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Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi February 4th 2006

We rented a car and defied death as we made our way along hairpin turns which cantilevered over the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the overcast weather, it was stunning scenery. Some pictures compliments of Cari.... read more
the long and winding road
the trail

Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi February 3rd 2006

An ancient city covered and perserved by ash from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvious in 79 AD. Rediscovered in the 1700's and excavated, the city is well preserved including some of the victims who were suffocated by ash and gases. Plaster casts were poured into the cavities left behind by the bodies, capturing their terror. ... read more
main city street
view of ampitheater
grape vineyard

Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi December 22nd 2005

Pompeii and Capri Two Days of Excavation, Preservation and Exploration December 21, 2005: Pompeii. Major take-away: In Italy, the past looks an awful lot like the present! 500-600 years BC to 79AD Pompeii was ruled by three different cultures. Founded by the Phoenicians then ruled by the Grecians and finally by the Romans the city of Pompeii was a prosperous trading and resort community. Its beauty and its demise both were derived from its stunning location at the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius. In 79AD, just 16 years after an earthquake rocked the city and destabilized its economy, the great mountain erupted, spewing rocks and molten ash high into the air, showering down upon the city of Pompeii. Most of the 20,000 inhabitants escaped, but 2000 did not, including a group of gladiators that were chained beneath ... read more
The Fred Melius Expedition
Pompeii, in the Shadows of Vesuvius
The City of Capri from the Phoenician Stairway

Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi September 19th 2005

We arrived in from Ischia to Sorrento yesterday. We had quite an adventure trying to make it over on the ferry since the one for Sorrento doesn't operate on Sundays. Eventually we made it to Sorrento after taking the ferry to Naples and then the train down. We did our laundry this morning and then started the journey to Positano. I intially heard of Positano from the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" from the romantic scene where Diane lane spends a day there on the beach with a handsome Italian man. To get to Positano you have to take the bus. We waited over an hour for the bus to arrive with about 45 other people. Eventually it came and we all crammed on. The best part of the Positano trip is the bus ride down. ... read more
Craig Looking back up at Positano
Lynne at the beach at Positano

Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi August 8th 2005

OK yesterday the first half was a frustraiting and the second half was great as I took a vacation from roughing it. The first half of the day was at the airport arguing with the ticket counter and making arrangements for flying out early which is tough because Naples doesnt have a counter for Luftunsa or United which is who I am flying on. I would call the airline support number and they would tell me it should be no problem, but the Italians at the counter said they couldn't change my date and refused to call the airline to speak to them about it. After a long time in the hot phone- internet shop making plans. I was able to cash in my Hilton points and had just enough for a one night stay at ... read more
balcony view
balcony view left


Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi July 7th 2005

Today was our last full day on the Almalfi coast. We took the boat over to Almalfi, which is the town next to Positano. The weather was perfect today, no clouds or anything. We found a beach right away, it was really nice because there weren't very many people there. The water was great, just the right temperature. We had lunch by the beach, the people who worked there were really nice. We saw the train attacks in London on the news there, but since it was in Italian, we didn't know what was going on. The woman who ran the restaurant told us, its really sad, especially since there are a lot of people over here from Britain. After we were done at the beach, we went and got gelato, then walked around the town ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi July 6th 2005

Today was our second full day on the Amalfi coast. Yesterday we stayed here in Positano and went down to the beach. We rented some lounge chairs, you have to here, since the beaches are all rocks. The weather was really nice, the sun was hot but the water was nice and refreshing. We had lunch down at the beach restaurant, I think the waiter wanted to go home with us. Unfortunately, he was not the hot waiter from Monterossa, but rather a 70 year-old man, not quite the Italian guy we had in mind. There was also a rather old man in a very tiny speedo on the chair next to us, not pleasant, but very common here. After the beach, we walked back up to our room, which, despite the hills is not actually ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi July 6th 2005

After a hectic couple of days in Naples, we really needed a break so decided to take the hydrofoil directly to Sorrento and hopefully spend a few days at the beach. The weather was still as hot as it gets, the only way we've been surviving is with a siesta in the afternoon. Sorrento is a small resort town jammed halfway up a cliff about an hour's ferry ride or an hour and a half's train ride from Naples. The town itself was a very tourist oriented town, expensive stores, restaurants advertising the 'menu touristico' and generally not a lot of Italian being spoken. We were staying in a cabin at a campground about 10 minutes walk outside the town, so were just close enough to make trips in to town easily but far enough away ... read more
Local fishing village beach
Home cooked meal!
View in the evening

Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi July 4th 2005

This won't be a very long update, as we didn't really do much of any excitement today, but I felt I had to write since I was finally able to get onto my own computer from our hotel room. It's very nice to actually know where all of the keys are. Today we took the train from Florence to Naples and then into Salerno. We decided to drag our bags from our apartment to the train station again, although this time we knew where we were going, so it didn't take nearly as long. We had heard how aggressive the people in Naples were, trying to get you to take their taxis and such, so we were ready to fight back. I think we were all relieved (and maybe a little disappointed) to find that it ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi June 28th 2005

Well we were in Roma, but I didn't get to update. That place is just amazing. Everywhere you look there is something ancient....well at least in the "Ancient City." The first day we explored the Paletine Hill...the ticket to this was valid at the Colesium. That was very interesting. But not as nice as the Roman Forum...which was free...go figure. We also saw the Trajan Column. The campsite had a of course we partook. Oh and in less than an hour we saw two people get their wallets stolen. We held our bags very close to our bodies and survived intacked. We went to the Coliseum the next day. It was very nice. The best part was, because we bought our tickets the day before, we didn't have to wait in the hour-long line! I ... read more

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