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North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway September 6th 2013

Day 38 - Friday August 23 Whitehorse, YT to Skagway, AK 104 miles We turned on to the Klondike Highway headed south the views again were beautiful. We passed Emerald Lake with rainbow-colors resulting from the blue-green light waves reflecting off the white sediment on the lake bottom. The pictures do not do it justice. We also passed Carcross Desert, Bove Island in Tagish Lake, the Yukon/British Columbia border and proceeded to the Alaska border. Before reaching the border we drove the windy roads through the rocky valley of Summit Lake and reached White Pass Summit (3290 ft.). To add to the adventure it was foggy again that day and our visibility around shear cliffs was about 75 feet. We crossed the Captain William Moore Bridge a unique cantilever bridge over Moore Creek spanning a 110 ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway August 19th 2013

Raunchy and rowdy in it's youth, Skagway is now a great place to visit and learn about the history of this region of Alaska. We had a golf cart trip down the pier to the town entry. Skagway has a shuttle bus system for $2 per ride or $5 for an all day on/off pass. We chose the all day pass on the SMART bus and our driver announced that there would be no charge for active or retired military personnel! With our all day pass, we jumped off at the National Park Service office and looked around, but decided to go to the city visitors' center and get a walking tour map. That was a good choice for us and we walked through the city, reading points of interest and talking with local shopkeepers along ... read more
Alaska - Skagway White House
Alaska - Skagway
Alaska - Skagway - Reid Falls

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway September 20th 2012

Writing this while in the Glacier Smoothie and Espresso Cafe in Skagway. Kids have each got a 20oz smoothie and reading comics while mum and dad have a cup of coffee. Caitlin has gone for a thing called the Zinger which has strawberries, raspberries and lemonade and is very tasty. Reuben opted for a thing called the Cabin Fever which contains peanut butter, chocolate and banana. Sounds interesting, tastes disgusting, but obviously not to a 10 year olds less than selective pallet. Now retrospectively, awoke at 7am and quietly lifted the curtain whilst sleeping beauty slumbered on. Found myself eye to eye with a concrete piling and our porthole (is it a porthole when its square and doesn't open) at the top staring out over the wharf. We had docked at Skagway. Needed to wait for ... read more
Famous bar and brothel...
Plaque on the Main Street...

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway September 10th 2012

Skagway Stepping into Skagway was like stepping back into time, 1899 perhaps… another Gold rush town, they managed to preserve that olden day feel by keeping saloons and dance halls. It’s also in a very pretty setting, surrounded by green hills and snow-capped mountains Some of the shore excursions available – White Pass Scenic Railway , it’s a train ride on a vintage rail car that takes one through the famous White Yukon Rail route to the Summit. Another option was to go on a Glacier Point Wilderness Safari, this takes you to the face of the Davidson Glacier in a 31 Foot voyager canoe, whales and sea lions often pop up on these safaris. After our visit to the town we were back on board to start our own table tennis tournament, well I was ... read more
Boredom sets in for locals
They must get pretty bored
Coffee house

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway September 3rd 2012

Day 4- Monday - Sept 3, 2012 Skagway We docked in Skagway today on day 4. We took the White Pass & Yukon Railroad train ride to the Canadian border. It was a fun trip riding the old train up to the Canadian border and back again. After we got dropped off in Skagway, near the ship, we headed to the town. It's a quaint little historic town. We had lunch at the Bonanza Restaurant and I had a fantastic chocolate martini. It was so good I had to ask the bartender for the recipe. Also found a cute little quilt shop where I bought a pattern for a puffin quilt to make, in the future. The ship docked not too far from town. It's an easy walk or you can board a shuttle bus for ... read more
Skagway 1
Best Choc Martini - Copy
Skagway 2


North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway August 17th 2012

Located at the northern tip of Alaska’s Inside Passage, Skagway lies nestled at the base of the snow-capped mountains of the Coast Range. Typically, most ships arrive here in the very early hours. We woke to bright sunshine and after a quick breakfast were on the pier to start the first part of our excursion. We boarded a bus that would take us to Caribou Crossing with many photo stops on the way. We learned about the very storied history of the Klondike Gold Rush which began in August of 1896 when a small group of miners working along the confluence of the Yukon and Klondike Rivers in Northwest Canada struck gold. The following summer on July 14, 1897 the first ship carrying the lucky miners docked in San Francisco and 3 days later on July ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway August 9th 2012

The town of Skagway is a quaint town with friendly locals and an interesting history. I'm discovering that prostitution was very popular in Alaska since every port has a historical brothel tour. Guess those gold miners needed something to do. Here are some quick Skagway Facts: There are 923 people living in Skagway during the summer peak the town dwindles down to 200 people who live in town year-round. Business are open 5 months out of the year so locals who live her year around have to earn enough to last until tourist season begins in June. The nearest hospital is in Juneau. Most citizens of the town are born in Canada so they have dual citizenship. However, most women will choose to fly down to Portland or Seattle to have their children. There is one ... read more
Skagway Scenic Tour (4)
Skagway Scenic Tour (17)

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway August 4th 2012

We arrived in to Skagway early Monday morning. We docked at 7 am sharp. We had to be out, with breakfast, and at the end of the dock by 8:15 for our morning excursion, a bike ride through the rain forest past Dyea. Because of it's proximity to water, Dyea was a booming gold rush town in the late 1800s. Dyea was across the mountain and at the edge of water so the gold miners could float their 2 tons of gear and food down the river rather than try and cross the treacherous mountains. Once the railroads were built, Dyea just died. It's really interesting because the miners just picked up and left the town. Since it's in the rainforest, it's just been reclaimed by the forest around it. Dyea is now in the Tongass ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 18th 2012

18th July ’12 Haines and Skagway We had decadent breakfast in bed this morning! It also served as our wake up call for our first port and the chance to get off the ship. We were moored at Haines but this also served for the town of Skagway where most of the excursions went from. Thanks to research by Howard before joining the ship we were able to do our own version of the ship’s Whitepass Summit Scenic Railway with shopping time in Skagway trip and so save ourselves $100. We were even on the same ferry and train as the people from our ship, although they had priority boarding the ferry and the first 4 train carriages. We had checked with the ship’s Travel Guide where to catch the fast ferry from so we got ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 11th 2012

I forgot about the wind. When Walter warned me about bears in the Carcross Desert and suggested the little patch of sand between the water and the warehouse, I forgot about how windy it was that afternoon. And I had even read an information plaque somewhere about how the Tagish First Nation name for the spot translates to “always windy spot” or something like that. I was woken several times by the wind smacking the side of my tent into my face as I slept. This, of course, was the result of my having anchored the tent at each corner with tent pegs anchored in sand. Hmmm. At the first flutter of wind, they came up and were free to move about and cause slack, letting the tent walls sag enough to smack me in the ... read more
Into the White Pass
The White Pass
Skagway Harbour

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