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Tam & Family

I am a very devoted and addicted traveller so just want to talk travel. Where to go, what to do, when to do it etc etc. My hubby and I have been to loads of places....all over Australia, all over the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Amsterdam, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bahamas, Barbados, Mexico, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia off the top of my head :)

But...in 2007 our lives changed and along came our little Midget and in 2010 the Little Miss arrived too. We've continued our travels but have stuck to around 10,000km so far from home lol! So these blogs are aimed to document our travels for them as i seem to forget where we've been and what we did quite quickly, so want to write it down as soon as i can. If i get a chance i'll add pre-kids blogs but right now, the aim is to get trips down for them... and anyone else who loves travel :)


Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta January 29th 2014

It's nearing the end of summer vacation so it was off to Bali for 6 days for the family to rest up before school starts for the year. We booked in to the Hard Rock Hotel in down town Kuta as although we've been to Bali a few times since the kids were born we have stayed away from this party area. But the swimming pool was drawing us there with slides , kids play equipment and a sand entry so we wouldn't have to hold the Little Miss and she could play in the sand. And, it was excellent! I don't want to sound like a hotel review but it was really fabulous (disclaimer, this is for a family with young kids)! perhaps because we were in a kids suite we had extra things thrown ... read more
The Little Miss in the sand
Cabana by the pool - why not!
cleaners with personalities

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yallingup September 16th 2013

My mother in law was coming to town so we thought for something new we would take her down to Yallingup. 3 bedroom apartments or houses cost quite a bit but we found a place called Yallingup Forrest Lodge and it looked quite lovely and relaxing and prices weren't too bad. it turned out to be fabulous and we would easily stay here again. There were apprx 12 giant cabins placed randomly in the bush so you couldn't really see the next one. A lovely bush path wound past them all and back to the main entrance where there was some kids stuff such as a trampoline, tennis court, pool and importantly rabbits :) The cabin was really sturdy though as the weather wasn't too nice with storms coming through most of the time but we ... read more
Wild Lillies
Yallingup Forest Resort

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 20th 2013

As Thailand is my favourite destination in the world, a sale on Thai Airways was just the reason to stop in Bangkok on our trip to France. We've been through Bangkok maybe six times but this was the first time it was our actual destination and we had 5 days to have a look around and try and get over jetlag on what is pretty much the same timezone as Perth (1 hour difference). We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Silom in a Kids Suite. We've stayed in a similar suite at a different location but this one had a seperate room for the kids (rather than half a wall hiding them) so that was very useful sound wise when the Little Miss was screaming at 2am :( The pool was just a normal pool ... read more
Erawan temple
Kings Palace

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Nîmes July 14th 2013

On Saturday we headed into Nimes to meet up with some friends who had graciously flown all the way to France from London to see us. I was so excited and it was so good to see some friends we hadn't seen since any of us children. Their boys were 7 and 9 and immediately all 3 boys were off playing and chatting about the complexities of starwars and Harry potter... so very cute :) We headed to the Arena to look at the amazing colosseum style structure that is still standing but it is in such good condition they are using it for the music festival. My inlaws saw Johnny Holliday there last week and Greenday played there wednesday night, so unfortunately we weren't allowed to go inside. We then headed to the main temple ... read more
Mussels at the Village Dinner
Kids dancing at the village dinner
Village dinner

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Avignon July 11th 2013

The last couple of days we have spent visiting tourist locations in the morning, and having a siesta and relaxing in the village at night. It is school holidays here and very busy, even arriving at 10am as things open there are heaps of people and lines and no parking. But...everything closes from 2pm to 4 for everyone to have naps - how very civilised :) Tuesday we headed out to Les Baux de Provence. This was an amazing old castle with the most beautiful little village up the hill to the castle. The village was tiny cobbled walkways with shops and cafes coming off it and at the top was the old castle. In the 1400's the Duke of Barcelona owned the castle and area and although not as good as some other castles in ... read more
The family
Catapault in action
Device to knock down doors

Bonjour! We have made it safely to Rochefort Du Gard in southern France and it is absolutely beautiful :) Rochefort is a small village just outside of Avignon where my inlaws have a house and have retired for 6 months every year.... so we are visiting for 8 days over the school holidays. It did take us 28 hours to actually get here so i'd better mention that. But the kids were fabulous with no screaming or crying (abnormal for the little miss) and although they have had quite a few naps in the last few days to catch up with sleep they are doing really well with none of us really having jetlag. Thai airways was really good with huge meal selections so everyone had heaps of choices, and on the longer 12 hour flight ... read more
Express Train
Sunflowers and vines
The Inlaws house

Oceania » Australia » Victoria May 18th 2013

I've listed this under Victoria as we sort of travelled around, rather than stayed in any one place. We initially went to visit family but threw in some great history and nature along the way. We flew into Tullamarine airport, hired a car and drove out to Daylesford (1.5hr north) to visit my hubby's father. Daylesford is a lovely little town known as the 'spa capital of australia'. It is full of relaxing retreats, spas, springs and some very impressive 4 and 5 star restaurants. We had last visited when the Little Man was 2 and it wasnt very toddler friendly then, but i had investigated better this time and the children are better at being 'still'. But...it was cold :( On Saturday it was maximum of 8 degrees - eeek! The temperatures never hit that ... read more
The local constabulary
Bowling old style
Hepburn Springs

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yallingup March 3rd 2013

The Margaret River region is 300km south of Perth and abundant with wineries. Approximately 10 years ago we visited a lot (pre-kids) and you could enjoy wine sampling at hundreds of wineries, have dinner at some fantastic fine dining locations and relax in adult retreats. So....with 2 kids under 5 this did not seem like a good holiday for us or somewhere that we would want to take them. But my, the times they are a changing :) Margaret River is a tourist mecca. The amount of things down there is unbelievable. We are so happily suprised i am trying to work out how i can go down there again soonish. Along with 150 wineries all within 1 hour of each other from boutique wineries to some of the largest in Australia (and the world?), there ... read more
bootleg brewery playground
s swing maze

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Legian January 26th 2013

We just had the most perfect, relaxing, enjoyable 5 days in Bali ever :) This was not a holiday for sightseeing, adventure or new experiences. This was a 5 day break, before the monotonous routine of work and school got back underway. On a recommendation from a friend we stayed at the Kumula Pantai hotel in Legian. It is a bit hidden away though, and is actually behind one of the restaurants along the beach so you dont even see it initally. But...it was suprisingly nice! Very bali'ish with marble everything, giant statues, winding gardens and dark wooden furniture. But all very clean with no mould in site and although i'd say set up in the '80's there was nothing wrong with it at all. It had 2 huge pools which we spent hours in every ... read more
What a view!
Amusing drinks

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Lancelin November 11th 2012

We've just spent a lovely week up at Moore River for our annual pilgrimage. This year the river had not broken through to the ocean so it was a bit murky and quite full but there were plenty of fish in there for the kids to chase along the shallow banks. The Midgit had a fishing net which worked much better for toddlers attention spans than a 'real' fishing rod which is what he tried to use last year although we didnt actually catch any fish which is probably for the best as neither the Hubby or I really know how to fillet a fish ;) Saturday and Sundays are packed with kids which is lovely with all the banks of the river full of people and people hiring canoes and boats etc. I showed the ... read more
Looking Down to BBQ Area
Cabins at Caravan Park

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