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North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Valladolid March 26th 2014

Que tal! Had a shortish bus trip from Playa to Valladolid. Been very impressed with the bus service here. I had read that in Valladolid very few people spoke English so was excited to practice our spanish which I think we are both doing quite well...along with hand gestures. Valladolid is a cute colonial type town and our hostel was next to a nice square and church. In the middle of Valladolid is a square full of trees where allthe local families hang out instead sitting at home in front of a tv like we all do. The buildings are all painted diffrrent colours. From Valladolid we did a day trip out to Chichen Itza and Il-Kil, a sink hole you can swim in. We got to Chichen Itza early to beat the crowds and the ... read more

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato March 24th 2014

Guanajuato A prononcer "Guanaouato"sans trop insister sur "ou";en fait il faut enchaîner le tout d'un seul souffle sans s'arrêter.A éviter de prononcer le "j"comme Juan le pins...rien à voir.Bon voilà pour la linguistique,passons aux caractéristiques de cette ville qui en recelle plusieurs. D'abord une topographie tout à fait particulière qui a donné lieu à un aménagement urbain qui suit le lit du Rio Guanajuato sous la ville.Une multitude de tunnels se faufilent partout avec deux grandes artères qui vont d'est en ouest,en sens unique il va sans dire auquels se connectent des entrées et des sorties ,une autoroute quoi!. On y rencontre même des intersections....vous dis pas c'est qui c'est tu qui a la priorité??Vous devinez pas....allons ,allons un petit effort les futés,c'est pourtant simple....on est au Mexique....oui,oui vous l'avez... read more
Balcon fleuri
Oups! On rentre...
Tab-----on rencontre!!!

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun March 23rd 2014

Hola again. We arrived back in Mexico city late and had to get the metro back to the hotel to pick up our main packs. The metro is so easy to use and mega cheap and there is always people on each carriage selling what is quite literally crap but they need to make a buck. This trip a shirtless guy got on put down a sheet of broken glass bottles then did a backwards body slam into the glass, the most most bizzare type of busking I have ever seen. He was covered in scars so obviously been doing it for a while. Had booked another place to stay so headed over there knackered to find our private room at the hostel (we have either got old or snobby) had the smallest single bed. There ... read more
Neighbours fancy hotel

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen March 23rd 2014

Hola, quiet night in with free wifi so catching up on blogs. Left Cancun on the ADO bus which have all been really easy to work out and book. They are really comfy although they crank the aircon. Only took about an hour to Playa. We had booked an awesome place run by a couple of hippies which was really quiet while being close to everything. 5th Ave is the main walking street full of restaurants, bars and shops. We fell in love with the place straight away. There are cheapish places right on the beach which is what Cancun lacked cos it was all resorts. We walked from one end of 5th ave to the other and then back via the beach. At one end you can watch the guys play beach volleyball. We sat ... read more
5th Ave
Worlds Largest Tequila Collection

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum March 23rd 2014

Hola! It is much easier to ask how to get somewhere if you pronounce it correct. Saying Tul um instead of Too lum got us some weird looks. We eventually realised we just had to walk around the block from our place where all the collectivos hang out. They are kinda like mini van taxis that when they have enough people will head off to where you want to go stopping to let you off whenever you wanted. They then cut each other off on the hwy to pick up more people and therefore more money. We landed in the back of one which unfortunately was really hot and not full of tourist which would have meant an express to Tulum. Instead we seemed to stop every 5 kms as someone got out and someone new ... read more


We got an early start this morning so we could have a full day to enjoy the ride. Everyone showed up at the house promptly and we loaded up the food, drinks, and kids into the van. We managed to fit 15 of us into the minivan which is no record for Mexico but it was a personal best for me. I cringed at the thought of all the children wedged into the back cargo area. Our daughters sat in the middle row on our laps. I had already messaged one of the url= companiesin Xochimilco so we knew which embarcadero we were headed for, the very last one it turns out, Embarcadero Nativitas. They offered us a discount, the boat ride all the way out to the Island of the Dolls for 1350$ pesos. The ... read more
Helping paddle the boat
Dancing on the bow of the trajinera
Floating Musicians

From San Miguel with love Neuf heures et des poussières de "char"ça use plus que les souliers,ça use les nerfs,mais bon tu penses à autre chose,tu regarde le décor,pas trop tout de même parce que "bobonne" a l'oeil.....laisse faire les vaches,t'en a déjà vu non,et regarde devant je te raconterai ce que t'as manqué.Sypatique tout même,j'aurai droit à un compte rendu photos un peu plus tard,c'est à se demander si un chauffeur n'aurait pas mieux fait l'affaire.La route de PV à Guadalajara c'est la montagne au début et de l'autoroute par la suite,celle de Guadalajara à Guanajuato encore de l'autoroute,mais là ou ça devient intéressant pour les sportifs c'est de Guanajuato à San Miguel;90 km de lacets à 5000 pieds d'altitude sans garde-fous bourrés de mexicains téméraires pour qui un dépassement à l'aveugle procur... read more
Roof top Rosewood Hotel
Doors and windows

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Puerto Escondido March 18th 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Our last full day here in Puerto Escondido. You know that old Jimmy Durante song (well, some of you might know it) "Did you ever have the feeling that you wanted to go, and then you had the feeling that you wanted to stay?" That about sums up my feelings right now. I'm ready to go home, but want to stay here, too. But I think I'm leaning more towards wanting to go home. We had breakfast at Dan's Cafe, then friend Gay gave us a tour of Dan's nice compound where she is staying. Looks like a fun place to live. Joe and I both had hour long massages at the Healing Hands. It wasn't marketed as a "couples massage" but we were in the same room with a curtain between ... read more
Healing Hands
Healing Hands
Healing Hands

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Puerto Escondido March 17th 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014 Not much exciting to tell except that TODAY is son DAVE's birthday and we wish he could be here with us to celebrate. I haven't seen anything in Puerto advertising green beer tonight, so St. Patricks Day will come and go for us with no fanfare. Yesterday we went to town to the mercado one last time. We took our time and bought our produce and even looked at the clothes, decorative items, and junk. We thought it was the busiest we've ever seen it, Sunday is no day of rest for this town. Joe walked to the Point and we ate at another highly recommended restaurant, Bananas. Joe had the shrimp kabobs and I had traditional chili rellanos and we give the place five stars. The singer there was great, but ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum March 13th 2014

No i wracam do Meksyku;-) To już prawie koniec mojego wyjazdu. Z Belize (Caye Caulker) odpływam bez żalu. Z Caye Caulker do Meksyku (miasto Chetumal) płynę wodną taksówką. Przed przypłynięciem do Chetumal łódka przypływa do miasta San Pedro, w którym odbywa się odprawa paszportowa po stronie Belize (w paszporcie musi być wbita pieczątka wyjazdowa z Belize). Okazuje się, że wyjazd z Belize niestety kosztuje. Naliczają sobie jakieś podatki, baking fees itp. i wychodzi do zaplaty ponsd 30 USD:-( BELIZE? Nigdy wiecej!!!! Do Chetumal doplywamy okolo południa a przy nabrzeżu czeka już na nas wojsko, które przeszukuje - przy pomocy psów - wszystkie bagaże. Szukają narkotykow. Wygląda to tak, że wszyscy musimy ustawić nasze bagaże w linii i odsunąć się od nich. Wtedy psy przystępują do obwąchiwania. Na szczęście nic nie znajdują i możemy szy... read more
Plaza w Tulum
Plaza w Tulum
Cenote Dos Ojos

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