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May 20th 2007
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Mountains in InterlakenMountains in InterlakenMountains in Interlaken

These Clouds Seemed to Cover the Mountain, Like a Blanket Protecting the Snow From the Hot Sun
For our 6 night stay in Switzerland we were based in Bern, the nation's small capital. This was a convenient place to stay, as it is located close to other places we visited on day trips. We pretty much loved everything about switzerland including the people, lakes, mountains, towns, cities, and of course the chocolate!

Usually a country has some nice places and some not so nice ones, so it was amazing that wherever we went in Switzerland we always though "Wow! This place is beautiful", or something along those lines. Because of this we don't really have a highlight, or a favourie place- it was all great!

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Arriving in SwitzerlandArriving in Switzerland
Arriving in Switzerland

Already we could see that the country side was incredibly beautiful, but we were a bit worried about the weather!
Our RoomOur Room
Our Room

Like in Munich, we didn't want to put up our tent because it was raining. Luckily we snagged their last cabbin. Thankfully, it was really good value too!
Brilliant BernBrilliant Bern
Brilliant Bern

The old district in Bern had easily the nicest streets we'd seen anywhere in Europe.
More BernMore Bern
More Bern

We knew the Swiss countryside would be nice, but we weren't expecting the cities to be this nice too!
Flags in BernFlags in Bern
Flags in Bern

The flagged streets are uniquely Swiss and as you can see, they made the streets much brighter and even more interesting.
Bern Had Many Interesting Statues Bern Had Many Interesting Statues
Bern Had Many Interesting Statues

This was easily the best. A giant eating children.... What the?
And of Course, Being Switzerland....And of Course, Being Switzerland....
And of Course, Being Switzerland....

...there had to be clocks!
Bern's Cool New Train StationBern's Cool New Train Station
Bern's Cool New Train Station

We took day trips to other Swiss cities and towns almost every day we spent in Switzerland, because the train system was very efficient and the country is really compact. This day we went to Geneva.
"No Alicia. This Room is For Children""No Alicia. This Room is For Children"
"No Alicia. This Room is For Children"

A playground on a train. Who would have thought!
Mmm... French BaguetteMmm... French Baguette
Mmm... French Baguette

The first thing we bought when we arrived in Geneva! Oh how we missed delicious French baguettes!
Interesting StatueInteresting Statue
Interesting Statue

Outside the Geneva UN headquaters, where we did a tour of the complex.
Donging the Gong!Donging the Gong!
Donging the Gong!

Also Outside the UN complex. This gong was a gift from Japan.
Standard UN Confrence RoomStandard UN Confrence Room
Standard UN Confrence Room

There are about 45 rooms like this in the complex, and over 9,000 meetings take place each year!
Inside, the Hallways Are Lined With Art From Around the WorldInside, the Hallways Are Lined With Art From Around the World
Inside, the Hallways Are Lined With Art From Around the World

The painting of the temple in the middle has a pathway which follows the viewer around the room, so it always looks like you are looking directly up the path towards the temple.

15th June 2007

How you goin alicia its matt your cousin just been reading your blog and lookin at all your photos. It looks like you are having a great time :) which is good to see. Just thought I would say hello and hope you can enjoy the rest of your journey. Will probley see you later in the year. Matt

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