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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 23rd 2014

12/07/13 - 18/07/13 So as I left off in the last post I had got back to Barcelona airport and was after a flight back to London. Not an issue to find but I wasn't expecting it to cost me almost €200. So I took what I could get and soon found myself back in the land of the queen and warm beer at Gatwick Airport. My main issue was I had no accommodation booked for this night, I had it starting the following night. I assumed I'd be able to just get a bed in the hostel I was booked into the next night, but I didn't count on one thing, the Rolling Stones were playing in Hyde Park. So a bed was much harder to come by then I thought. I tried the hostel ... read more
Trafalgar Square
Changing of the Guard
Walkabout Temple

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 18th 2014

26/06/2013 - 03/07/2013 So after months of planning the day had finally come that I would fly halfway across to world to take on Europe by myself. So after watching State of Origin game 2 at the airport, (Another Queensland Victory) I boarded a Singapore airlines flight to London. I landed at Heathrow airport around 3pm on Thursday 27 June. And after wandering around found the tube which I hoped would take me close to my hostel. After a short ride on the tube I got off at Gloucester Road Station and after short stroll found my hostel. My home for the first 7 days of my adventure was the Astor Hostel Hyde Park. Built in old town house (older than Australia, the USA and Canada.) it was a pleasant place to stay, however the 80 ... read more
Namco Bar
London Eye
Big Ben

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 16th 2014

It's 2:45pm local time on Wednesday. We're at the Heathrow Airport waiting for our next flight to Brussels, which won't be for an hour or so. I got 45 minutes free wifi at Heathrow, so am posting a brief blog. Going through security at the Phoenix Airport was a breeze. Going through security here much more stringent and takes a lot longer. Both Zee and I forgot to dump the water from our water bottles, so that took some time to resolve. Duh! What pain. Flight over on British Airways went well. We had upgraded to Economy Plus, which makes a big difference in that the seats are wider and there is more leg room. Dinner was tasty, as was the wine. We both managed to get some sleep, and the flight wasn't crowded at all. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 15th 2014

Here's to the start of my travel blog! Never done one of these before so thought I'd get to grips with it before travelling to the other side of the world... and those of you with any interest in what I may be up to can have a nosey.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 14th 2014

Ahhhhhh. I've never been to the London Zoo and decided today would be the day. It didn't disappoint :) I got to see a lot of animals you don't always get to see at a zoo. Anteaters are ginormous... I knew they were big but I didn't think that large. Same with these African porcupines... they were the size of a large dog. Ooooh and coaties (so spelling that wrong) are adorable. I have to say it's pretty glorious going to a zoo with the new camera. I got a ton of lovely shots of the usual - penguins, cheetahs, meerkats, giraffes etc. The lions and tigers were snoozing both times I went over. Oh well. Their male pygmy hippo is named Thug. That is pretty great. Their gibbons were singing in the morning - I ... read more


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 14th 2014

We activated our London passes on Thursday, July 10th. We started our day with an attempt to make it to a 10:30 canal tour from Little Venice to Camden. Unfortunately, we left a bit too late, so we ended up turning around and heading to South Kensington. We got tickets for a 1:00 tour of the Royal Albert Concert Hall, and in the time before the tour we were able to go over to Kensington Palace. Kensington Palace is beautiful, with reproductions of what the King and Queen's State Apartments would have looked like in the 17th and 18th centuries, examples of more modern fashion, with dresses from Queen Elizabeth,  Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana, and an exhibit on Queen Victoria. We finished viewing everything at Kensington Palace and made it back to Royal Albert Hall ... read more
Rebecca Royal Albert
Max in park
Max in Kensington Palace

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 13th 2014

So, after all my complaints I actually met a really nice guy last night - we ended up chatting pretty late (we figured couldn’t sleep anyway because the music from down in the bar was so loud) and we ended up chatting quite a bit this morning too over breakfast. He’s moved to London from Portugal and just got a job, but is living in hostels for the time being as he tries to find somewhere that doesn’t cost a fortune. I feel for him - so expensive here. We talked all about our travels though - he’s been all over the UK, but also the US so we swapped stories of our fav places and such. We somehow got into a political discussion about immigration as well haha, I’m good at doing that apparently. Anyway, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 12th 2014

We're now in London! And I'm eating Cadbury chocolate (yum). On our last full day in Iceland, we bought 24 hour Reykjavik Welcome Cards, which gave us free access to buses, geothermal spas, and various museums. We started the day by taking a ferry to Videy Island to see the Imagine Peace Tower. The weather was beautiful that day, and we enjoyed walking on the paths and grass around the Island. After heading back to Reykjavik, we went to the Reykjavik Settlement Museum and the National Museum of Iceland. That night, we relaxed in geothermal pools a few blocks away from where we were staying. On Monday, we flew to London. We were hoping that someone on Couchsurfing would be able to host us, but everyone (at least as of now) has been busy or hosting ... read more
Max on Videy Island
Max in front of Imagine Peace
Rebecca in front of Imagine Peace

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 12th 2014

Ok, so today was one of the day’s I was pretty much counting down to for my entire trip - I went to see Richard III (with Martin Freeman in it). It lived up to expectations, but more about that later. I had to switch hostels today so I took care of that in the morning, lugging my damn bag to the next place. The problem with buying a bunch of new clothes in London is of course then being stuck carrying them around with you the rest of the trip. It’s an ok problem to have ;) The DLR trip was funny - I overheard a great conversation that truly speaks to London. A bunch of late 20 something year olds were having a heated discussion re: Thor 2 and how they 100% messed up ... read more
Waterloo Bridge
Lodon Eye
Italian Garden @ Hyde Park

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 12th 2014

Day 26 - Behind the scenes Today was dedicated to a tour of the Warner Brothers Studio where they made the Harry Potter Movies. We snagged some tickets and transportation from London even after the direct sales were sold out. The tour was set up so that you progressed from the indoor sets through some props and special effects, past the outdoor sets (and the Butterbeer), through the creature shop, by the models and out through the gift shop. They estimate 3 hours for the tour but we could have spent all day there. We also had a audio guide that gave a bunch more information as we went along. Anne's favorite part was seeing all the details worked into the sets. Michelle really enjoyed the creature shop where we saw the Monster Book of Monsters, ... read more
Not just any bus,
We've arrived

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