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Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Breda January 24th 2011

Made an embarrassingly stupid mistake this morning- woke up bright an early with plenty of time before uni. I leisurely cycled in for our presentations only to find everyone had already long started. I was surprised my tutor was unimpressed to see me arrive supposedly late- I thought five minutes early wasn't that bad. Until I later discovered that when a student told me class would start half twelve, this meant twelve minus thirty and not half 'past' twelve?! I know I won't make this same mistake again! I was glad to be able to listen to several presentations before mine, so I could apply some of their feedback to my presentation. It was inspiring to see the variety of student's practice and approaches on this project. I chose to play an audio of a couple ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Den Bosch January 22nd 2011

This morning I took the double decker train to Den Bosch. It cost me 20 euros for a return with my bike on the train as well! I went to meet Matt from NUCA to see how his Eramsus experience is going so far. So we arranged to meet at the golden eagle, which was infact a golden dragon! It was jokes seeing Matt get on a bike after he said he hadn't cycled since he was 10 years old! He did really well and we cycled into the town centre towards the busy market. Den Bosch is a beautiful town full of old rickety streets and more typical Dutch buildings. We bought stroopwafel en eierkoek! After seeing his accomodation, Matt showed me his campus where he studies. It looks like a warehouse but then there's ... read more
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Art gallery

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Breda January 20th 2011

Last night I was invited to Vera and Judith's house for diner. I met some of their friends and heard the latest boy drama. I had a tour of their student house which had a bizarre open bath as you climb upstairs and major leaks in the shower?! We played some Mario carts at which I came last everytime... then later we cycled back into town to watch the football. We had some drinks at Studio Dependance and were going to get and dance when one of the girls accidently spilt everyone's drinks and immediately lost the spirit and enthusiasm. As we were about to head home our separate ways, we bumped into one of their friends and were welcomed to see his newly decorated and refurbished house- what a great job! After some laughs there ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Breda January 17th 2011

It was really lovely meeting up with Ron, a family friend who also lives in Breda and who told me of all the good places to out in Breda at night! Today I had an introduction to the minor in Scenography after meeting my peers and tutors. The module sounds very exciting and has got me very inspired! I was amazed by just how much I could follow what was being said to me in Dutch. The brief is 'Whodunit' so we're asked to research optical illusions and narrative. We have to develop a publicity plan, with sketches, maquettes and planning to final. The tutors would like us to reach out of our comfort zone and create a new identity in which we will present ourselves- this will be the first step to 'things no longer ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Breda January 16th 2011

The appartment was full of boys this morning after a houseparty in Tilburg- sounded like fun but I only very briefly spoke to them. Wondered round town to find everything shut on a Sunday, unlike back home. So I wondered what everyone does in their weekend. I took the bike out for a ride out of the city and it appears most people take up a sport or do something moderately active or just generaly spend time outdoors. Soon as I got back in town it had got busier and found people out drinking in bars and cafes, socialising. Tonight I am going to meet up with a family friend for a drink. ... read more
Military accomodation opposite
View from the roof balcony
Grote kerk


Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Breda January 15th 2011

Last night I received a message from Hannah who comes from Manchester and will also be studying at Avans St Joost. We met up today by the Grote Kerk and found a cafe selling limburgse vlaai. Hannah wanted to visit Breda's Museum which brought back memories of my A level History of Art. From religious iconography to portraits, landscapes and still life oil paintings, I suddenly realised how much I've moved on from all of that history to more contextuals and critical studies. I couldn't see much further than the skill and craftsmanship in these works, but it did bring about discussion on art and how much of it is accurate evidence of history or mainly just people's interpretations. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Breda January 14th 2011

Roamed around the center of Breda today to familiarise myself with the place. Beautiful people and old buildings everywhere! The Dutch like their trendy fashion, quality leather shoes, home interiors and prove to be a very child-centred society! I couldn't resist walking into those amazing toy shops with all the colourful wooden toys- it brings back happy memories. I wondered some distance out of town and came across a biologisch eet winkel where I bought my fruit and veg before heading back home. Now listening to Dutch tv in the background...... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Breda January 13th 2011

Had a lay in this morning then went out in town to explore. Everyone seems to be busy working and studying hard so I visited the Graphic Design Museum in the hope that it would inspire me for the collaborative Font project back home. Oh and no museum is free entry here. There was a permanent exhibition on 100 years of Dutch Graphic Design and a temporary exhibition titled 'Uncovering Women' showing the development of women's magazines. It covered issues from the conservative ideal roles of women in housekeeping to their rebellion and change of image through feminism. It was interesting and I did spend a fair bit of time there but I couldn't see how I would relate any of this research into my own work. Afterwards I went to the public bibliotek which was ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Breda January 11th 2011

After having watched the French film, L'auberge Espagnol, I decided I wanted to go on an Erasmus exchange! I chose Breda as my first choice of study because I would like to improve my Dutch language skills and experience living the Dutch culture, indulging in Dutch traditions from cycling, ice-skating, panekoeken, carnival, tulip fields etc. Holland also houses my most inspirational fashion designers, Viktor and Rolf and I will be taking a minor in Scenography which is a cross over between graphics and theatre design. According to UNICEF, Dutch children are the happiest in Europe so I hope to learn more about the Dutch approach on child development to support my current interest on 'Play' explored within my practice. So after much sweat and tears from sorting and organising the exchange, I finally arrived in Breda ... read more
Mijn kamer
Mijn kamer
Mijn kamer

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg January 1st 2011

Wow, 2010 is over and 2011 begun with a really big bang! The nice, quiet evening that I had in mind didn't end up happening at all. My roommate Simon* ended up in the hospital and I had to wait for 3 hours for any information from the doctors. It was in the middle of the night so the doctors pretty much ignored us most of the time. The hart- and respiratory machine kept bleeping and showing disturbing graphs. The doctors said it was nothing and just gave him some liquid through a tube.. After three cups of coffee and a lot of waiting, we were out of there. They hadn't found anything and thought he should go see a general practitioner when he feels better. Probably too much alcohol, and he needed to go to ... read more
Winter time
Snowed central station
Biking through the cold

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