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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler March 8th 2014

Most people expect getting into the US to be the most harrowing immigration experience on the planet. It immediately conjures images of small rooms and cavity searches. Let me tell you, after only getting 2 questions from the officer at LAX I thought that the Canadian border crossing would be a breeze... comrades under the Queen and all that. I have never been interrogated so much before entering a country in all my life!! From where I've been, to where I'm going and for how long, to "I notice you were in Fiji... How long were you there?". Of all the countries like Egypt, Russia and China that are in my passport and she picks Fiji? A country that has no guns and very, very few drugs? "Where are you flying out of?" I have no ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler September 13th 2013

Well, today we pick up our 25ft RV from Cruise Canada and commence another leg of our Canada journey. Vancouver has been great and we enjoyed our 3 night stay at the Ramada Exhibition Park. For around $100 a night it has been great. The place is in a central location And the staff are super friendly and extremely helpful. No complaints from us but we long for the freedom of travelling in the has become the central focus of this holiday. Had plans of going down to Stanley Park in the morning but we are so tired...lots of walking over past couple of days so we took the bus downtown and had coffee/donuts at Tim Hortons in Burrard Street and worked out our travel plan out to the RV depot. Caught the Canada Line ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler August 3rd 2013

August 1st, 2013 The weather has broken a little and we had cloud cover for a fair bit of today. Plenty of sun though but on a couple of occasions we actually felt the need of the sweater we’d brought with us. The mountains towards Whistler were still visible though so that’s where we headed. The last time we came to Vancouver in the summer, the road to Whistler was actually closed due to a landslide by Horseshoe Bay so we were determined to go there this time. The boys have seen the village in winter but we wanted to show them Whistler in summer. The sea to sky highway that runs from Vancouver to Whistler is just the most incredible stretch of road. You travel up Highway 99 with Sunshine Coast and various ... read more
The Luge, Whistler
The Spin Cycle

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler July 5th 2013

Oh Canada The scenery in this country is magical and looks every bit as spectacular as we expected it to be. The animal hunt though had been frustrating and almost fruitless. We set off for Whistler and our brush with fame and the Today show. Some of us had made signs with cardboard and markers provided by Scenic the night before. We found the broadcasting site in the square but fame is fleeting. We all stood together, held up our signs, had a brief chat to the lovely Georgie Gardiner and it was all over. We will have to wait until we get home to check the tape for the result. We have seen the photos that Scenic took and placed on their Facebook page. Enough of this rubbish though. Whistler itself was amazing. We started ... read more
Co-pilot Kevin

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler June 26th 2013

An odd year… and we are overseas again We are here in Canada, but not before we made a slight detour to Chicago. The main reason for trip is to do the Rockies and later the Inside Passage by ship. So off we went on early Friday morning to start the first leg to Auckland and, after a 5 ½ hour delay there, on to Vancouver arriving late on Friday afternoon. The connection to Chicago was better made the following morning so we made an overnight stop there, Marg calculated that we had taken 31 hours from the time we left home to the time we arrived at our hotel near the Vancouver airport. We did have time there to catch up with the latest figures on Chicago where they had only had 146 deaths by ... read more
Our hotel Vancouver Island
Butchart Gardens
Floatplane tour - Victoria


North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler June 2nd 2013

Today we traveled to the site of the 2010 winter Olympics, Whistler, British Columbia. The 70 mile drive from Vancouver to Whistler was your typical mountain drive up & down hills around hairpin turns. Along the whole drive every mountain had snow on top. Whistler Olympic Village was a fun place to visit. Lots of interesting shops to see and explore. We wondered around the area to explore the mountain and a lake just outside the village. We even saw some bear tracks and poop. The locals say they come around all the time! On our way back to Vancouver we stopped at Shannon Falls which is a beautiful place. Horseshoe Bay is just north of Vancouver and is a very large boating community. There were several LARGE boats in the bay. The trip ended with ... read more
Horseshoe Bay 1
Horseshoe Bay 2
Horseshoe Bay 3

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler April 17th 2013

The end of the season is fast approaching, with Spring having well and truly sprung! Patches of grass are appearing at the base of Blackcomb mountain and the Pitch 'N' Putt can be seen now the snow has melted. Whistler Council is hard at work planting spring flowers and crocuses can be seen lining every walkway in all their purple, yellow and white glory. The temperatures continue to be mild, with sunshine lasting all day long. I had my final shift at work so now is the time to enjoy some spring snowboarding. The snow is less than optimum condition, but the beautiful 'bluebird' skies more than make up for it. The awe-inspiring views make for lazy board days and relaxed traversing down the runs. The number of holiday makers has dwindled and I have found ... read more
New set-up
View from the chair lift

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler March 24th 2013

Well it is the end of our trip to Whistler. Has it been good Yes and No. Yes as the snow when it came down was perfect and have never skied in so much powder. No because I have never been away and felt so awfully ill. Is Whistler all it is cracked out to be - this is a hard one to answer as the slopes are so wide and do not have a lot of skiers or snowboarders on so yes. However, you have to remember if you are coming here that it was purpose built for the Olympics and as such has no sole. I have met a great lady called Christine and have really enjoyed skiing with her through thick and thin. Christine is here for a few more days with her ... read more
Told you wide slopes with no one on
13cm snow fell - what a picture

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler March 18th 2013

Well I have completed 3 full days of skiing now and only landed on my backside around about half a dozen times. Mike decided to give it a rest yesterday as his legs were really aching and if you see the slopes in Whistler you know that is a good decision. I went right up the top yesterday and to be honest frightened myself half to death as it was high - all I could say is it felt like the mountain edge was calling me over - not pleasant at all. I chickened out and caught one of the gondolas part way down before I started skiing. We are both still coughing and sneezing which to be honest is taking the edge off this break but we are trying our best not to let it ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler March 13th 2013

So we arrive at the hotel 11.15pm local time (6.15 am English time) after a 2 hour transfer in a taxi and all I can say is I am absolutely knackered even after sleeping practically the whole flight. I think this cough is getting the better of me. So I wake at 3.30 am and Mike is not a happy chappy with me at all - how can I help it I have slept nearly 24hours! The hotel is fantastic and we have a room which overlooks the slopes it is an amazing sight. I can now see why the hotels boasts ski in ski out facilities. I think we are going to check out the hotel today and the surrounding area and get our ski pass ready for skiing tomorrow. Well we checked out the ... read more

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