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Important question asked by the Chris and Earl in NZ...what is a Gombey???? My brief description is they are colourful masked dancers, who dance and whirl to amazing drum beats. The history of the gombeys goes back to Africa and slave times. Now in bermuda they are a national icon and are awesome to watch and listen to...... Given that my creative writing skills are not the best (Brother Greg got that gene) I have enlisted the help of the internet to explain what a Gombey is.........enjoy the description below The Majesty and Mystery of the Gombeys The pulsing cadence of the drum reaches out and grabs you as it rushes out of the hinterland to run unfettered through the streets. And from around the bend, appearing as suddenly as midday apparitions, come the Gombeys, leaping ... read more
Gombey and the girls

Well, been a few weeks since I have added an here goes. The cricket...20/20 international classic was great. We watched the Aussies lose very convincingly to the West Indies. We sat with the rest of the aussie crowd, all in all about 30 of us in the stand. Once the game was over, Damien Flemming, Ray Bright and Ryan Cambell came to join us for a bit and signed some stuff (in my case a ball that I caught when a truck drove round throwing them to the crowd). We then saw Bermunda South Africa in the final. It was great the atmosphere was excellent Bermudians going crazy everywhere. South Africa won, but it was great to watch. The party afterwards was pretty good too. We drank and danced with some of the aussie cricketers ... read more
Some of the cricketers
Our piece of Australia
Best looking man in Bermuda

North America » Bermuda » North Shore Village April 23rd 2006

Well, last night was a blast!!! We decided that we had to go out for dinner, Erin, Mel, Kirsty, Ben and myself trotted off to the pub round the corner for a meal and a few drinks. A few others from the hospital joined us extending the circle of friends which is great. More ausies to hang with. There is now a whole bunch if us going to the cricket on the day of the final....can't wait. There was a street party last night in honour of the 20/20 cricket starting. It was pretty awesome. After dinner we walked around to it....Miss oblivious that I am, never knew that it was going on. They don't seem to advertise anything much in bermuda and if they do I always seem to miss it.... We meet a few ... read more

North America » Bermuda » Southampton April 21st 2006

The past seven years of living offshore, earning tax free income, enjoying hundreds of days of sunshine, and playing numerous sports from beach volleyball to good old Canadian ball hockey has come to an end. What an experience it has been. From the friends we have met, the professional experiences we have gained and the places we have traveled, we can’t imagine what life would be like without having had this Bermuda experience. Now that our stint in Bermuda is over, we are heading back to reality where poverty will be a common day occurrence, distances will seem farther than ever, traffic and pollution will be the norm and the sound of the ocean waves will be replaced with sirens, horns, and hawkers. Contrary to popular misconception, Bermuda is not a tropical paradise. You will not ... read more
Bermuda Beach & Coral
Castle Harbour from the Air
Bermuda Cathedral

North America » Bermuda » North Shore Village April 15th 2006

Happy easter everyone, The past couple of days here have been rainy and cold, not fun when you are walking home with groceries in brown paper bags and in t-shirts (erin and I both under prepared for rainy cold wheather....we're in bermuda for christ sake who would have thought we would get cold and wet....?). Work has been good, everyone is nice so far and I have managed to do a few cases and appear like I have it undercontrol which is always a bonus. Well public holiday for me today. I spent it at the botanical gardens with people from work watching them fly kites. It is tradition in Bermuda to fly kites and eat fish cakes on good friday so that is what we did. Erin and I have made friends with and indian ... read more
Easter Friday
Nice View


North America » Bermuda » North Shore Village April 9th 2006

greetings well am now in Bermuda, was a bit of an adventure getting here but finally I have arrived. The trip from Australia to La was good, we had a exit seat so we could move about a bit so the 14 hours weren't as painful as expected. Then LA to New York was good, but then they needed medical assistance so Erin and I went to help. They needed to give a lady and injection (chronic pain sufferer) but she had no documentation or orders with her, so we couldn't help, but we got a bottle of french champers for our trouble. Overnight in newyork, we were buggered and I made things worse by waking every 15 to blow my nose, not fun for Erin who had to put up with me interupting her sleep.... ... read more
Main street
cute street

North America » Bermuda » Southampton March 25th 2005

It's a holiday and I'm still working. :( But I did manage to sneak away for a couple of hours down to the beach to participate in one of Bermuda's traditions. Every Good Friday in Bermuda there is a tradition of kite flying, fish cakes and hot cross buns. Last night lots of kids worked hard to make kites to fly down on the beach. They're a unique shape, not the diamond shape that I'm used to seeing. Today I got lured into the hotel lobby with an infectious rhythmic drum beat, it was a troupe of traditional Gombey dancers. Their costumes were colourful and they danced around to the beat of snare drums (?) and whistles. Some of the locals told me that when the Gombey dancers start going through town, people just start to ... read more
Gombey Dancers 2
Gombey Dancers 3
Kite flying on Horseshoe Bay

North America » Bermuda » Southampton March 8th 2005

The forecast said afternoon expect showers and wind. So I got up early to see if I could get a jog along the beach just like in the movies. I managed to jog to the beach but the sand was hard to run on so I just walked an enjoyed the water and the sunrise. Just after lunch the grey clouds came and so did the rain. ... read more
High tide
SHP Golf course

North America » Bermuda » Southampton March 7th 2005

I finally got a chance to get out of the office and see a little bit of the sun. Yesterday was a big blur as I recovered from jetlag and tried to get my head wrapped around work. The sand really does have a bit of a pink tinge and it was so amazingly clean. The sand is really, really fine not the coarse stuff you see on Vancouver beaches. The sun is supposed to disappear tomorrow afternoon with gale force winds and small craft warnings. Oh well, back to the freezing cold server room. ... read more
Bermuda 2
Bunny on the rocks!

North America » Bermuda November 17th 2004

This is me in Bermuda. Anna Laura and I were there for almost 10 days. The sea was amazing clear and the reef provided hours of fun watching all the coloured fish and trying to avoid the jellyfish. AL was a bit of a nerd, and spent all the time at the seminars, but I managed to escape and retreat to the beach for most of the day!... read more

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