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Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg November 21st 2013

A jo kis Hamburgi kiranduli elso resze, fotokkal megorokitve. Nov 22-24 a kezek nelkuli tanfolyam, mely elott Csabival elruccantunk a Balti tengerre furdeni, Lucieekkal vacsorazni, szoval innen a fotok, elvezzetek oket, oleles, bal... read more
Planten und Bloemen
Planten Park
Ko es Noveny

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg September 24th 2013

Hi Guys, It has been a week since our last update, quite slack, but we are on holidays!!! Also, if there are any spelling mistakes, it is because the keyboards have the letters in different places here = very confused Amanda & Andrew. We wanted to backtrack a little with our last update, as we forgot to mention an awesome Greek Pizza Restaurant we went to in Hambuerg. We were recommended this place by the hotel, one of the best recommendations so far. We ordered this donor kebab platter for two (so we could try everything). Before we even got the meal, the owner gave us a shot of Uzo each (warm tummy from that). Then came the food, oh my! The platter was huge, plus you get salad, fries, rice & bread. It was delicious. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg September 20th 2013

Saturday, September 14 was cool and rainy, as usual these days. Garth and Sue have a very early flight out tomorrow morning so I found them a CHEAP deal on an airport hotel for tonight for only 89 Euros, making their Sunday morning much less stressful. We started to look over train schedules for ourselves to get to Charles de Gaulle airport and even though our flight wasn't until 11AM I decided better safe and un-frenzied so I booked us a room at the Ibis hotel too. So we cleaned the apartment, did some laundry, replaced supplies we'd used up (bought them a nice potted orchid for a thank you gift) and we headed off by train (9.50 Euros each) to CDG airport. Train was simple and easy, bought our ticket from the machine, only one ... read more
Rotbuche restaurant, Fuhlsbuttel, Hamburg
Hamburg City Hall
Downtown Hamburg

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg September 7th 2013

The train from Freiburg to Hamburg sped on through a predominantly flat landscape, very green and cultivated for k after k. It was a direct route for us and we rolled into Hamburg Hauptbanhof, after five hours, at 5.50pm, to a grey, drizzly evening and hordes of after-workers heading in and out of the vast station. The big city stations are works of art. Think, Gare de Lyon, Gare de Nord, Cologne, Hamburg, Victoria and so on. I find them magnificent structures and always end up with more pictures of them than I need. Anyway, to our hotel, the SIDE Hotel. A sharp-edged, modernist place with snappy design but not always with a practical eye for use, e.g. The handbasin, the "long drop" loo. But it was pretty cool and very comfortable. Another Hotwire online booking. ... read more
St Peters Church, Hamburg

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg July 5th 2013

It began as any other morning I awoke in a drunken haze and proceeded to gather my things and prepare to check out of the hostel. Now Lucky Lake Hostel as mentioned has an awesome breakfast and when I checked in they gave a recipe for poffertjes that I still have not tried to make but I have it for when I will someday. Anywho I just wanted to mention again how totally great this hostel was before continuing this thing. I began my ride to Hamburg and decided to take the main road because if I took the side roads it would take me about 11 hours and that was just unacceptable to me. The motorway was nice riding, to my surprise so I continued along all happily and enjoying the views. Now when I ... read more
Map to Hamburg


Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg July 2nd 2013

We arrived, unbeknown to us, on the eve of the "Schlagermove" festival or "love" festival as we were told by the lady at the Tourist Office. Always held on the last weekend of June, it is a parade of 45 party trucks, all decorated with balloons and all blaring out schlager (German pop songs of the 70's). The parade of trucks make their way through the streets of St. Pauli and around the Reeperbahn (famed red-light district and also where Beatles performed in the famous Star Club in the early 60's). Typically, about half a million schlager fans descend by train to the festival, all dressed in bright and bold patterned bell-bottomed trousers, bright afro wigs and Gary Glitter boots - I'm sure you can imagine! Well, along with that image, add singing, drinking, shouting and ... read more
Pork knuckle mit sauerkraut
Rathaus interior
Alsterarkaden (Alster arcades)

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg June 26th 2013

Right the day after my return from Finland, my old friend Thais from Brazil came to Hamburg with her family. Thais and I have known each other for almost all of our lifetime. She is Brazilian, but we met while she was living in Germany with her family. I was three and she was four years old at the time, and she lived just across the street from me. We became very good friends and I was really sad when they went back to Brazil when I was twelve. However, we stayed in touch, and she came to visit me in 2001, and the same year I went to visit her. We had not seen each other since then and I had not met her husband Andre yet. I had been invited to their wedding, but ... read more
The family
Queen Mary II

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg April 22nd 2013

Last weekend, my mum was here to visit. I had given her a helicopter flight over Hamburg and the river Elbe for Christmas, and she was here to redeem her voucher. Of course, I had bought myself a voucher, too. Otherwise she would have been scared and lonely on the flight . The airstrip was not far from Pinneberg, northwest of the city centre. Getting there was kind of adventurous because we had picked exactly the day of the big Hamburg Marathon. So we had to do a big detour and got stuck in a traffic jam anyway. I thought we might not make it, but eventually, we got there and took off for a great 30 minutes flight up the river Elbe, past the district of Blankenese, the Airbus airfield and the harbour to the ... read more
Airbus airstrip
The harbour
The river Elbe

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg January 22nd 2013

My first official day as a Hamburg tourist! Schnee, schnee, schnee all last night it snowed! to wake up in a city 16205,459km from home to a silent city, blanketed in snow is wunderbar, although slightly hungover its hard to get out of bed to explore. walking through the streets, making the way up as i go has not brought so much excitment as it had today. seeing the Alster lake covered over with ice and snow, and the old buildings roof tops capped with snow, lining the lake edge brought back many happy memories of advensures had and adventures to come! the language school where i attend 7 years is still standing, the streets fill with students on break with a mix of excited discussions, german, english, spanish and russian in a population of 1. ... read more
Sledding in Hamburg (Claudia, Janne, Lassa, Joshua) 004
Sledding in Hamburg (Claudia, Janne, Lassa, Joshua) 001
Sledding in Hamburg (Claudia, Janne, Lassa, Joshua) 002

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg December 6th 2012

Every time we’ve hit a new city, its gotten colder., to the point where we look back now and the first stops dont seem cold at all. Paris was cold, Amsterdam was cold, Cologne and was cold but Hamburg is in a cold league all of its own. Unlike the other cities, where it was freezing when the wind picked up, Hamburg is just freezing. No wind, but literally freezing. It was 0 degrees at 2pm and by the time the sun starting going down at 4pm, it was way below freezing ( but then it snowed and all was right in the world!) Arriving in Hamburg we have been in awe twice, once by the size of the train station and secondly by our hotel. The Hotel SIDE where we are staying is a boutique ... read more
Reeperbahn Xmas Markets

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