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North America » Mexico » Coahuila » Saltillo September 5th 2010

Primero lo primero, se me olvido compartir la dirección del blog de Fern, mala nota de mi parte, perdón mi amor. La dirección es la siguiente: Bueno hemos estado en Cepeda por una semana y hemos conocido a tanta gente y aprendido tanto que estamos un poco abrumados. Si ha sido la primera granja como será el resto del viaje? Pasamos el cumpleaños #29 de Fern (31 de agosto) en la granja. La desperté cantándole las mañanitas y le regalé un matraz (única traducción de flask que encontré) para meterle licor. Se lo había comprado en Boone y se lo envolví en un periódico de allá, por aquello del mal de patria. Después de trabajar duro todo el día compramos unas cervecitas y las trajimos a la granja, y celebramos con la familia, ellos entraron ... read more
Restaurante de comidas locales, Los Portales/local food restaurant, Los Portales
Rancho el Chuzo donde nos quedamos/Rancho el Chuzo our host farm
Rancho el Chuzo donde nos quedamos/Rancho el Chuzo our host farm

North America » Mexico » Coahuila » Saltillo August 29th 2010

Nuevo Orleans, San Antonio y General Cepeda Hasta que al fin tenemos acceso a Internet! Saludos familia y amigos. La ultima vez que escribí estaba en la casa del suegro en Carolina del Sur. De ahí nos llevaron a la estación del tren en Atlanta Georgia para agarrar el tren hacia Nuevo Orleans. Cap estaba mas emocionado que nosotros, esa actitud me dio mas fuerza y energía para emprender el viaje. Despedirse de Cap, Theresa y Wendy no fue fácil, y estoy seguro que no lo fue para ellos, pero para el momento en que nos íbamos en Atlanta yo ya estaba en modo de aventura. El tren duro 12 horas, pero es un viaje tranquilo, se puede caminar, las vistas son preciosas y definitivamente espero hacer mas viajes en tren en USA. Tal vez un ... read more
Train to NOLA/tren a NOLA
Atardecer desde el tren Mississipi/sunset from the train MIssissipi
Voodo room India House/El cuarto vudu en India House

North America » Mexico » Coahuila » Saltillo October 12th 2009

I had one one stop to make before re-entering the United States. I wanted to experience a smaller, typical Mexican town. The Lonely Planet came through with Parras, in the state of Coahuilla. Parras is a bit of an oasis in the middle of a desert. It has a population of just over 40,000 and is a jean manufacturing centre, it is home to the Dickies brand clothing plant. It also has a few vineyards and wineries. Some believe that this was the first winery in the Americas. The ride there was an easy 400 km on dual lane highways, I used a couple of the toll (cuota) roads. They are operated as private entreprise and run parallel to the public highway. Basically, cuota roads are the business class of the motoring road: wider shoulders, better ... read more
On highway mex-57
On highway mex-57
commercial area in Parras

North America » Mexico » Coahuila » Saltillo March 26th 2009

March 25, Wednesday This was a non-travel day for us. We slept a bit later than normal, had a "deseyuna continental" at the semi-attached restaurant, consisting of a huge plate of cut up mango, watermelon, and cantaloupe, plus toast and coffee. This would have cost us minimum $6.99 in the US of A. We’ve found that the food is very inexpensive as compared to US prices. Coffee is almost always 10 pesos, which at the present time is 70 cents. Our standard currency exchange factoring consists of 1. multiply pesos times 7 for USD - actually US cents, but it’s not hard to figure out the proper decimal spot. 2. multiply $1.00 times 14 to get pesos. I know... how can 14 times 7 equal 100 ? Actually it’s 98, but I figure that the 2 ... read more
Hotel Siesta courtyard

North America » Mexico » Coahuila » Saltillo August 28th 2008


North America » Mexico » Coahuila » Saltillo August 15th 2008

Monterrey - Saltillo, Aug.09 to Aug.13, 2008 20th Wedding Anniversary.......................... Under Construction!!!... read more

North America » Mexico » Coahuila » Saltillo March 24th 2008

Another year, another missions trip, right? WRONG! Even though Christian Student Fellowship returned to Saltillo this year for our spring break missions trip, this trip was very different from the first and even better! About 45 students and 8 sponsors attended. The trip down to Mexico this year was less eventful than last as we were lucky that we did not blow two tires. We stayed in the same church in Nuevo Laredo as last year. When we arrived in Saltillo, I was happy to note that I recognized much of the town. We went to church with the parishioners of the El Salvador Iglesia de Cristo, where we were serving. I also recognized many of the people in attendance and quite a few of the children. After church some of the neighborhood women made us ... read more
Warp speed
Boom! Crack!

North America » Mexico » Coahuila » Saltillo April 17th 2007

Que pax! During Spring Break this year, I went with my youth group, Christian Student Fellowship, to Saltillo, Mexico, where we helped several churches out by pouring three cement roofs and a floor, digging fence post holes and helping fence off some vacant land next to a church so the establishment can petition the government in a few years to be given ownership, playing lots and lots of futbol with kids, and having a wonderful time worshipping the Lord through service. Though a long, 30-hour drive from Nebraska to Saltillo (in the state of Coàhuila, about an hour and half south of Monterrey), I deepened existing friendships and began new ones. I learned a lot about myself, including the fact that I think I have a desire to go into the missions field, perhaps teaching ... read more
On the Move
Los chicos!
Adventures in scaffolding

North America » Mexico » Coahuila » Saltillo December 6th 2006

Day 5 - San Antonio, TX Saltillo (I do not know the states in Mexico so from now on I will leave them out) Highlights: truck permit; pollution; Pemex We packed a few last minutes things into the truck and planned to meet mom and dad at the Flying J (truck stop or a travel plaza as they like to call them now a days) our last stop in our current civilization about 5km north of the border. Carlo and I needed coffee for the road (as you know we got hooked on Starbucks, we blame it on the road travel :) and I had seen one yesterday when mom and I had done some errand, ofcourse it was completely a good 10km in the opposite direction but we were desperate. We were pretty excited ... read more
Map 4
on the road 3
on the road 4

North America » Mexico » Coahuila » Saltillo September 2nd 2006

I started off last week with finally completing the first and most complicated stage to obtain my visa. Other than that, I've had more group projects in the past few weeks than I would have in a year at U of I. Everything is very group orientated and it was explained that you aren't an individual here, you are your family, you are the group you work with. Also, I have learned that they are really into titles. Even if a person has earned their bachelors you still have to call them "Licensado" (I don't know if that is how it is spelled but it sounds like that). And for example on my business card it would say: Lic. Alex Orozco. This past week, I visited the Modern Art Museum again and I went to the ... read more

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