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Oceania » French Polynesia » Bora Bora February 1st 2011

Five straight days at sea are wonderful. Plenty of time for lectures, paddle tennis, blogging,dancing, emailing and socializing. We had good weather all the way from Hawaii to Tahiti. The traditional equator crossing ceremony was great fun especially with Terry Waite in the role of King Neptune welcoming all the polliwogs into the ranks of seasoned shellbacks after their initiation. Mr Waite’s lectures are very popular and he is as highly regarded on the ship as he is throughout the world. He loves to dine outside, as do we, so we have been fortunate to share meals on the veranda with this gentle giant of a man. Mr Waite takes great joy in life and loves meeting and mixing with people. But after five years in confinement-- mostly solitary, it is no wonder that he craves ... read more
Beachcomber Hotel
King Neptune and his Court
Black Tip Sharks

Oceania » French Polynesia » Bora Bora January 26th 2011

Back again!! Did you wonder if we had disappeared into the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? Well, it is a big big ocean, and since leaving Lima 10 days ago, we haven't even seen another ship!!!! First stop after 5 days at sea was Easter Island. Although the weather was glorious, the seas were pretty high and it made it impossible for us to anchor and take the tender service to the small jetty in the town. However due to the good thinking and resourcefulness of Olav our Captain, and 'recky' team were sent ashore in a sheltered bay to the south of the island, where they were able to construct a make-shift pontoon to which they tied a second tender, and this gave us a jetty to enable the tenders to take us ashore!! We ... read more
Easter Island and Pitcairn 003
Easter Island and Pitcairn 004
Easter Island and Pitcairn 006

Oceania » French Polynesia » Maupiti January 26th 2011

Bonjour! Ia orana! Nice mix of French and Maori. What can I say about the beauty of this place?... read more
Dance Show
Point in Moora

Oceania » French Polynesia » Tahiti » Papeete December 31st 2010

Avalon Travel Publishing has launched the 7th edition of Moon Tahiti by David Stanley. Since 1989, Moon Tahiti has been the leading travel guidebook to French Polynesia and this new edition incorporates the latest restaurant, resort, and transportation news. Stanley has been covering the South Pacific for over three decades and he knows the region better than any other travel writer. Packed into Moon Tahiti’s 353 indexed pages are 53 maps and 122 photos. The maps are clearly labeled without the confusing legends and keys which make other guidebooks hard to use. There are five maps of Tahiti, four of Moorea, and eight of the Leeward Islands. The 24-page color section at the front of the book has been expanded with four suggested itineraries and three travel strategies. The six travel chapters offer detailed advice on ... read more

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea November 3rd 2010

Well, after a week of alcohol fueled farewell dinners my body was screaming out for some respite. Alas, I had a buck's day to attend the afternoon before my 4am check-in, so I thought I'd be sensible and drop in for an hour or two. With no arm twisting whatsoever the hour turned into a fun-filled drunken evening and early morning, thus it was with bleary bloodshot eyes that I checked in and with great difficulty managed to stay awake until boarding. Next thing I knew, the plane was landing in Auckland. At this point I decided to take the term 'lay over' quite literally and found a cosy looking row of seats to stretch out along and get some more shut-eye. Four hours later I was feeling a little closer to normal with my brain ... read more


Oceania » French Polynesia October 13th 2010

well we have got far on our travels and have now arrived in sCUNThorpe, and although it is fab to see all our family except rory who i have already had an argument with!! (joking) we cannot wait to get out of this joint... only 4 more sleeps (as my lovely friend le scab always counts down in). Anyway ill keep you all updated and to all of you who i haven't seen or spoken to to say goodbye AU REVOIR!! xx... read more

Oceania » French Polynesia » Tahiti September 6th 2010

Tahiti and her Islands Almost everyone I meet has Tahiti and her islands on their bucket list and it is no wonder once you take in the incredible scenary unmatched virtually anywhere in the World. Our visit - July 1999 - Honeymoon Trip First Stop: Moorea Accomodation: Overwater bungalow First Impression: arrived at night very tired and pretty much out of it Second Impression: Woke up and was transformed straight into the set of South Pacific only more beautiful than one thinks they deserve to be experiencing. Our first stop was this terrific island right across from and visible from Tahiti. Be forewarned, Tahiti received the same number of visitors in a year Hawaii welcomes in a day at the time of our visit. Needless to say I had conjured up in my mind this trip ... read more

Oceania » French Polynesia » Rangiroa June 22nd 2010

In Rangiora Lagoon!! Hi guys, it is 7.15am local time on Tuesday and Debsy is tucked up in bed with a nice hot cup of tea and her new book so she is a very happy camper. The kids are asleep and shortly, Debs and I will take the dinghy over to the wharf and walk up to the little shop to pick up our fresh baguettes, yummoh. We had to order them yesterday so make sure we had some this morning so that is always a bit of a treat to get beautiful fresh baguettes cooked in the oh so traditional French style. We had a good run into the lagoon through the pass with no adverse outflow and no standing waves and I guess we were anchored up by about 10.30am. Our first drop ... read more
Rangiroa Lagoon
Fishes and stingray, Rangiroa Lagoon
That smile!!

Oceania » French Polynesia » Rangiroa June 17th 2010

Current Conditions: Wind ENE 15 knots Swell 2m and building running at about 230 deg mag C.O.G 220 deg mag S.O.G 6 knots Cloud cover intensifying Sail Set: main in 2nd reef and eased, full headsail on whisker pole, gullwinging. Hi guys, just finished our first 24 hours out of Nuka Hiva. We left the anchorage about 8.00am yesterday morning after a nice early trip to the bakery and markets to get some beautiful fresh bread and some fruit. Another aussie boat called Moreah headed off about half an our before us with a similar course in mind. We started with our main into a second reef due to the damage in the rigging and a full headsail and we basically broad to beam reached for most of the morning and not long after lunch we ... read more
Deck shower time
Entrance to Rangiroa

Oceania » French Polynesia » Nuku Hiva June 12th 2010

June 12 Nuka Hiva, French Polynesia We made it safe and sound!!!! Hello everyone, we have now been in Nuka Hiva for over 24 hours, arriving yesterday, putting down the anchor and sighing a big sense of relief, a full nights sleep and no more hand steering for a few days :) We had a good day yesterday, mix of motor sailing and broad reaching passing through the islands and taking in all the majestic scenery, as well as catching a few fish on the way. They were more of the same we caught the other day and as we still had fish in the fridge, we unhooked them and let them go. We more or less threw the watch system out the window after about 8.00am and people just took turns on the helm when ... read more
Wash Day
Sunboy's watermaker(s)
Lagoon in Daniels Bay

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