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Europe » Austria » Vienna June 9th 2012

Today, we reached Regensburg, one of Germany's most finest preserved cities. We were taken to a White and Gold chapel and it was amazing. The outside was just a normal chapel, with brown coloured bricks but inside, it was a huge, castle-like room that was filled with gold and white gold furniture. The walls sparkled in a million different directions and pictures all rimmed with gold hung from everywhere in the room. After we visited the chapel, we walked to the Danube Bridge where we had a clear view of the whole city. We were told the history of Danube before we dropped into the world’s oldest sausage kitchen, where recipes dating back as far as 1256 are still being used today. We got to try different samples of it and they tasted so much better ... read more
The white and Gold chapel

Europe » Austria » Vienna June 7th 2012

Unfortunatly today, I over-slept and missed breakfast so I was given nothing but a glass of water.-how nice:( We got another 'FREE SENIC CHOICE" today. In Europe, countires are very close together so it doesn't take long to get there. The 3 choices today were three different countires: Passau SalzburgCesk... read more
Salzburg in Summer

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna June 6th 2012

When I woke up, the ship had already stopped and we were in Durnstein in Melk. We were allowed to explore all the villages in Durnstein and it was so different from Australia. The ancient villages of Durnstein were beautiful. The paths were made of cream coloured limestone and the walls of each house was all different shades of white and cream. We reached Wachau Village at midday and walked through the old, streets of Austria. This part was the best bit of my holiday so far. The houses were so cute and all of them were lined up in pastel coloured patterns all the way to Benedictine Abbey. The Abbey of Melk was made in the 11th century. It was completely destroyed in 1297, the abbey was rebuilt they finally remodelled it in 1297. The ... read more
durnstein in Melk
mediveal village in durnstein
cafe in Melk

Europe » Austria » Vienna June 5th 2012

Today is our last day in Vienna and we started the day off with a tour around the Hofburg Palace. Hofburg Palace was made all the way back in the year of 1438 to 1583 and from 1612 to 1806. My friend Laura who could translate German to English explained to me what the tour guide was saying. She told me: The Hofburg in Vienna used to be the seats for the kings and emperors until 1918. Now, the building is still in use and is owned by the current president. The oldest section of the palace originates from the 13th century and was constructed by the last of the Babenbergers or by Ottakar II of Bohemia. Previously the castle of the Austrian rulers had been located on the square called "Am Hof," which is near ... read more
Hofburg Church
Inside Hofburg Palace
Hofburg Courtyard

Europe » Austria » Vienna June 4th 2012

When I woke up, my legs were half dead and my head hurt so much I could have slept for a month. At we were guided to the dining room for breakfast. I was walking around the ship when I found a massive on-board library, so for the next hour I was sitting in the library reading a book called "Sharing Sam" . We spent the day having free time on the ship. I met 2 new people, all from different parts of the world. Luckily, all of us could speak perfect English so I didn't have to struggle explaining everything. Abbie, the first person I met was from Malaysia and had already been to Europe so I would probably just follow her everywhere I go because she knows how things work in Europe. The second ... read more


Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna June 4th 2012

Greetings everyone! We decided to spend an extra day in Vienna so I write to you aboard an overnight train from Vienna to Switzerland. To be honest, I really didn’t know a whole lot about the city of Vienna before coming, except the fact that every single person I knew who had been there absolutely loved it. My immediate impression of Vienna is the opulent ambiance of the city. Compared to Berlin and Prague, there was this grand nature to the city, which made it both exhilarating and intimidating. Vienna was by far the most expensive city we had been to yet, and this was exemplified by our very first meal in the city. We had reached Vienna around 9 PM and by the time we had reached the hostel and settled, it was close to ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna June 3rd 2012

Today we were told we had to choose 1of 3 choices of: Thermal Baths and Spa Exploring the limestone castles at Labyrinth Castle Classical musi... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna May 31st 2012

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Park up your Vespa and ponce round preening your hair, sipping cappuccinos and eyeing-up the laydees... Luckily we weren’t in Rome, as I’m not sure Debbie would approve of such behaviour. No, we were in Vienna. And Vienna, it has to be said, is better known for more cultural pursuits: strolling the baroque avenues, admiring the artwork of Kuntz, pondering the frailties of the mind at the Freud museum, or taking in a classical recital of Beethoven, Brahms, or most famously of all, Mozart. So all-in-all it's a veritable destination-magnet for anyone who fancies pretending they’re a bit posh. Something of a stretch for me, I have to admit, as over the years I've been much more adept at pretending to be a scruffy penniless pauper (and, if ... read more
St Peter's Church Dome
St Stephen's Cathedral Entrance
Flower in Volksgarten

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 21st 2012

That was the top speed of the train from Vienna to Salzburg which only made 2 stops over the course of the 2:45 trip. Train travel in Austria was really schwank and inexpensive if booked in advance on the internet. I did not spend enough time in Vienna as I was locked into the travel dates on the train as the major downside of getting the great deals online is that the tickets are non-refundable and the date/time cannot be changed. Accomodation and Food I booked 3 nights at Ruthensteiner Hostel on their website for 16€/night (plus 1.50€ reservation fee) in what was supposed to be an 8 or 10 person dorm but I was upgraded to a 4 person room that I shared with only one other person. The hostel was super clean, quiet, well ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna May 20th 2012

It was an early start Saturday morning to get out to heathrow for our flight to Vienna, but a quick journey with quiet roads and no security queues. Although we didn't know at the time, there was a large Aids charity ball on called Life Ball, and on our flight were the Scissor Sisters. They were travelling very light on the entourage front. An exciting brush with celebrity. It was a beautiful weekend in Vienna, bright blue skies and nice and warm. We caught the airport train directly into the heart of the old city and after a short stroll arrived at the central square and church, Stephansdom. After a stroll down the main shopping street we came to the Opera House the meeting point for our afternoon bike ride. We had some time to kill ... read more

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