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Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Dunkerque August 26th 2013

The weather has improved back to its old self, clear skies, plenty of sun but a slightly cooler temperature. We are very comfortable in our apartment with plenty of room and we wish we had been able to arrange more of this type of accommodation during this adventure. The cats were back for breakfast but stayed their distance from each other. At one stage we thought there were two black and white cats as Gretchen looked out the window to see the cat on the wall only moments after having it at her feet.However,we are sure there is only one and he is a fast mover! We are only a short distance away from the combined TGV and Eurostar rail line and we hear them passing by at great speed with a quiet whooshing type sound ... read more
The ornate 'Hotel de Ville' Dunkirk
Malo,beach just a little north of Dunkirk city centre from where part of the evacuation took place
Memorial to the Dunkirk Evacuation at Malo Beach

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Dunkerque August 12th 2013

What do you do to celebrate your 39th wedding annniversary ? We decided to set sail from Boulogne to Dunkerque France. We normally prefer to get up and get going early but in the land of high tides and strong currents you travel with the current. This means heading out at 11:30 AM so we can catch the current going in our direction (a 1 to 2 knot push in the right direction) . The upside was that we had a nice leisurely breakfast, the downside was we got to our next port later than we like. When we left Boulogne, there was little wind so we motor sailed. The day was beautiful and the seas were gentle. During the afternoon there were even fewer clouds and the wind died but we were still able to ... read more
Some Differences/Some Similarities
Others Out Here With Us
More Industrialized Area

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Dunkerque April 16th 2013

Suzy is still sitting comfortably on our drive hooked up to recharge her batteries . She is being prepared for the trip to Croatia and back. Sion has worked out it's 8 more sleeps until we get to France. We have started to load up the van. Books and maps put in the cupboards, clothes packed, last minute just in case foods put into the fridge and the cupboards - it's a lovely feeling to know that at last we are almost on the road again . Kathrein has worked OK the last few days but today she refused to go up again. We have spoken to Solar Solutions who fitted her and they have been deep in conversation with RoadPro who provided the dish. The offer is to take the dish off and send it ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Dunkerque July 16th 2012

BLOG 13 Monday 9 July – So there we were, parked next to the river at Parthenay (the place with the Games festival going on and the hidden, charming but empty old village down by the river.) Anyway, one of us was awoken by a 6am text from Tom in Kashgar, China – a fuddled brain took 15 mins to text back that we’d planned to Skype/phone him from about 9am....China is 7 hours later than France. We seemed to have a lot to do this morning, including phoning Tom – who couldn’t talk as he was on a 3 hour drive and also, we had paid for hot, roomy showers at the nearby campsite. By the time we got there the hot water had run out! – it certainly wakes you up – very invigorating. ... read more
2 Montreuil-Bellay aires spot
3 Montreuil-Bellay
4 Montreuil-Bellay

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Dunkerque October 16th 2011

Its no secret I like to walk or that it's really just a way for me to explore the world around, I especially love it when that walking gives me an excuse to flee the UK for a couple of days. When a hiking weekend was posted for Bray-Dune in Flandres, north France got posted for the weekend before my birthday I decided to adopt it as my abroad weekend to celebrate the passage of the years (well they don't actualy pass as much as swirl in a subjective non linear numerical way!). Bray-Dune is a sleepy seaside town north of Dunkerque, the last bastian of France before the wide beach and rolling sand dunes give way to Belgium. This wide beach was the site of heavy casualties in WWII being one of the many parts ... read more
Me again!
Bergues - Saint Winoc Abbey & Tower
White Cliffs of Dover


Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Dunkerque May 12th 2011

Après deux semaines d’étude, le 3 mai, Mathieu en avait enfin fini de ses examens contrairement à Geneviève qui commençait à peine. En effet, ses examens s’étalèrent sur plusieurs semaines, à raison d’un examen par semaine, ce qui fait qu’elle en a eut jusqu’au 26 mai. Long et pénible vous dira-t-elle. Durant ce temps, nous avons tout de même pu profiter un peu. Au début du mois de mai, nous avons célébré la fin du semestre et dit au revoir à quelques uns des étudiants internationaux retournant dans leur pays respectif ou quittant Lille pour visiter l’Europe. Pour notre part, nous voulions profiter de ces dernière semaines dans ce qui fut notre chez nous pour les 6 derniers mois. Nous avons donc passé du temps avec nos amis français restant à Lille pour quelques temps. Je ... read more
Un château de sable
La Taverne
Le Marché

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Dunkerque December 27th 2008

Większość z was korzystała zapewne z przepraw promem przez kanał w UK lub Europie, jest to wspaniała część wakacyjnego urlopu. Podróż promem do Francji z UK jest cudowną rozrywką, ciekawszą od siedzenia na lotnisku, czekania na samolot oraz modleniu się o odlot o czasie! Istnieje wiele różnych operatorów promów, jak na przykład: Norfolkline, P&O Ferries, Sea France itp. oraz wiele rozmaitych tras kursowania promów po europie, np. Dover- Dunkierka, Liverpool - Dublin oraz Liverpool - Belfast, nie jest zaskoczeniem fakt, że większość ludzi w Europie w ciągu życia doświadczyła w czasie wakacyjnego urlopu atrakcyjnego przeżycia, jakim jest podróż promem. Ludzie którzy pragną dotrzeć z wysp na kontynent preferują trasę promem Dover - Dunkierka bardziej niż z Dover do Calais. Port w Dunkierce jest wygodniejszy, autostrada A16 jest mniej zatłoc... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Dunkerque October 19th 2008

We spent our second night in proper rooms with beds. Needless to saw everyone slept well. As for historic Dunkerque... we didn't see much. ... read more
Dunkerque at dusk
Beautiful isn't it
Hotel Formula One

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Dunkerque September 24th 2008

1410 hours Wednesday, 24 September, 2008. As I write this blog entry, we are sat in the shuttle train at Folkestone awaiting departure. Having heard on the radio on the way down that a Eurostar had broken down in the Tunnel this morning, and there were two hours delays, we arrived to be told by Tunnel staff, that this was only affecting Freight Trains. So, having had a very pleasant journey down - ignoring the weather, because of course it was raining, we only ended up with enough time to buy a couple of sandwiches and coffee, before joining the embark traffic for the Shuttle. What a surreal experience the shopping area was! Having experienced many busy departure lounges over the years, this place was almost deserted in fact I think we were the only customers ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Dunkerque September 24th 2008

PM Wednesday Well,we arrived safely in St Pol Sur Mer and found the Hotel, a premiere classe at 36 Euro's a night, good value. Newish, clean & tidy, shower - that travelers on the Fred. Olsen Cruise Ships would be very familiar with. Went looking for a quaint little French Restaurant to celebrate our first evening in a fine food country. However, after walking quite a few kilometers through a town type area, we eventually made the decision that we had gone far enough, and our first meal was at a kebab shop “Snack Pol Delice” and availed ourselves of the “eat in” facility. I have to say we were made very welcome and enjoyed what we ate. A kebab and a burger, both with frites and two cola lights. It will of course go down ... read more

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