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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona March 24th 2014

We don't often go into Barcelona just to be tourists for the day. There's normally some administrative task to get out of the way or some shopping to be done, or maybe simply a trip to the cinema to watch a film in English, but this visit was purely for the sake of being tourists! The main reason was a discount voucher. Recently we had been to the cinema at Arenys de Mar where we had picked up a discount voucher of €4 per person for the Barcelona aquarium thanks to MacDonalds (not that we ate there!). With a hefty cost of €20 per person at full price, we thought it was worth a special trip. First we made our way to Drassanes metro station where we popped into the Barcelona Maritime Museum to see what ... read more
Gaudi House
An old wooden submarine

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » La Rambla March 1st 2014

When I returned to Barcelona it was time to change my living situation. I liked to mix it up especially in this diverse environment and feel the different energies. Now better because I skinned down and began to travel lighter with only a small pack. I found a hotel closer to the sea and in the old part of town called the Gothic quarter. Back in the day they had built fortress walls to surround the city and protect its inhabitants. The streets here were super narrow and one would brush shoulders with strangers. There walking was the way to move or on a small bicycle. I would weave and wander through the meticulously beautiful stone mazes of ancient Catalan culture. The midsummer heat and humidity blazed me forward to tapas and or other tantalizing tantric ... read more
So many choices!

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » La Rambla February 24th 2014

A part of me died in Paris. I left it at the Louvre. I saw so much pain, love and struggle in the magnificent art that it had reverberated and grown within me. The beauty and darkness had become a part of me. In its catharsis the artists had toppled my walls and shared with me the raw power of creation. And then I had left that relationship inside the chambers of the Louvre. I visited another famous cemetery, Montparnasse where I paid homage to more fallen artists such as Samuel Beckett and Jean-Paul Sartre, on the way out of the city of lights and had a final delicious lunch. I was heavy. I was overwhelmed with the struggle of the artists and the sensitivity of the passions that had driven to the creation of such ... read more
Santa Lucia & Me
Girls Crazy City & Gaudi
El Catedral

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » La Rambla February 17th 2014

When the Spanish, female, paramilitary officer grabbed the man's i-Phone out of his hand I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The Chinese man protested that he had just taken a picture, with the i-Phone, of his family at the airport departure gate. The policewoman began viewing and deleting pictures from the man's phone as he looked on in bewilderment. When he tried to take his property back the woman told him; "I am the police. You must do what I say." Oh Really? Welcome to the new and 'improved' Catalonia, Spain. We had arrived in Barcelona the night before and were supposed to be flying out the next day to Saigon via Moscow on Aeroflot Airlines. The first thing I noted when we arrived in Barcelona's city center were the large numbers of government security ... read more
Spanish Aeroflot Manager
Our Plane
Aeroflot Russian Manager

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » La Rambla February 11th 2014

Dear Folks: We arrived in Barcelona, Spain this eve. BE ADVISED!!!!! A hacker gained access to our e-mail address and password whilst we were in Morocco. If you receive an e-mail from Noahsdad with a Google Document attachment DO NOT try to open it. It will abscond with your e-mail contact list which will be sold to a Spammer. There is no evidence (according to numerous technical Blogs which have addressed this problem since 2012) that opening the attachment will lead to anything more than loss of your contact file however; Who wants that! If you have attempted to open the attachment your best course of action is to change your e-mail service password to preclude another episode. We apologize to anybody who has been a victim of this scam. It happens but this is the ... read more
Empty Airport
Candy Market


Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona January 31st 2014

Love Barcelona. People are kind, courteous and proud of their city. Shop keepers are always sweeping outside their stores. We saw lots of people with dogs and never saw poop on the streets (unlike Paris where you must be on the look out) We were warned repeatedly about pickpockets but never saw any evidence of this. We always felt safe walking the streets.... read more
Relaxing at Starbucks

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona January 30th 2014

This was our favorite museum in Barcelona. Joan Miró i Ferrà(April 20,1893 – December 25,1983) was a world renowned Spanish Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramist who was born in the sea port city of Barcelona. Miro was the son of a watchmaking father and a goldsmith mother, he was exposed to the arts from a very young age. There have been some drawings recovered by Miro dating to 1901, when he was only 8 years old. Miro enrolled at the School of Industrial and Fine Arts in Barcelona until 1910; during his attendance he was taught by Modest Urgell and Josep Pascó. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona January 30th 2014

Again the Mercer Hotel recommended this restaurant for tapas, (also friends from home.) So delicious we are going again tomorrow before we head to airport. Update: Yes we went the following day for more tapas. Just as delicious.... read more
Bread for ham

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona January 29th 2014

The Collection at the Museu Picasso in Barcelona has gradually taken shape over the years mainly as a result of the major donations by Picasso and Jaume Sabartés, but also thanks to generous acts by private collectors and the artist’s heirs, as well as valuable acquisitions by Barcelona City Council. The Collection is built on two main pillars: works from Picasso’s youth and formative years, and theLas Meninas series from 1957. As a result, the Museu Picasso is the only place where the artist’s work from his formative years can be studied at a single centre, and it is the only place to have a complete series of works from the 1950s and 1960s showing Picasso’s interpretations of works by other artists. The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is a key reference for ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona January 29th 2014

Gaudi was ahead of his time. Another cool building. Casa Milà, popularly known as ‘La Pedrera’, is a most unusual building, constructed between 1906 and 1912 by the architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926) and declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1984. Today it is the headquarters of Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera and houses a cultural centre that is a reference point in Barcelona for the range of activities it organizes and the different spaces for exhibitions and other public uses it contains. La Pedrera today is a beacon shining with creation and knowledge, a great container full of content, which has a crucial role to play in the transformation of society and commitment to the people.... read more
On the roof
On the roof

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