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Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg July 10th 2014

After the 37th assault on my head with some young offenders bag pack I've just accepted sleep on this 7 hour journey was a fairytale dream and I'd be better off starting a search party in Connemara for the children from the attic. Delirious with fatigue I can only imagine what sort of fascinating synopsis will result from this but I need some sort of activity to distract from the beads of sweat sprinting down every limb I own. From my own, or the perspiration glands of my Indian neighbors I find myself cosily wedged between I can't be sure. After much pondering I've surmised the one on the left is familiar looking due to his starring role in New Delhis adaptation of The Biggest Loser last August. Allegedly was forced to leave the competition due ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg July 5th 2014

It is entirely possible that we slept a very long time this morning, and didn't have breakfast until after 10:00 AM, and then slowly assembly-lined through showers and teethbreeshing and so forth, and weren't ready to leave the house until after noon. Yes, definitely possible. Arnold and Doris were to return to Ettlingen on a train leaving just before 4pm, so we all piled onto the bus and headed into Altona to check out more of the street fair. There were many people and lots of things and smells and it was generally street-fair-like. Barbara and Andrea and I went in search of a WC (you know, a necessary); Andrea knew of a free one, except when we got there, they had taken it out, so instead we went and found a pay toilet, which was ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg July 2nd 2014

We were slow to wake up today, and bad luck, the hot water went out after Cheryl got her shower. But, we all managed to do some version of "hit the high spots and hope for the best" and after a wonderful breakfast, we were off by bus to Altona. Our first stop was Stuhlmannbrunner ("chair man fountain"). The fountain was working, which, according to Andrea, was remarkable; it was working so well that Laura, Tiny Beethoven and I got a bit wet. We walked further toward the Elbe, and ended up at Altonaer Balkon, another park and scenic overlook where we spent some time looking over the scene. We then headed down to the ferry dock Dockland to wait for our tour boat. It turns out that the harbor ferry is a much more cost-effective ... read more
Altonaer Balkon
Tiny Beethoven Looking (a)Stern
Alter Elbtunnel

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg July 1st 2014

This post should be subtitled "The Struggle To Stay Awake". You see there are two ways I can deal with not getting jet lag. The first (which was my plan) was to get on the plane, change all of my devices to read CEST, sleep as much as possible on the plane, and then it would be whatever time it was when we got off the plane. That has worked for me in the past. But, for some reason, I couldn't sleep on this plane, so instead I just had a very long day, where I was awake from 7:30 AM (PDT) June 30th until just after midnight (CEST) July 2nd. I'm writing this at 8:30 AM (CEST) July 2nd, and I feel rested, refreshed, it really does seem like morning, so I would say the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg June 25th 2014

So today I woke up early with Kolja and I observed two English classes in Germany. The students English was very good and we had a debate in class where I played the "devils advocate", the kids where very interested in American life, aparently, they learn mostly about England, but the kids asked me questions like: "Do all Americans like fast food?" "Do I own any guns?" "Are there Indians where you live?" To this I responded, "Only a baseball team." Surprisingly they knew about the Cleveland Indians and asked if I liked Lebron James too. It was weird to speak in English again, I felt like that part of my brain turned off. After I saw Kolja coming back from his field trip and I wandered the city a little bit and walked through the ... read more
me and kolja!
his school
entrance to fleet


Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg June 24th 2014

So going out this morining I got whats called Mett, a raw pork spread on bread yummm! Kolja and I road the ferry up the Elbe River and he explained a lot to me, him being from Hamburg can explin a lot. We alsowent under the Elbe as well, they had to build tunnels because you cannot build a bridge (prevents ships). Aparently Hamburg and Berlin are debating who has the best Kurrywurst, I will say Hamburgs was pretty good. After grabbing lunch with Fanny (which we did find a memorial to a Fanny Mendelsohn right by her work) we checked out some local stores, a five story version of Dicks Sporting goods and a six story Game/movie/electronics store, which was super awesome, they had almost any game and movie you could want, aisles of wii ... read more
loading off ships
cranes everywhere

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg June 23rd 2014

Today was a busy day, woke up early to go to work with Kolja, the school system here is way different! I cannot even being to explain how, I can say I was jealous of his two class preps for the day and having tomorrow off. I spoke to the kids about the catholic school and they were shocked about our uniform policy. After school, Kolja and I checked out downtown, he comes from Hamburg and for the most part has stayed here and we had a lot to see, sadly Mark was not with us to see the lego store here, they even had a Simpsons house build with characters for an amazing price of 200 €, I did manage to refrain from buying it. The room here is so comfortable too. I did actually ... read more
teacher lounge
bio room 1
bio room 1 - 1

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg June 22nd 2014

First, my title I chose was because a resident of Hamburg is called a Hamburger. Anyways...arriving to Hamburg today was quite easy, I had to backtrack sadly back to Köln from Aachen, but very easy to get to and find. Train travel here is simply amazing. I finally arrived here at 15.30 and Fanny met me at the trainstation. The apartment they have is really nice and has a large guest room as well. It has been nice having someone to speak all day with in German and tomorrow I am excited to experience German high school, I will be in a Chemistry and Biology class tomorrow and on Wednesday I will be in a English class which should be fun as well, seeing the language from their point of view. Hamburg itself is a nice ... read more
5 stars delux room

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg November 21st 2013

A jo kis Hamburgi kiranduli elso resze, fotokkal megorokitve. Nov 22-24 a kezek nelkuli tanfolyam, mely elott Csabival elruccantunk a Balti tengerre furdeni, Lucieekkal vacsorazni, szoval innen a fotok, elvezzetek oket, oleles, bal... read more
Planten und Bloemen
Planten Park
Ko es Noveny

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg September 24th 2013

Hi Guys, It has been a week since our last update, quite slack, but we are on holidays!!! Also, if there are any spelling mistakes, it is because the keyboards have the letters in different places here = very confused Amanda & Andrew. We wanted to backtrack a little with our last update, as we forgot to mention an awesome Greek Pizza Restaurant we went to in Hambuerg. We were recommended this place by the hotel, one of the best recommendations so far. We ordered this donor kebab platter for two (so we could try everything). Before we even got the meal, the owner gave us a shot of Uzo each (warm tummy from that). Then came the food, oh my! The platter was huge, plus you get salad, fries, rice & bread. It was delicious. ... read more

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