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The day fast approaches for the flight from Canada to Sint Maarten/St Martin, the beginning of a year-long Caribbean Sea odyssey with a break in the fall to attend to business at home. We will wend our way through the Caribbean Sea to BVI, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Santiago de Cuba, Belize, and on to Costa Rica. All of this is in preparation for Travel Notebook Learning Adventures, writing and photography workshops planned for next winter (January-March 2015). Check out the website: In the meantime, details...details...details demanding attention.... read more

So this had two names after it the normal island title and frankly could have been equally BOAT WORK or TRANS-ATLANTIC PROVISONING. Both Gill and I were not really looking forward to this part of our trip, but as with all things, it was absolutely essential. St Maarten has two halves – one Dutch and one French, which obviously creates two very different styles of island. After a strong wind forecast and a rolly few nights in St Bart’s we decided to go into the Dutch side and the safe anchorage of Simpson Bay Lagoon. This was a wonderful change as the boat didn’t move and we could get a peaceful night’s sleep, or so we thought! We eventually rolled into bed about 11pm and were awoken at midnight with the biggest and loudest music we ... read more
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29 October Hey everyone, Sorry it’s been ages but it’s been pretty hard to sit down and write anything lately. As you know I am now on my ship, Ruby Princess, it will be 3 weeks tomorrow since I boarded. Crazy how time flies! The reason I have time today is because the stupid Americans won’t let me into their country. We arrived in Florida 6am this morning and all the crew had to line up to get some piece of paper saying we could get off(as valuable as a passport basically), after 1 and a half hours I got to the front and was told that first contractors or people who haven’t been to America before can’t get off for 3 months. How shitty is that!? Me and all the others were under the impression ... read more

Hola Hermana, Thought I would try my hand at sharing my adventures with you, as I suspect you will be the only one reading, which is just fine by me. In any event, we made it, and I am writing to you under a spectaculary bright moon from Mt. Vernon. I don't know if the moon seems closer because we are closer to the equator, but whatever the reason it seems that if you had a very big ladder you could climb your way to it in just a few hours. The clouds roll by in the evening and most of them are thin and wispy and the light diffuses through the clould much like the light through a chinese paper lantern. The wind has blown non-stop since we arrived, and it is the nice pleasent ... read more

Caribb.110311 St. Maarten / St. Martin French/Dutch island We boarded out tour bus for a trip to the French side of the island Very narrow and congested streets. We had to wait at a roundabout, parked on a hill for 20 minutes waiting for a dignitary to drive by... Queen Juliana from the Netherlands was here to open something... (guide not to sure what was going on) Up until now our guides have been amazing (driver too), this pair... not so much... We finally made it to our beach after a short stop for some shopping.... beach was spectacular!!! Smooth soft white sand.. no coral and easy breaking waves... 2 choices for lunch - ribs or chicken and both were great... 2 hours later and back on the bus to catch the boat... (3 people ... read more
Shoppinmg Mall


I hope that everyones summer is going well. Life here has been full of interesting things! Conning the ship: Every arrival and departure we have a briefing on the bridge; for departures we cover the expected weather over the next leg, the distance and the required speed, engine configuration (as we’ve got 6), the current, tide, and present weather, and lastly who’s doing each of the jobs on the bridge. This includes who is going to do the maneuver. Departing St Maarten a couple weeks ago, the captain let me take the ship off the pier! With the Staff Captain and Chief officer giving advice I took the controls. Using just a fraction of the 80 000 horsepower on tap I gently lifted her off the pier and navigated the ship out to sea! Void Space ... read more
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So we decided on Sint Maarten this year for our summer holiday. We have been to several islands in the Caribbean, but we have never landed here. Check it out on Wiki Travel ( if you want more info on the island. This trip we are traveling on paid tickets, so it really takes the adventure out of getting there. It was nice to relax at the USAirways Club during our lay over. Not quite as nice as Bangkok Air's Club, but pretty cushy non the less. So the flight from Charlotte was uneventful, until it was time to land. We had to hold for about an hour because of a storm at Juliana airport. We finally made it, picked up our little car and made our way to the hotel. Flamingo Beach Resort is on ... read more
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May 10 – May 24, 2011 The distance between St. Thomas and the British Virgin Islands is a matter of an hour sail. We saw a lot of charter boats from the British Virgin Islands visiting several of the anchorages we were at in the American Virgin Islands. We never planned on spending much time in the BVI’s as we had explored the area before when we did a bareboat charter with Bob's sister Eugenia and brother-in-law Rick. We had such a great time on that trip that it was part of what made us decide to do this trip after retirement. We did make it to a couple of the same stops as last time – Foxy’s Beach Bar & Restaurant has been an institution for years on Jost Van Dyke so we checked that ... read more
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ST MARTIN OPPS! Wrote it, didn't publish it. Today I was up early. Had breakfast is the Windjammer, really good scrambled eggs, fruit and potato patty. I was one of the first off the ship and checked in for my tour at the information booth. The sky was very overcast and didn’t bode well. Fellows around the booth were joking about selling tickets for skiing and they weren’t talking water skiing. One fellow was running around with a down jacket with the hood up. I guess they it felt cold to the locals. We got a bit of a late start and then the skies opened up. A typical tropical cloudburst! Water was running down the hillsides and the streets started to flood. Kind of reminded me of Guadalcanal, well that’s a bit of an exaggeration! ... read more

Priscila (Spanish) and I went out to St. Maarten, we wanted to go to the beach but it was drizzling. We quickly went to the store, and then to a bar called La Taverne, we had a St. Maarten cocktail. We then met Oscar (India) for lunch… so good to eat something other than the ship's food!!! Went to the beach after that, and then had to head back to the ship. ... read more

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