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North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury April 1st 2014

..... having been remiss with blog entries the reporting of past and present adventures will take some time. But let it be known that catch up will occur sooner than later. At this moment I am in a new apartment, selling my house, spending my summer at the lake and waiting for a friend from Austria to visit me in June. The getting-rid-of-junk pile continues to be smaller than the keeping-junk pile. Do not qualify for the reality show Hoarders and therefore do not require people in white suits and masks to come to clean out my stuff. But a giant yard sale has been slotted into someday in May!... read more
Winter Decoration
Winter Tools

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto March 22nd 2014

After weeks (more like months) of planning and anticipation, we're almost there! China, that is. decided to take advantage of a Wagjag deal on an airport hotel with long-term parking. It also allows us an easy start on our flight day - tomorrow, already! We depart Pearson's Terminal 1, tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. 13 hours and 20 minutes later, we'll land in Beijing. I doubt that we'll hit the ground running, but will hopefully have our eyes and all other senses wide open and ready to absorb all surrounding sights and sounds Chinese! Feeling good that we've done some more than cursory research and acquainted ourselves with a bit of info about the main spots on our guided tour. Heck, we've even downloaded to our handy iPad, a healthy smattering of guide maps, descriptions and highlights ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario March 16th 2014

We have just returned home from an amazing week up at the cottage. The weather was perfect (even if we are all getting very tired of winter) and we spent time with friends, spent time relaxing, and spent lots of time sleeping. The kids had a blast skating and doing the "Frank Lane Chute". Brent and Sophia Taylor and their kids joined us for a couple of days which meant lots of laughs, good food, and, of course, plenty of wine. We even had a chili lunch on the lake while enjoying the sunshine. And when I say "on the lake", I literally mean "ON the lake". Our neighbour Rob always creates a big ice rink that the kids are welcome to use so Elizabeth spent hours working on her skating and Jack enjoyed playing hockey. ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario March 15th 2014

One step forward Hello wonderful people, I am very excited to announce that I will be participating in Canada World Youth: Québec-Bénin exchange! What is Canada World Youth? Canada World Youth (CWY), founded by Jaques Hébert, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that offers international educational programs to youth between the ages of 17 and 25, and is celebrating its 42 years of existence! It is a registered charity! Its mission is to give young people the opportunity to actively participate in the development of just, harmonious, and sustainable societies. Essentially, allow people to be the change they want to see! CWY selected 9 Canadian volunteers from across the country to participate in one for their projects. I have been selected for the Québec-Bénin project. What will I be doing? CWY is a six month program... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto March 7th 2014

Well the time has arrived. I didn't have a lot of money for this trip so one way to save was to take a bus instead of flying. I checked around a bit and find out the bus was not that comfortable. In particular the overnight bus attracts sketchy people and was not easy to sleep on. Unfortunately I was out of options so I decided to tough it out. I arranged for a friend to drive me down to the bus terminal in downtown Toronto but unfortunately I had forgotten to tell her that it was in Toronto and she arrived to late to drive me. I am experienced traveler so I always have a fast backup plan in case something like this happens so I quickly drove to Toronto and parked in a nearby ... read more


North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa March 6th 2014

Home safe and sound. It is nice to be home! Thank you all for your hospitality, friendship and support.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa March 5th 2014

G'day mates; Well our second day in Canberra was one with lots of walking under sunny, 26C weather... We visited the Australian National War Museum, but an hour and a half wasn't enough and what we did see was very enjoyable. Then we walked around the lake crossing over one bridge headed to Old Parliament House then crossed the other bridge. Then it was off to Sydney for our last days in Australia... Under sunny skies and 28C temps, we took the train into Circular Quay and a view of the Opera House and a walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Finished dinner with a view of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Our last day in Sydney was again under sunny and 28C skies, so off we went to the Sydney Harbour Bridge ... read more
Sydney Harbour Bridge

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto March 3rd 2014

I love driving and always make it a point to drive to destinations rather than take a flight or bus. The farthest I have been to, from my home in Toronto, has been the Grand Canyon. In this article, I will take you through a list of things that Canadian drivers must know when they cross the border into the United States. One thing I have heard from friends in the United States is that it is easier for the friends from the south to visit Canada than it is for the Canadians who plan on travelling to the United States. That being said, travelling by road across the border is a breeze mostly; except that the US Border police is much more vigilant and strict than the Canadians. On our first trip across the border ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa March 2nd 2014

G'day mates Well our last day in Melbourne started off at a slower pace no driving, thank goodness, our bus tour wasn't until 4pm, so we had lots of time to explore the city. We made our way to the Old Melbourne Gaol (jail), where we toured a 19th century prision - first we toured around prision block where Ned Kelly an iconic bushranger was hanged, as well as 133 people up until the late 1840's. It was a very interesting place, then we went to the Police Watch House where we were arrested and locked up in cells to experience an environment unchanged since the police and inmates left in 1994. Then we walked around Confederation Square, sat in the warm sun for a break, then took a walk down Hosier Lane to view lane ... read more
Melbourne Gaol
heading to mountains

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa February 27th 2014

G'day mates; Well our weather had cooled to 18C for our journey along the Great Ocean Road but that didn't slow us down not even the 15 minutes of rain. Our first stop was Cheese World in Allansford, to sample a bit of local cheese. Then we started the Great Ocean Road (it's 243 km long and was built by returning soldiers between 1919-1932 to honour those who didn't make it home) ... where we seen rugged coastline and beautiful aqua water and white sand, but too rough to swim but great for viewing. From the many lookouts along the road, especially in our first 27 km were the most spectacular views I have ever seen... hard to believe they have survived the weather and the pounding seas - many of the first ships of settlers ... read more
12 Apostles-2
Melbourne Lane Art

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