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Europe » Austria » Vienna May 8th 2012

Hey Everone, we made it! Gathering luggage at the Vienna Airport!... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna April 24th 2012

Oh dear god. You know that feeling when you return refreshed and relaxed from a nice long vacation, only to come back to an inbox thirty feet high and a shrill tremulous voice telling you how much needs doing? Well that's kind of where we're at right now. Fortunately, most of the stuff in question is this kind, the kind of mental bookkeeping that ensures when my memory turns to pinkish goo I'll have something to remind me of what I did and where (at least most of it). Course part of it's also jobs, sorting out my social life and class schedules, figuring out what I want to do with my life, and possibly distilling an elixer of eternal life if there's time leftover. Still, the trip was great fun. (Un)fortunately, Jerry Sheridan (our fearless ... read more
Spiky things
The Nazgul

Europe » Austria » Vienna April 16th 2012

I got up early today, at 6:00am. We were still debating if we want to go to Munich, Salzburg or stay another day in Vienna. I did not want to end the trip so early. But there seemed no other good solution. We had to checkout of the hotel anyway. So we packed up, checked out and then went to Bahnof to put luggage in locker. First stop of the day was Imperial Palace. We took some photos of the parliament building and then entered the palace gardens. The gardens were not very impressive at this time, I was expecting lot of flowers, but most of the flowers were roses so they were not in bloom. As we got close to the Palace, we saw some white tents in the gardens. Rahul thought there could be ... read more
Bellevdre Museum
Opera house
Ballet performance

Europe » Austria » Vienna April 15th 2012

Long time back we had signed up to run Vienna city half-marathon. Today was the day, moment of truth of months of training. The day was not great, cloudy, cold and a bit rainy, but not so bad. We were at starting line up quite early. We deposited our bags, warmed up and ready to run. It started strong. The beginning was on a bridge with very nice view of a castle. I took a picture. Soon we were going by a nice park and I took more pictures. After that I don't remember much, we went near Opera house. The finish line was in Imperial Palace. That would have been a great touch if only I was aware of it. (we will find out later) We finished, though taking more time than I expected. Still ... read more
Street performer

Europe » Austria » Vienna April 14th 2012

We arrived by night train from Zurich. This time unfortunately the train was not very comfortable. We were on the top berth in 6 person compartment and I could not really sleep well. So when we arrived, I was a bit tired. We bought the 3-day unlimited transport pass for EUR 13.60. We decided not to buy the Vienna Card since we were not planning to visit too many museums. We took the subway to our hotel Pension San Francisco. We had pre-booked at It was very close to subway station, and still closed in the morning. So we dumped our luggage at hotel reception and headed into the city. Our first stop was State Park. Unfortunately the day was cold and rainy. Park was nice though, colourful with many tulips. It had a really ... read more
Marathon Party
Opera Toilet


Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna April 7th 2012

I visited most of Vienna thanks to my IGD programme held by OMV. I have been to Schonbrunn before, but this was an oportunity to stay here longer. I was very impressed just like first time I was, but only of the garden and Gloriette, but not the main building, the place itself. It is very poor for a famous palace, there are few to see. Now I undrestand why they do not allow me to take photos; not because of what they have but of what they have not. I was a little dissapointed. The Garden was amazing; so green, so beautiful, the flowers were well taking care. The orangery was magnificent, left me speechless. So I strongly reccomand you to visit it.... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna March 27th 2012

Hello My Faithful BLOG Followers! It has been a while since my last entry, but I am confident that these next 5 entries of my current and ongoing travels in Europe, will be well worth the wait. Overview: This first entry is from Vienna, Austria...our first destination and where we began this journey. I arrived on my own the first day and wandered the streets exploring Vienna for 2.5 hrs before I could check in to the hotel. Day two, I was alone until my fellow teacher friend from Abu Dhabi Terri, arrived to share the remainder of my Europe vacation with me. That day, I toured Vienna on a rented bicycle and took in some great sites, and took some fun pics. Finally, on day three, we toured Vienna via the "Hop on, Hop off" ... read more
On the CAT train...
Made it to the tram...
Finally found the tram stop...

Europe » Austria » Vienna March 14th 2012

pictures of sight seeing with Johannes.... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna March 10th 2012

hi eveyone! sorry but not much to report the last week or so. two weeks left and i am starting to get sad about leaving! but i am also excited to bring Babsi back with me and have her live with us, i am going to have a sister! but i will miss everyone here so much. Babsi pierced her ear by her self which is awesome! her mom found out but she was ok after being upset. i am going to get my second piercings in when i get back. this weekend we aren't going out but we are supposed to go to this castle called Schloss Schönbrun so that should be fun. been doing alot of math homework and home work for here i guess they saved all of it for the end of ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna March 10th 2012

hey today we are going to Stephansdom to take the tour of the tallest tower and walk up the whole thing! i am pretty shure everyone is comming (Babsi, Christiane, Jakob, Johannes and Astrid).... read more

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