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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver November 7th 2013

Plans today are to try and visit most of Chinatown and Gastown during the morning as this afternoon moving to Burnaby (30 minutes by train from Downtown) where my Airbnb is. I start to go direction Chinatown (always with my map now). I will get to see the house where Jimmy Hendrix used to visit his grandmother, go into interesting shops, such as a very nice tea shop and also a kind of market where you find all kind of Chinese strange things like insects and all the medicinal plants you can imagine (not for me !!). After I discover Gastown that is the old part of Vancouver, very nice. Loads of pubs, restaurants, nice little shops. Small houses and calm streets. Just look at the pictures and you’ll see the charm of it. As I ... read more
Jimmy Hendrix shrine
Market in Chinatown
Tea shop in Cinatwon

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver November 6th 2013

After a good night sleep, plans are today to go to Capilano Bridge (one of the main attractions in Vancouver) and in the afternoon go around Stanley Park. So buses leave every hour to Capilano Bridge, it's quarter to 10am, I decide to try and get the 10 o'clock bus. I grab my bag, get out of the hotel, turn right on the street and walk my way to Canada place (well that's what I thought !). After 15 minutes, I start to wonder if I'm going to right way. Decide to take out my map and can't get to know what way I'm going. Turning my map around and around, I then hear a nice man say "you looked lost", I was. I was actually totally the opposite way of where I was going and ... read more
Entry to Capilano Bridge
Suspension bridge
View from suspension bridge

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver November 5th 2013

Well I have 3 days to catch up, not going to be easy. Finally arrived in Vancouver at 12:05 pm exactly on November 5, Canada time. I'm totally exausted as I didn't get to sleep in the plane. Sitting next to a snoring women, the cute guy was at the end of the plane ! Typicall :) Anyway all went well, on my first flight from Paris to Frankfurt, I saw the most magnificent sunrise, sorry no pictures, next time I'll reminder to always have my camera on me ! lol Stars good, I see my luggage has also made the trip over to Vancouver ! Funny how you always get stressed while waiting for your bag, seeing all the others going round and round the travelator. Problems begin after. Something they didn't like when I ... read more
Vue from Skytrain 3
Vue from Skytrain
My bed

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver October 25th 2013

October 23, 2013 This morning I enjoyed a coffee and great conversation with the brother of my best and oldest friend. He’s been living out here for 8 years with his wife and 19-year-old son. I left feeling slightly envious that he gets to stay here after we’ve gone home. Still, the other part of me is looking forward to getting home again, seeing family and friends, not to mention our cat, not living out of a suitcase etc, etc (as well as my electric toothbrush! My teeth have missed you!). It’s a beautiful, cloudless day today and we feel incredibly grateful and privileged that we are able to enjoy our last days in this great city in such perfect, autumnal weather. (Either that or it will make it even harder to leave!). We drive out ... read more
On top of The Chief
A Foggy Vancouver
Climbing The Chief

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » Stanley Park October 24th 2013

October 22, 2013 Our final days in Vancouver. What to do that a) we haven’t already done or b) really want to do again? Steve and Sam head out on roller blades while Matthew and I stick to walking. The trees that line the downtown streets are gorgeous at the moment, especially the Japanese Maple with its beautiful, delicate red leaves. Matthew and I spend a while selecting a handful of samples before we meet up with Steve and Sam at the Mongolian BBQ on Denman for their fantastic lunch. How we’ll miss the delicious Mongolian BBQ! Our hunger well and truly sated with a huge bowl of stir-fry, small bowl of rice and one of soup, not forgetting the most delicious spring roll I’ve ever tasted (for just $7.95), we head off to the Vancouver ... read more
Jelly Invasion
Jelly Invasion


Just back at John's place in North Vancouver. Undercast the last two days. Big foggy foghorns thru the Vancouver night yet clear skies and days of sun on upper Lonsdale. Good to be back with solid John after his bein split from stem to stern. So much to learn about courage and determination and focus after such an invasion to the core. In two days i'll be inbound to Hilo, Hi. My very first visit there! Molly, Quitzma, Paxkal!! I'm coming! Imagining myself flying over the Pacific!!!!... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver October 18th 2013

Ok technically I rode the Moose bus, not an actual moose, but wow what a great time I had. On the 5th of September I set out on the Big West Tour from Vancouver to Whistler, through to Kelowna, Banff, Jasper and back to Kelowna and Vancouver. Moose Travel is setup for independent travellers, so the moose bus comes to pick you up and you join a group of other travellers, the bus driver is your tour guide and you have the option of hopping on and off at different places and being flexible about your own itinerary. Thursday 5th September The first leg of the trip, Vancouver to Whistler was driven by the lovely Dusty who bore a striking resemblance to Charlie Hunnam, which is never a bad thing. The route through to Whistler took ... read more
Whistler Summit
Drinking Games

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver October 3rd 2013

So, after being back home just over a year I have managed to save up enough cash to go on a second adventure. Arriving back home after the last travels was a bit of a struggle and reality really did kick in once I was back into the working routine. I knew I needed something to work towards so started planning the next trip, and here I am. Leaving Guernsey ended up being hassle free after the weather forecast threatened fog and I took off to London. I met up and spent the day with Daniella a friend I met away in Colombia and we hung out in the Richmond area which was nice. The following day I had my flight to Canada, which took the best part of 10hrs and with the time difference I ... read more
Stanley Park

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » North Vancouver September 20th 2013

September 17, 2013 – North Vancouver After a delicious breakfast of waffles (!) we all head out over Lions Gate Bridge and to Lynn Canyon Park, in particular the Suspension Bridge that hangs 50 metres above Lynn Creek, the height of a 15 story building. Originally people crossed over the creek on a log suspended above the canyon. Then, when the park opened in 1912, it was hoped the bridge would become a tourist attraction. Visitors paid 10 cents to cross the bridge. Today it’s free which makes it one of the few attractions to have dropped in price! And one of even fewer attractions around Vancouver that’s free! It also makes it a much better option than Capilano Suspension Bridge, which would cost our family over C$100 and be way more crowded to boot. We ... read more
New Growth on Old Growth
Lush Temperate Rainforest
The family

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver September 20th 2013

September 18, 2013 We negotiate the one ways and the “no turns between 8.23 and 10.04” (or whatever) and finally manage to pick my parents up outside their hotel just a few blocks away. Normally, to avoid the nightmare that is driving in downtown Vancouver, they’ve been walking to us but this morning we make the necessary exception as they have their luggage and struggling along busy pavements with 2 suitcases is obviously not an option. We head for a new destination for all of us, the Nitobe Japanese Gardens located in UBC at the very end of Kitsilano. It’s not expensive ($15 for the family) but is relatively small so it doesn’t take us very long to walk around, even allowing for all the photos we take. The gardens are considered to be one of ... read more
City skyline
My boys
Mum and the boys

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