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Middle East » Israel » North District » Beit She'an January 26th 2012

I normally consider myself a hippy. I wear flowing, brightly colored clothing; I rarely shower or brush my hair; I give free hugs, and preach peace and love. But, when I’m in the presence of true hippies, it’s easy to see that I’m a different sort of hippy – one that shaves my armpits (even if it’s only once a week). This week, I joined a group of hairy-pitted, bare-footed, patchouli-scented hippies in a trek across northern Israel. I heard about Wander Gatherers through a CS host and the idea instantly appealed to me. As I understood it, we were to wander through the wilderness for four days with nothing more than water and a sleeping bag, in search of whatever food Mother Nature had to offer. Cameras, phones, watches, and technological advances beyond a butter ... read more

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