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North America » United States » Nebraska » Scottsbluff July 14th 2014

As we crossed the border into Nebraska we stopped at the Visitor Centre and chatted to Randy who worked part time whilst his wife was the local minister. The building was in the middle of nowhere but apparently used to be a chain burger-bar- not sure who ate there though as there did not seem to be any houses around for miles. It was different to most others VC we had been in, the layout was more like a ‘home’, including lounge sofas and lots of ornaments and memorabilia. We had coffee which was free and help yourself to what you want and we chatted to Randy for ages before heading off with a pile of brochures he insisted we would need about Nebraska and the area as well as some useful advice. We were following ... read more
Taking a rest
Scotts Bluff
Flowers at the bluff

North America » United States » Nebraska » Kearney June 18th 2014

Herman Reinders Lived and worked his farm near Alliance Nebraska until his death in 1982. As friends and family gathered to pay respects to him, there were discussions of a memorial. In June of 1987 35 of his friends and family gathered and built Carhenge. It was officially dedicated on the Summer solstice in 1987. I visited Carhenge the first time in 2007. Although not much has changed in the past 7 years I couldn't resist a return visit. Carhenge will be in the path of the Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, Maybe a 3rd visit will be in order. More photos... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Scottsbluff June 17th 2014

The Planes were at Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. Shown here is one of the X-Wing Fighters used to defend Colorado from the Empire. The Trains Autos and Bikes were at the Forney Transportation Museum on the North Side of Denver, They literally had cars of all shapes and sizes. Wait, thats no ordinary Buffalo, that's a Cell Tower. After the museums I headed north out of Colorado and into Nebraska. I ended up in Scottsbluff which is about an hour from.... CARHENGE! BTW: I'm in Southwest Nebraska, The Tornadoes today were in Northeast Nebraska, tomo... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Omaha June 5th 2014

Here we go! For those of you who don't know, DJ and I are heading to Israel for three weeks for an archaeological dig through UNO. This blog will be the place to go to keep track of where we're at, where we're going, and all the groundbreaking discoveries we'll be making. Check back often!... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Omaha December 29th 2013 read more


North America » United States » Nebraska » Omaha December 24th 2013 read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Lincoln August 17th 2013

We didn’t have a long drive today (not like yesterday) and we were heading towards Perry, Iowa. This is where Theo’s father’s family is from. Theo had visited this place when he was 18 with his grandfather, brother, mom and dad. They stayed with extended family and met a lot of relatives. He tried to find the house he stayed in but we were unsuccessful. We did find the community center they played basketball at. After a quick tour we left and headed west towards Lincoln, NE. I must tell you that Theo had eaten at a place called Maid Rite. It is the home of loose meat (think sloppy joes minus the sloppy part) sandwiches. We found one on our way to Perry. I thought these little burgers were AWESOME!! Theo thought they were a ... read more
New Arena Lincoln NEW
Lincoln NE 2
Lincoln NE

North America » United States » Nebraska » North Platte August 12th 2013

Parting is such sweet sorrow when you are bidding farewell to a new, albeit temporary, member of the family! We returned our RV on time and in one piece, and when we had finally pulled everything out of it, we stood bewildered for a few moments at how we had managed to bring the mountain of stuff packed beside our minivan out here in the first place. But Todd is a man of many talents, including squeezing every available inch of space out of a vehicle. We managed to get just about everything back in the van, and only had to drop off one box at UPS to be shipped back. Worth every cent, as it meant the difference between the kids have a small carved out space for their legs vs. sitting criss-crossed for four ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Ogallala July 31st 2013

I decided on a lazy morning this morning. It is no fun driving due east early in the morning, the sun makes it very bright straight on. So, I waited until the sun is over the yardarm (windshield) and took off from Saratoga WY at 9:00 am. High anxiety day for me, climbing up the Snowy Range Pass, and then coming down the other side – altogether about 30 miles. As soon as I turned onto the road, though, I knew it was going to be ok. SR 130 was a nice freshly paved one lane each way with guard rails where needed. The first few miles were flat, nothing to it. Then we climbed. Along the road until I entered the National Forrest I saw beautiful ranches. They must have had a contest as to ... read more
First Glimpse of Mountains in the distance

North America » United States » Nebraska July 22nd 2013

7/22/13 - Left Wal-Mart parking lot enroute to LeMars, Iowa - the Ice Cream Capital of the World. Nice little town, they let us park the motorhomes on a side street while we went to Blue Bunny for ice cream. Everyone filled up on ice cream, then we continued to Cherokee, Iowa to a City RV Park. Really a nice park, by the river/lake, full hookup, only $15.00 per night. Briar and DDakota went fishing then Briar discovered some really bad mud under the railroad trestle and they played in the mud. The pics are on my phone, wish I could post them here. Jacked cooked fish, green beans, and mashed potatoes for supper.... read more

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