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Oceania » French Polynesia » Rangiroa June 23rd 2014

II.4) Voler d’île en île : du 23 au 29 juin 2014 Après ces 2 semaines à Fakarava, il ne te reste plus que sept jours avant ton départ pour l’Australie. Tu resterais bien plus longtemps, mais même en voyageant en routard, la Polynésie coûte un œil car la plongée n’y est pas donnée. Tu pensais ne visiter que Rangiroa, mais sur les conseils de Vincent et Mélo tu rajoutes Tikehau, troisième île des Tuamotu et où les Mantas viennent se faire nettoyer. Ton pass inter îles hyper pratique comprend tout ça, mais du coup te fait revenir à Tahiti deux jours avant ton départ. Pas de soucis, tu décides de rajouter Moorea pour les deux derniers jours ; tu iras y plonger avec Pierre copain de Mélo rencontré à Faka sud, à la découverte des ... read more

Oceania » French Polynesia » Fakarava June 23rd 2014

Au dessus du Paradis : Faka sud, du Mardi 17 au Dimanche 22 juin 2014. La Polynésie c’est pas l’Asie… Mardi 17 juin, 8h30, ça y est, après dix heures de négo tu as enfin trouvé un bateau qui t’emmène dans le Sud pour un aller simple. En fait si tu veux pas faire de sortie à la journée, ou si tu loges pas au sud dans les pensions clodo en indo qui ont leur bateau, ben ils ne t’aiment pas trop les locaux, et ils préfèrent ne pas te prendre … Ca donne des dialogues de sourds du genre : - Salut, tu aurais de la place pour aller dans le sud demain ? (1h30 de bateau genre petit bateau de plongée en alu). - oui, bien sur et le prix c’est pas cher, c’est ... read more
Au dessus du Paradis : Faka sud
chez mami zaza
Zaza et chiquita au taff

Oceania » French Polynesia » Fakarava June 17th 2014

Sur l’eau, dans l’eau…14-16 juin 2014 Sur l’eau : Ca se confirme, je suis un marin d’eau douce…euh en fait, pour être tout à fait honnête, marin de rien du tout serait plus approprié. Première plongée de réadaptation jeudi 11 juin, on sort de la marina sur un bateau alu à coque plate (détail qui a de l’importance) pour 2 plongées, mais je ne ferai que la deuxième car la première est dérivante et s’annonce très sportive d’après le club (en gros ça veut dire que tu te laisses porter par le courant et que tu peux aller très très vite). A priori, tu vois pas trop pourquoi, le lagon est super calme, il n’y a pas de vent, ça semble plutôt cool ; oui, bien sur, tu sais qu’il y a les histoires de courant, ... read more

Oceania » French Polynesia » Fakarava June 13th 2014

L’île de l’île de l’île : à la recherche de mamie ZAZA Fakarava, Faka pour les intimes, c’est pas la porte d’à côté : 40 heures de voyage, vaut mieux éviter d’y aller en weekend… Je t’épargne les détails mais en gros, départ de Paris 10h mardi matin 10 juillet, arrivée Faka à 14h30 mercredi heure locale soit à 02h 30 du mat heure française jeudi 12 juillet, après une escale à Londres, Los Angeles et Papeete (pourquoi Londres ? ben parce que j’aime le fish and chips et surtout parce que quand tu te prends un billet tour du monde tu pars souvent de Londres)… A l’arrivée, c’est bien le coin paumé à l’autre bout du monde dont j’ai rêvé pendant tout ces mois de prépa intensive du concours !!!! Giga sauvage, touristes à base ... read more
2014-06-14 Lagon fakarava nord à côté du club de plongée
Lagon faka nord

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea March 20th 2014

This. Place. Is. AMAZING! When we hopped on the ferry boat to head here from Tahiti, we didn't know just how beautiful the island we were approaching would be. There she was, out of the water and clouds like heaven on Earth. Spiking her green and magnificent mountain tops into the air, piercing through a perfect halo of white fluffy clouds, floating there like a dream in the bluest water I've ever seen. So blue, it made you think the colors in the Crayola box crayons were dull and boring. This is like the story books tell us as children, dreaming of far away and exotic lands. When we arrived, we had arranged a stay at the Polynesian (Tiahura) Dream Lodge, a private bungalow home on the lagoon on the West side of the island. Unfortunately, ... read more
ATV Trek


Oceania » French Polynesia » Tahiti » Papeete March 8th 2014

La orana & what a trek! Over a whole day of traveling to get to some of the most spectacular scenery I've EVER seen! It's our honeymoon and our AMAZING wedding took us on this journey to a far away land. Bali-hai had called us! Right now we are here on an island, FAR in the middle of the South Pacific, one known by the name of Tahiti! Technically, we are in Tahiti-iti (little Tahiti), which is a connecting portion of the island know as the home to the world class, world renowned, world's MOST DANGEROUS wave, Teahupoo. We are staying at The Vanira Lodge, in the town of Teahupoo, in their tallest tree house. Immersed in nature, we are surrounded by trees, flowers, and animals of all kinds. We've had birds, geckos, roosters (by the ... read more
Maara Bungalow
Teahupoo Views

Oceania » French Polynesia » Tahiti » Papeete February 16th 2014

After three weeks of visiting only small pensions we decided to go to the other extreme when we got to Tahiti, the Intercontinental where we stayed is the biggest of the resorts on the island, and one of the most luxurious. We had booked the room with my last remaining reward points from my stay in Harrisburg last winter, and even though our room was free we managed to get upgraded to a room with a ocean view, nice! As the rainy season was catching up with us and the weather was all but sunny, we spent a lot of time on our balcony enjoying the view towards the neighboring island of Moorea that you could actually see through the rain every now and then. Our stay wasn’t just rain and gloom. Our first morning the ... read more
Tahiti - at the resort
Tahiti - The view from our balcony
Moorea - Johanna and the cat watching the sunset

Oceania » French Polynesia » Rangiroa February 10th 2014

French Polynesia stretches over an area roughly the size of Europe (which we certainly couldn’t have guessed before coming here), and contains god knows how many islands, so obviously we cannot cover it all within three weeks, but we tried to include some different islands on our itinerary. Thus, after the mountainous, green Leeward islands, we hopped on yet another flight to reach the Tuamotu atoll islands, Tikehau to be the first destination. Seen from the plane, the atolls look kind of like sandy rings with palm trees on them, filled with turquois water in the middle. But once you are on them, you can’t really tell the shape anymore, as at least TIkehau is so big that you cannot see the opposite edge of the atoll when you are standing on the beach. So, the ... read more
Pension Hotu beach
Tikehau had the prettiest beaches of all the islands we visited so far
palm tree filled beach

Oceania » French Polynesia » Maupiti February 1st 2014

French Polynesia brings up images of blue water, white beaches and green palms. With places like Tahiti, Bora Bora and a lot of atolls we expected the ultimate holiday paradise when we planned our mid-trip “vacation” here, and this far we have not been disappointed. The only trouble we have had is sometimes with getting understood as many people speak no English, so I guess we need to start working on our French to make future trips smoother. ;) It is the perfect place for a beach and snorkeling holiday, if you have other plans, well, go somewhere else! We arrived in the middle of the night to Faaā airport at Tahiti. We had our luggage at around 2 AM, and after checking the price for the nearby hotels (expensive!) we decided to roll out our ... read more
Maupiti - a view from the Mountain
Maupiti - climbing the Mountain
Maupiti - boats

Oceania » French Polynesia » Tahiti » Papeete January 26th 2014

January 26, 2014 Comments – Oceania Marina Cruise Ship. It would be hard to find a more enjoyable ship to cruise on. Oceania specializes in “ Mature” guests ( that’s what us old people call ourselves ) and there were almost no real young people or children on board. This is not a family cruise line. There were many young couples but mostly retired ( or close to retired ) couples from all over the world. About 1250 capacity, with 800 crew. Oceania has smaller ships, 650 capacity, with the same great food and service but no show lounge. The Marina is beautiful. Lots of space relative to other ships we have been on. There is a nice Show Lounge where various shows are available in the late evening every day. Lots of bars and lounges ... read more

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