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Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman March 28th 2014

I have lived in the Middle East for almost two years now, but coming to Jordan is the first time I feel like I dove headfirst into Arabic culture. From start to finish. First was the plane ride from Doha. I was seated near the back of the plane wear a Qatari man was traveling with his hooded falcon. A falcon!! Not in a cage! Just chillin... Apparently he was $26,000 and one of only five falcons that can catch a certain type of bird, so he was going on a hunting trip to Jordan. Then we arrived at Queen Alia International Airport - not too shabby. But it was funny to see that the many lines for Jordanians far exceed the three small lines for all other nationalities - this is one of the first ... read more
Arabic Dinner with Friends
Downtown Amman
Queen Alia International Airport

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman February 15th 2014

Jordan – the rest. 12th february Yesterday we had a nice lie in as didn’t have to leave until 10am. Packed our cases and also had to make sure we had our day pack with suitable things in as we were going to stay for a night in Wadi Rum desert! So had to take lots of layers and our alcohol! 1st stop was this Bakery around the corner from our hotel in Wadi Masa (Silk road hotel). This bakery was incredible. They were making flat(pitta) bread by hand and there were so many delights, boths sweet and savory. I then nipped into a small shop for water and tried to pay with a 10 dinnar note – they don’t tend to hold much change and prefer dealing in 5 or 1 dinnar notes and change ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman December 22nd 2013

Amman is old and ancient, new and modern, alcohol free(ish) and totally intoxicating. But I am rushing ahead of myself,, so while Steven Seagull is busy killing whites in black leather on some wall paper movie, we'll cast our minds back to Saturday. A lovely morning with Merri and Adrian, brunch and a walk in the park before setting off in good time to the airport. Too early as it happens, I forgot about not being able to check in until three hours before the flight so had to hang around waiting for the gates to open for a while and then the rub. I'd booked the flight with Royal Jordanian which is a one world affiliate but they partner with Thai which is a star alliance affiliate so qantas wouldn't let me into the lounge ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash December 16th 2013

Greetings all happy travellers! This day started off kind off shaky as our private driver was delayed due to blocked roads. We decided to postpone the trip to Jerash for a few hours and started with the historical monuments in Amman instead. First we went to the theatres but they were closed so we decided to take the chance and went to the citadel instead and luckily it was open! The citadel was very nice and you could see remnants of many civilizations here. I especially liked the Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace Gate but everything here is well worth a closer look and if you're in Amman this is a must see! Located at the Citadel is also the Jordan Archaeological Museum, it is well organized and has quite a good collection of ... read more
Umayyad Palace Gate
Arch of Hadrian

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman December 15th 2013

Hello and good health to all you fellow travellers! Well, this trip is just full of surprises! This morning we made our way to the JETT Bus Station only to find out that the roads to Amman was still closed due to the snow. We was put on a list and told to return one and a half hour later. We then went and got some breakfast. On our way back a rather pushy taxi driver told us it was still closed and wanted to drive us to Petra instead. He was really obnoxious and we made our way back to the bus station anyway. The bus left as we had been told so we made the right decision. The bus took another route to Amman than the regular though which was a good thing. We ... read more
Al-Husseini Grand Mosque
The Souk in Al-Balad
Roman Theatre


Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman November 29th 2013

Salam aley kom!! Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is the official name of Israel's eastern neighbour country. In 1994 both countries signed a peace-treaty, therefore it's possible for people to cross the border from one of the three crossing points. Jordan uses the Jordanian Dinar as its currency, which has almost the same value as the Euro (1 JD = EUR 1,03 these days). The head of state is King Abdullah II. From Nazareth I took a bus towards the bordercrossing called "Sheikh Hussein". Nobody told me we'd change buses at the border. I left my big backpack on the bus when we got off in front of the Jordanian migration building and then I needed to go through a security check in another building. When I finished I couldn't find the bus! I got a bit ... read more
Red Sea, south of Aqaba; chilling on the beach (Egypt on the other side)
Wadi Rum desert during sunset
Amman; the Citadel and its Temple of Hercules

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash October 20th 2013

Kiss one to the left cheek, 3 to the right, embrace with both arms for a 2 to 10 second hug, back pat then release in one swift high five to seal the deal. If you so desire, try to hold hands with your male companion and swing them as you meander along the street in joy that you have been reunited at last. This is the authentic traditional Jordanian greeting amongst heterosexual males when they have not seen each other for quite some time. I wonder if this would catch on in NZ? Yeah, nah, too casual! And they call us kiwis friendly…… Day two of the G Adventures tour began early. Being that my lovely room mate Sally and I were both on skewed body clocks, we were awake before the first call to ... read more
2 kitschy hearts
My favourite, figs

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman October 15th 2013

Jordan map - trip route October 18 to 26th... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman October 15th 2013

DRIVE TO AMMAN - DAY 13 - FINAL DAY We left Petra and drove up the King’s Highway before merging on the Desert Highway to make our trip north to Amman, the capital of Jordan and prepare for the transfer to the Queen Alia International Airport. The highways followed the oldest continually used trading route in the world. Some interesting sites were seen along the route, but the overwhelming vistas were desert. About half way through the ride, we took a pit stop at the MidWay Castle, a restaurant and souvenir shop. As we approached Amman, our tour guide Madji explained quite a bit about Jordan’s role in the Mid-East political, economic and geographic situations, both currently and historically. Tour Director Matt, the best ever, commented on the Tauck experience and summarized the events of our ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash October 15th 2013

October 15, 2013 Having wrapped up our hang in Aqaba it was time to get back to Amman, we still had Jerash and the Dead Sea to check out before we left for Greece in a couple of days...hopped the local bus and made it back mid-afternoon, enough time to organize the next day's travels... Settled with a driver who would take us first to Jerash, let us explore for the morning and then drive us through the Jordan Valley to see the Dead Sea in the afternoon...we had chatted with a couple of tour companies who were reluctant to combine these two destinations, telling us that the driver would have to backtrack through Amman to get to the Dead Sea from Jerash and that it would take too long...this is nonsense, if you go and ... read more
Hadrian's Arch II
All the world's a stage...
Outside the Hippodrome

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