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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov August 14th 2013

V okolí Brašova sa nachádza pár pekných hradov (minimálne dva), ktoré sme sa v tento deň rozhodli navštíviť. Prvá zástavka bola hrad Bran. Tento hrad je veľkou turistickou atrakciou a každý kdo navštívi Brašov je povinný navštíviť aj tento hrad. Hradu sa prezýva "drákulov" hrad a to aj napriek tomu, že Vlad Tepeš (ktorý mal byť akože drákula, ale aj toto bolo len dodatočne vymyslené) tu nikdy nebýval a nič s týmto hradom nemal spoločné. V každom prípade miestne obyvateľstvo si zvolilo tento spôsob prezentáciu hradu a lákania návštevníkov. O tomto svedčilo aj plno stánkov v podhradí s rôznymi drákulovskými motívmi a tiež strašidelný drákulov dom (tam nás ani nenapadlo ísť). Mne sa hrad páčil kvôli samotnému hradu. Zariadený veľmi nebol ale bolo tam kopu malých chodbičiek a izbičiek medzi ktorými sa dalo prechádzať... read more
hrad Bran
hrad Bran
hrad Bran

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov August 13th 2013

Ráno konečne v Rumunsku. Krajina z okna vlaku vyzerala podobne ako naša - polia, lesy a občas dedinka. Drobné rozdiely tu však boli - veľa domčekov nebolo až tak úplne omietnutých a dokončených, na cestách bolo občas vidieť konský povoz a koníky tiež pomáhali orať polia. Vo vlaku sme sa zoznámili s Natanielom, teda hlavne Stánik a tak spolu vypili nejaké pivá a šampanské. Ale aspoň nám cesta rýchlejšie utiekla. Do Brašova sme prišli so skvelým, asi len hodinovým meškaním. Po menšom blúdení, kedy si vlastne nikdo z miestnych nebol istý ktorým že to smerom je naša ulica sa nám nakoniec podarilo naše ubytovanie nájsť. Bývali sme u babičky, ale jej syn rozprával anglicky a tak sme sa nakoniec dohodli a a dozvedeli pár potrebných informácií. Syn sa volal Eugen a za všetko sa ospravedlňoval - ... read more
niekde na ceste do Brašova
niekde na ceste do Brašova
niekde na ceste do Brašova

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Bran August 9th 2013

We woke to find Woolly ready for the day with garlic round his neck and a sirloin under his crossed paws, not quite sure that he understands bless him. Woolly says – Ian gave me a sirloin steak last night but I’m not sure how I’m supposed to drive it through a vampire’s heart? Anyway, I was prepared for anything and after numerous cups of tea and coffee I finally got Jo and Ian moving. The sun was out and it was already pretty hot so grabbing bottles of water – not sure if they were holy or not – we headed towards Bran Castle. Started in 1212 the castle has had a chequered history with residents including Vlad the Impaler and Her Royal Highness Queen Marie of Romania. It is most famous though through Bram ... read more
Entering Bran Castle
Are there Vampires down there

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Bran August 8th 2013

We were all sad to leave Eldorado camping, a lovely site with great facilities including use of the lake and the pool all for under £10.00 GBP. Setting out we knew it was going to be a long drive and with Woolly clutching his bulb of garlic we were off. Woolly says – it’s better to be safe than sorry I say, we’re in Dracula country and getting ever closer to his lair. Once the city was behind us Ollie was in his element racing along the roads with very little traffic to annoy him. The scenery was ever changing and as we wound round each corner we were met with ever more spectacular views. The towns continued to fascinate us and I set Jo a challenge of taking a picture of the many horse and ... read more
Mountain Views
Finally got the pic
Please get more Garlic

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov June 23rd 2013

There were more “lucky” eggs in the morning, before our date with the big city. Brasov is the metropolis of Transylvania, but looked smaller than the 225,000 quoted population. It has had a mixed past. Kronstadt as it was known in German, it became Orasul Stalin for a spell in the 1950’s before the local Communist crew decided they could do without the Russians. The Huntsman ignored a very attractive gold dome church in the distance as we reached the outskirts of Brasov, before making his 1st stop at a more Saxon religious venue. The original German church had no striking architectural features of note, but the graves in the yard had plenty of Fritzs and Hermans interned in them. There were some with pictures of the “inhabitants”, one of which bore a striking resemble to ... read more
Top Dog


Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov June 22nd 2013

After the late night Sneezy birthday party, it was another fairly early start. We were fortified with eggs for breakfast. They weren’t just any old eggs, though. Huntsman branded them Lucky Eggs. Will they ever catch on at Morrisons? The local transport theme would continue today. Yesterday, local bus – today horse and cart. Well, 2 horses and cart to be precise. The cart had the engineering hallmarks of building a boagy when we were kids, except that it didn’t use the base of a pram. The suspension was at best suspect or perhaps non- existent. The idea of sitting at the back seemed to make sense from a photography point of view, but being right on the back axle made it hard going to say the least. The horses looked in fairly good condition. We ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Bran June 21st 2013

The jury was still out on Romania after the 2010 trip to Bucharest. As described in Red Dogs & Englishmen and the very worthwhile book on all things football in Eastern Europe, Romania is not a very easy country to like - a cross between the appalling and the appealing. The five days in Bucharest elevated it’s status in our minds, so we thought we’d give it another go for the "special occasion". There would be no football this time anyway to bring us into contact with the less sophisticated members of society and the Henri Coanda Airport at Otopeni is a step up in class from the less than luxurious cousin down the road at Banesa. The EU funds had been well spent and the bag pick up was swift and efficient. Terminal 4 had ... read more
Bran Castle

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov June 19th 2013

When I arrived in Bucharest Romania, I started asking locals what to see in Romania. I asked the landlord of the furnished 1 bedroom apartment I rented on She gave me the name of Brasov and Sibiu. Then a few others I met confirmed Brasov and Sibiu and added Sighisoara. Another mentioned Dracula’s Castle, and added that the idea of Vampires is not known in Romania. Historically, Romanians did not create the myth of Vampires, but they are happy to have us import our tourist dollars, pounds, and euros, to celebrate the myth. That probably means there are no Vampires, kids. You really thought that an extraordinarily strong character that throws people through the air like rag dolls, sucks your blood out of your neck with sharp teeth, and leaves you for dead, with bite ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Bran June 16th 2013

We probably should have had another day for sightseeing in Bucharest as there were some places we didn’t get to but we don’t think we could have put up with the excuse for a bed that we had at Hotel Ancor.The room was large and all the other facilities were excellent but the bed was a shocker with absolutely no give in it. Upon inspection we discovered it was in reality a bed base and a thin topper pad made from material which gave hardly any softness to the surface we slept on. The bed was voted ‘first equal worst’ with the one we had in Sarajevo and will be reported as such in our Trip Advisor review. We should have complained after the first night and so it was really our own fault to put ... read more
Period furniture from inside the castle
A very solid writing table
The secret passage

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov September 30th 2012

One final day together started early and ended late! Sandwiches and Gheorghe's tomatoes for breakfast in the van for our first 3 hour stint on the bus to Brasov! Suitcases loaded in the back by Niku - our driver for the entire trip -- he raced us across Romania to Brasov - a lovely city with tons of history, with many buildings dating to the 1400s (including the Black church – one of the few of German Lutheran decent). We spent a couple hours taking a walking tour (lots of hills) and did some shopping before lunch -- one last chance for pizza (and cabbage rolls for a couple of us). After lunch, we grabbed some cash at the local ING Bank and headed for Bran and the every famous Dracula’s castle! As we approached Bran ... read more

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