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March 11th 2011
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Some public sculptures I pass everyday on my way to and from university...
Bought a couple smart suits at the second hand shop to alter and two of the same black dresses as part of the costume for the hosts and waitresses in our attraction. So I've been busy picking at the stitches, cutting and altering, to create a couple smart penguin tailed suits with added Baroque fabric. After faffing around on the first one the second only took a day to copy as I finally knew what I was doing! I found myself helping others out more with their tasks to have a break from doing one thing. After a tutorial I realised we had drifted away from our orginal task of promotion so returned to finish the poster which will be placed around the school for students to find. Reality finally kicked in when I was reminded of next weeks deadline before the event takes place on Thursday! So I started working harder and faster. The construction is finally up and things are following in place but there still looks like a lot of work yet to be done...

I spoke to my uni friends, Teleri, Lydia and Chris from back home all at once on Skype for a good couple hours, catching up, singing and laughing like the good old times.

Together with my Erasmus exchange student, who I have yet to meet face to face, we've been planning a bbq party on the roof for April before I leave Breda to fly back to England. I thought it would be a great opportunity to see everyone I've befriended here, from international students and pupils in my course to my Dutch childhood friends!

It was precisely a month when I visited Kathelijne in Zoetermeer on 19th February and today the 19th March I was soaking up the sun, drinking out on the busy cafe terraces across the centrum, enjoying the luxuries of life with my childhood playmate once again!

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This is where we're planning to hold the party in April!

20th March 2011

Beautiful sunset!! Wish I could join in with the party :P i hope Kathelijna is well :) Speak soon when I have internet at home again and finished my dissertation!! xxxx
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