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Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza » Nuevalos February 20th 2014

So it is official. A month ago from this date we moved here. And we have survived. YAY! Also we all got our course work results from last semester and we all passed all three of our essays. Another YAY! So this week has been the week where we have finalised all of our classes and finally sorted placement! It took us all a long time to get everything finalised because our co-ordinator here is all over the place. She is the definition of being 'flaky'. However, we began on Tuesday and it has been one of our best weeks so far. We are finally beginning what we came here to do! So it was an early morning on Tuesday which our bodies have not been used to. The alarm went off and we all crept ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza February 9th 2014

Well this blog is going to be a long one consisting of the events that have taken place in my time here in Zaragoza so far that the others haven't mentioned! Before I came here I hadn't really experienced different cultural foods, been interested in sight seeing or walking the "felt like" hundreds of miles to wherever we were going. However, I have had many "first times" in the three weeks of being here! First time I.... Ate smoked salmon, drank ice tea, ate proper Spanish tapas (which I really didn't enjoy, but hey! I tried), ate parmaham, cooked my own "big" meal for 4, ate mango, .... and there are many more that Nadine has written down in her notebook! I'm not used to trying new things and I am slowly getting there and the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza » Nuevalos February 8th 2014

Well this post was supposed to go into depth detail about how starting University in Spain went ... I wish I could tell you about all the lectures we went to but the fact is we are yet to be enrolled to the University of Zaragoza. Although it's not like we did not try! We met up on numerous occasions with our coordinator this week and we are awaiting a response with our timetables hopefully attached! Next week there should be more to share on the University front but in the meantime I will let you know what else we have been up to. Wednesday evening was the Welcome Meeting for all the new ERASMUS students. The whole presentation was in Spanish with an English at times PowerPoint in the background, this meant we understood about ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza » Nuevalos February 8th 2014

As I still don't have the hang of this blogging here's the pictures to go with the first week of uni post ..... read more
Nadine and Laura
Donut shop we stumbled upon ..
Hangover Chorizo Nachoes

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza » Nuevalos February 2nd 2014

Hello all! So after two weeks of settling in we have finally got round to making our blog. It has been a busy couple of weeks and we have finally managed to settle in to our new home for six months. Our first week was spent rushing around trying to get our lives organised. We arrived in Zaragoza after travelling for almost 12 hours looking like the walking dead but we were excited to finally be here. We got a taxi to the hotel then crawled into our beds for the next 12 hours and were fully ready for our first full day in Zaragoza. We woke up and got ready to go to the letting agents to look for flats. We walked to along all the small city streets with the most amazing smell of ... read more
Windy at the top!
Living somewhere with a palm tree


Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza » Nuevalos February 2nd 2014

So as some of you may know I am an extremely clumsy person and this seems to be no different in Zaragoza. Unfortunately. On our first day of exploring Zaragoza we went to get some coffee and fresh pastries. Walking down the street, chocolate croissant in hand embracing the Spanish lifestyle, my clumsiness exceeded me. During this wonderful chocolate croissant moment little did I notice the homeless man begging for money which led to me kicking over his money. Automatically becoming one of the worst moments of my life I began to apologise, in English of course. When I realised he had no idea what I was saying I said sorry in Spanish and quickly left the staring crowd head hanging in shame. The next day we met up with our buddies who were taking us ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon August 27th 2013

We started in Barcelona for our 2013 trip to hike portions of Aragon's GR11 and GR11.1 trails in the Spanish Pyrenees. In 2012 we had concentrated on the GR 11 in Cataluna, so we started further west on this trip. The hike was set up with some buffer in case of bad weather, illness, etc. In the end, that was a good plan. We started in the Pyrenees in the Val d'Echo and ended in Torla, staying at refugios and hotels. Our trip was at the end of the season, so most refugios were not crowded. Beware, going high season would be a very different experience. We made reservations at all refugios, which guaranteed a spot, but reduced flexibility. Most high Pyrenees refugios close at the end of September, and most require payment in cash. The ... read more
The Banys Oriental Hotel
Gaudi's Studio in Parc Guell
Barcelona from the Museo Militar

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca June 24th 2013

JACA TO BERTS After the obligatory photo of all the bikes lined up we were ready to go. Our route today was going to take us up into the Pyrenees and then back down through Lleida and on to a small town/village called Ginestar where we were going to spend the night. From jaca we took the road towards Sabaniego and then turned up to Bielcas, from there the road curved and twisted passing through Boltanna until we got to Ainsa. This was a route that I had taken the previous year. It did not defraud and provided some of the best roads since we left Santander. The route is a mixture of mountain twistys and Alpine like serpentine curves. We stopped in Ainsa to refuel and then headed down the A138 towards Lleida. This is ... read more
Parked up for the night
Hard life
Great food

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza May 12th 2013

Zaragoza was a city that we hadn't really given much thought to. Students seem to say that it's ok but, unless you're from there, nobody particularly seemed to care. Fellow teachers, however, raved about it. Who were we to pass off the opportunity to go and see for ourselves. As has been our routine, we opted for the comfort of an NH Hotel. There are several to choose from in the city but the cheapest option was the NH Sport. Finding it was a bit of a pain because of the maze of one way streets and the scarcity of parking spaces. Eventually we checked in and had a rest before going out exploring. This was a city we fell in love with straight away. Getting to the old town was easy enough and, if you ... read more
Chocolate Factory
Bull Ring
Aljafería Palace

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza May 11th 2013

It was another grey weekend in Pamplona, but the weather forecast suggested that just under two hours away in the car, we might find some sunshine. So we headed off to Zaragoza and, sure enough, just as we were getting close, the clouds broke up and we were left with a beautiful blue sky. About 50km Southeast of Zaragoza is the sad sight of the crumbling remains of Belchite. To get there we drove through spartan countryside on one of the straightest roads we have ever seen. The ruins of the cathedral loomed large in the distance and helped us get our bearings. Not really knowing where we were heading, we went through the new town and parked up out side the ruins of the old town. It seems that once upon a time wandering idly ... read more
Ruins of Belchite
Ruins of Belchite
Ruins of Belchite

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