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Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Eindhoven April 19th 2010

Since i read Sanders post on Graigs facebook reading 'it will be so good to see my favourite twins again!! We can all wear clogs and dance the holka polka' i knew that it would be a magical experience to see the man himself again. It was better than i could have hoped lol. The colonel is a name that came about as a result of his name being Sander aka. Colonel Sander, nudge nudge, wink wink, lol lol. Basically he is an amzingly friendly and cool man who its just a pleasure to be around. He opened his heart and his home to us for a night. He is living with his aussy girlfriend Jess along with 5 others in a rather thing 1 bathroom duthc place complete with the steepest staircase in the world. ... read more
Dutch food wall thing
Authentica Dutch food

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Eindhoven March 9th 2010

Eindelijk zijn we zo ver, we staan aan de rand van ons avontuur. Enkel functionele zaken moeten nog afgerond worden, zoals het uitschrijven bij de gemeente en basiszorgverzekering. De belastingsdienst en het opzeggen van de huur. Met functionele zaken regelen hoort ook het uitkiezen van een juiste toilettas, maar dat komt niet van mij. Gisteren hebben we geboekt, op 8 april vertrekken we van Eindhoven naar Londen Stansted, diezelfde avond nog vliegen we vanaf Stansted door naar Kuala Lumpur in Maleisië, om te acclimatiseren hebben we bedacht om even aan te bruinen aan het strand. Zoals je leest hebben we een enkele ticket paradijs geboekt, hiervoor heb ik contact op genomen met de ambassade van Maleisië, deze hebben bevestigd dat, om Maleisie binnen te kunnen we een ticket moeten aantonen dat wij het land weer gaan ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Eindhoven March 9th 2010

After what has surely been one of the coldest, certainly snowiest, winters in recent memory here in the Netherlands, we finally got a touch of blue skies this week. Two weeks ago, the snow subsided and made way for some truly welcomed rain, which brought with it the warmer temperatures from the south and west. However, nothing gold, or in this case, grey can stay, and blue skies have arrived joined with freezing cold weather. This odd combination reminds me of Colorado, and makes us all wonder whether or not spring is around the corner. The last year has been a hard-working time of learning, dedication, training, and music making in order to reach our dreams here. I suppose it's a testament to our single-minded focus that it's been so long since I've last posted. To ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Breda March 3rd 2010

Hands up who loves February? It's a strange old month, February. Shorter than the rest, with a leap year further confusing friends and relatives of anyone unfortunate (or fortunate) enough to be born on the 29th of the 2nd. Christians will recognise February as the period of Lent, the period of the liturgical year lasting 40 days before Palm Sunday. Other people know it as party time. Carnaval, Rio De Janeiro, February 13th-16th. Steamy city streets pulsating to the sounds of samba and rhythm-heavy drums. Barely dressed Latinos & Latinas gyrating seductively atop psychedelic floats to the cheers of thousands of onlookers. Mardi Gras, Sydney, February 19th-March 7th. City streets filled to capacity with performers and cheering onlookers. Sexually ambiguous and proud, Sydney celebrates one of the world's best known Gay Pride events. Mardi Gras, New ... read more
New Orleans
Prince Dionysus of Kielegat


Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg February 14th 2010

After sleeping in until 11:00am, Sarah and I finally wrested outselves out of bed and started our day. It was snowy outside, and cold, cold cold! She introduced me to some of her friends here, and then we ate a simple brunch in the kitchen. Then we got into our carnival costumes!!! Sarah was a mermaid wearing blue and green and I was a butterfly with a mask I'd bought in Amsterdam. HEr friend Bali was a zebra! fun! Around 2pm, we headed downtown on the bus to see the Carnival parade! Downtown, despite the cold, there were quite a bit of people out dressed in ridiculous brightly colored costumes watching the parade floats go by. Load polka and techno music could be heard, and the floats had signs in Dutch and often, large paper mache ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant October 14th 2009

Haaaaai lieve familie & vrienden, Vandaag begin ik aan mn blog die eigenlijk bedoelt is voor het moment dat ik voet zet op Peruaanse bodem.Maar aangezien de uitwerking van dat plan nog volop in ontwikkeling is lijkt het me ook heel intressant om de voorgeschiedenis daarvan ook alvast te melden. Kijken en melden wat er daadwerkelijk bij komt kijken eer je je hart kan volgen naar de andere kant van de wereld.Ik weet niet wanneer ik vanuit Peru aan het bloggen ben, want vandaag is de eerst dag waarin ik concreet aan mn plannen ben gaan werken mbt mn reis naar Peru. Alles is voor mij heel nieuw, zelfs de reis met de vliegtuig.Zal voor mij de eerste x zijn sinds mn emigratie naar nederland dat ik een vliegtuig in zal stappen.Al met al dus best ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Den Bosch August 21st 2009

Saturday 18 April, 2009 I take dad and Liz to ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The main attraction here, as I’m told by Miep - is the Binnendieze boat touring - which is the only place in the Netherlands which you can do boat touring under canals. That’s right people we went under the city, sailing over age old waterway, cruising past old buildings with their remarkable “twin gables”. The area of ‘s-Hertongenbosch is about 1 and a half hours south by train from Amsterdam. The area was populated around 1150. A fortification was built around the wall in 1185 to protect the city from enemy attacks. In the 14th century the second city wall was built and meant that the river branches were now in closed in the city centre. The little waterways were called the Binnendieze. Me and ... read more
Dad, Liz and Dash enjoying the ride
Dad and LIz in 's-Hertogenbosch
Liz sees the pigeon of her dreams

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg June 29th 2009

Now this is something I had never heard of before - a small pyramid that could help a baby sleep! Amazing!!! We dropped by to see Lorenza's cousin Liesbeth, plus Michel and their absolutely gorgeous daughter - Fleur. I thought it was nice of Michel to point out that they had named their daughter after me. Mmm, perhaps not? Ok, my surname does have something to do with flowers but Michel was stretching it a bit with his explanation of how they arrived at their daughters name. The pyramid was suggested to Liesbeth as a way to help Fleur sleep better, she had been having trouble sleeping and obviously this was having a flow on affect on the sleep of the whole household. So, the suggestion was to place the pyramid under Fleur's bed and she ... read more
Fleur & Lorenza
Liesbeth, Fleur & Lorenza
thats it - the sleep inducer

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant June 27th 2009

It took about 5 hours to get from Paris to Deurne. It could have taken a lot longer if I had not realised that I had initially entered "Duerne" into the GPS, which is a town in France. Luckily I noticed my mistake, oh I also noticed there is a Deurne in Belgium - we found the one in the Netherlands with no problems. We got to spend a few days with Lorenza's cousin, Guido and his family. Lorenza really enjoyed catching up with Guido and her Aunties and Uncle. It was the first time we had spent much time with Guido's dad and it was good to get to know him a bit. He had some interesting stories about growing up during the war around Deurne and also in Indonesia and some funny tales about ... read more
Lorenza & Didi
The sign says it all
war museum near Deurner

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