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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes July 2nd 2014

We are getting closer to the end of the cruise. There are two day left. We have seen so much and done so much, we will have memories and stories to share for years to come.Today we dock at the 4th largest island in Greece, Rhodes. Here we passed through the the harbour, where in ancient times stood the Colossus of Rhodes. The Colossus once stood with one leg on one side of the harbor and the other leg on the other side, forcing ships to pass below his 64 meter height. Nice story right? Well it is a lie! The Colossus was in Rhodes and he was 64 meters high and stood for 66 years in the center of town at the front entrance gate of the ancient city. No spanning the harbor. Unfortunately, builders ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Monolithos May 19th 2014

Rodos Arriving in Rhodes and getting dropped off in the medieval town was unreal. My jaw literally dropped as we entered the old city that is protected by large stone walls. The whole old town is a Unesco World Heritage Site. The nickname for this island is “The Island of the Knights” and walking down the streets there is no question as to why. The architecture is amazing and wandering around transported me back to my five year old mind of what I always thought a medieval town would look like. I was immediately in awe and completely in love. We found our Hotel and checked in. Hotel Attiki is a beautiful property with a courtyard right in the middle of the medieval town. I absolutely loved our hotel. Our wonderful hosts Mara & Francesco were ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos September 20th 2013

The island of Rhodes is very different from the ones we passed and the one we visited, Santorini. Water is abundant here and new town of Rhodes is tree lined and shady while the Old City is not particularly. After a minor snafu, we hook up with our guide Anna who was born here and still lives here. There are nine of us, a very manageable group and we head by bus to the Acropolis. These areas of worship were built on the top of the highest hill near the town as in Athens and here the temple has been left in a state of ruin. Current archeology is concentrating on the pre-historic era and discovering sites where pottery, artifacts and remnants of daily living can be found. We stop for a photo op. Our ship ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes July 17th 2013

As a ‘one off’ we changed the way we travel, we booked an 'all inclusive' late deal to Rhodes, Greece. Reason? After 5 months of being back home my feet were beginning to get that itchy feeling, we needed some more travel and until the schools break up for the summer there are some fantastic deals out there so we decided to snap one up. We’ve never gone for all-inclusive holidays before as we tend not to hang about around the hotel complex but this was a deal too good not to miss. We were a little apprehensive as you tend to get what you pay for in life and we had read some bad reviews on the hotel. We needn’t have worried we got lucky and were allocated one of the best rooms in the ... read more
Acropolis, Lindos
Colourful flowers adorn the narrow white washed streets

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes July 5th 2013

Ahhh, to be back in the Greek Islands! We're doing 6 islands this time. The first 3 were Lesvos, Chios, and Rhodes. Then it was on to Crete, Santorini, and Mykonos. Lesvos (aka - Lesbos) was a new island for us. As with the majority of Greek Islands it had quaint towns, some nice beaches, and lovely blue water. We were based in the capital city of Mytilini on the south coast. It was a cute little town with its own Statue of Liberty and a Venetian Castle overlooking the town and the harbor. By renting a car we were able to see the rest of the island in a day. There were winding, mountainous roads across the center and interesting towns on the north and west coast. The town of Molyvos, which was once the ... read more
Mytilini Castle
Mytilini Castle
Cookware Chandeliers


Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes May 24th 2013

Today we headed to Rhodes Island. This Island used to be a place for prisoners but today it is dull of small markets. We went to a beach today that had a diving platform in the middle of the ocean where we swam up to it and jumped off. The water is so clear here, you can see everything underneath you! The beach we went to had beach chairs and umbrellas which was so nice and relaxing. Tonight we went to the captains dinner where we all dressed up and had our three course meal. Tomorrow we visit Crete and Santorini.... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes May 20th 2013

20 May Said farewell to Southern Turkey and our travelling mates Ian and Robyn and took the ferry across to the tiny island of Meis (called Kastellorizo in Greek), a 20 minute trip across the water, and we were in Greece! Had time for a coffee before boarding the huge Blue Star ferry for Rhodes, about a 5 hour trip. We were amazed when this ferry arrived in the tiny port of Kastellorizo, it filled the harbour and watching it turn around was a revelation! Easy trip floating along the coast of Turkey most of the way. Found a comfortable pension in the old town ( Sofias 50€ a night) then took a wander through the narrow cobbled streets of Rhodes old town which is surrounded by an ancient city wall, lovely! Dinner at Yiannis - ... read more
Our ferry in port

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos May 17th 2013

In order to provide some additional time in this fascinating land we back track to Ashdod, the port developed to relieve the congestion of Tel Aviv. This gives us an opportunity to see Caesarea, the Roman port city developed by Herod and named after Caesar to facilitate the Mediterranean trade. With an ongoing archaeology dig this is a National Park. Included in the excavations are The Theater, Promontory Palace, Herodian Amphitheater, Bathhouse Complex, ancient outdoor running water toilets, Fortified Medieval City, The Harbour, The Statues Square, the Hippodrome (circus) and the Roman Wall. Movies at the beginning and end of the tour recount the 3000 years of history involved. A windshield tour of our guide’s home city Tel Aviv reveals a vibrant cosmopolitan environment without the marked religiosity of Jerusalem. Our guide reports the expression: while ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes May 12th 2013

Sunday May 12, 2013. Rhodes, Greece Rhodes is one of the largest Greek islands and has been inhabited since the Stone Age. It has a temperate climate and mild winters which makes it a popular year-round resort. After breakfast we met Alan and Karen by the gangway at 8.45 as we had arranged last night. We docked at the city of Rhodes at the north tip of the Island. We had planned to take the local bus to Lindos but as we exited the port gates we found a very reasonably priced car rental place. We decided to hire a car instead as it would give us more flexibility to see other things - and we had a reasonably long day here, not having to be back onboard until 5.30 (and, we found out later, was ... read more
The Acropolys, Lindos
St Pauls Bay
Rhodes Amphitheatre

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes May 12th 2013

We arrived in Rhodes early in the morning and as we cruised into Mandraki Harbor. We could see three medieval windmills. They were originally used to grind the grain unloaded from the merchant ships in the harbor. The mouth of the harbor had two sentinels...A male deer and a female deer standing on columns. Elafos and Elafina are the names of the deer and they are the symbols (Strength and Wealth) of the island. We passed the St. Nicholas Fortress which has a light house on the fortress so the ships can find their way into port. There were just as many old fishing boats as there were yachts. We began our tour at the walls of the Old Town. We left the bus and walked through the Gate d' Amboise to the Palace of the ... read more
This was the view from where we ate our lunch
Acropolis of Lindos
Coming into the Port of Rhodes

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