountains from coast to coast seemed to fit well. The TranzAlpine travels from Christchurch on the east coast to Greymouth on the west coast. In between are some plains, lots of mountains, and some rivers. We got up early, went to the train station, checked in, waited, and then boarded the train. One of the many cool things about the trip is that one of my co-workers from the project in Sydney and her friend were also taking the same train; we knew ... read more
Horse and Lupins

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth January 7th 2009

En route vers Greymouth, on s'arrête pour voir les Pancake Rocks qu'on pourrait traduire par "les rochers crêpes". En effet les rochers sont composés de fines couches de roche empilées comme des crêpes. La recette pour la fabrication des crêpes est assez simple mais dure très longtemps. Elle commence il y environ 35 millions d'années avec une succession de dépôts de sédiments tels que des coquillages marins et de tassement par des boues et autres solides acheminés à la mer par les rivières. S'en suit d'un soulèvement des couches géologique lors de la formation des montagnes et du relief. Finalement une longue érosion par la mer et le climat donne le résultat des rochers crêpes. Et l'érosion continue... Non loin des Pancake Rocks, on trouve une plage qui est parfaite pour contempler un couché de soleil ... read more
Pancake Rocks
Eau blue turquoise

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth December 28th 2008

Sábado 27-dic-08 Ha habido mucho movimiento en la habitación esta noche y no he podido descansar lo suficiente para la pana que llevaba encima, ademas toca madrugar hoy mi bus sale a las 7 de la mañana y son 6 horitas de vellón y lo peor es que no me podré dormir en el. Bueno uno de los motivos por los que tarda tanto, ademas que para en todos los pueblos, es que nos lleva de visita a ver unas rocas con forma de pancakes y nos deja una horita para hacer la excursión. Las rocas tienen su aquel, pero yo alucino con los autocares estos de linea que cojo; este de hoy retrasa su posible llegada en una hora para ir de excursión, para mi perfecto que lo pillo una vez en la vida ... read more
hacedor de nubes
cuidado, que viene el tren de hoy

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth December 25th 2008

We stayed in Greymouth for 2 nights. The Hostle was the nicest so far and they had free kayaks and bikes. We went gold panning because it was a huge spot in the gold rush but we found nothing but bug bites and better tans. We had to wait until the tide came in to use the kayaks so it was a good way to kill some time. We were all going to go kayaking but Niv decided last minute that he wasn't going to come so Danielle and I went. it was really nice to be out on the water. We went thru a bird sanctuary before hitting the Ocean so got a few good pictures of birds. We ended the night by having a nice BBQ and pigging out. MMmmm good.... read more
More birds
Gold panning


Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth November 5th 2008

I was planning to tell the diary all about our wonderful stay in the beautiful city of Greymouth but Greymouth was as grey as its name. It simply rained all the way from Franz Josef to Greymouth and continued overnight with the addition of a very strong wind. The van really rocked during the night but that is perhaps another story. I am sure that Greymouth is a really nice place but all we saw was the supermarket and the local restaurant - The Australian. Don't ask me how it got its name - nobody could tell me. One strange (to us)thing about Public Houses over here is that they all have a bookies attached to them with a few television sets showing all kinds of sports and up to a dozen one armed bandits. They ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth September 12th 2008

As we had been pretty much non-stop since our arrival in New Zealand, we decided to chill out for the day! Our hostel was one of the nicest so far and this seemed like an appropriate time to rest and relax for a few hours. We didn't rush to get out of bed and after another film in the TV lounge, we cooked breakfast and took advantage of the free bicycle hire. The ride around Greymouth was rather short as we seemed to have become rather lazy on our recent travels! After a few hours and collecting some supplies for dinner, Mark returned to the hostel whilst Dale and Ollie went in search of some famous white bait patties. I think the main reason for the search was that they had been recommended as a compliment ... read more
the boys...

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth September 11th 2008

We awoke to a beautiful day of sunshine and not a cloud in the sky! After the classic breakfast of beans and scrambled eggs (particular mention should go to the synchronised toasting of 9 slices of bread!) we packed up and headed towards the Franz Josef glacier. Once again opting for the cheaper option of our own guided tour, we reached the lookout point rather quickly and headed back to the car. Ollie seemed far more interested than the other two but then he hadn't seen a glacier before. After our quick tour of the glacier we pushed on further north along the west coast until we reached a town called Greymouth. We refuelled and stopped for some fish 'n' Chips when Mark noticed the sign for the Montieths Brewery! Dale quickly consulted the guidebook and ... read more
Franz Josef Glacier

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth March 28th 2008

Emma writes - The West Coast of the South Island is no stranger to rain. So to get away from the shockingly bad weather we booked onto the Monteiths Brewery Tour, which apart from drinking the stuff, it seems it's the only thing to do in Greymouth. $15 each got us a tour of the brewery and processes and more importantly a tasting. But somehow it was my turn to do the driving. Brew, shmew... onto the taste tests and we had a huge group of American teenagers on our tour who were really only interested in the later of the activities. Matt spent a few minutes scoffing at how drunk they'd become tasting the seven different beers, only to stumble out of the bar himself. Not so small portions you see, and he had most ... read more
Vats huge
a lotta bottle
Emma pulls

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth March 9th 2008

Today we drove up from Westport to Karamea about 95K. It is truly the Wild, Wet West. There are a lot of old gold and coal mines. They call it coaling in clouds. We then drove down to Greymouth. This is the largest city on the West Coast of the South Island (About 13,000). It has the feel of the Iron Range towns in Minnesota, sort of Virginia, MN on steroids (with the mountains and the Tasman Sea). We went to an old Union Hotel for supper and as the Kiwi would say, “had a Lovely meal”. Kiwi word for the day is slicker. This is what you put in your Chilly Bin to keep it cold. ... read more
Karamea-On the Sea

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