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29th January 2014

Sounds like the ideal place for a family vacation...
Even if it is in Kuta!
30th January 2014

Hi Bob, yes the Kuta part was a bit of a worry but we didnt really see it as we'd be back at our hotel by 9pm each night so apart from some drunk aussies quite early on Australia Day, not too much 'bad'behaviour. Lol - the kids have been down baglor road in patong so have seen some interesting things :)
29th January 2014

So cute!
The little bunk beds and all the kids' activities were so adorable! How great that you chose a place that would entertain the little ones while you two got to enjoy yourselves, too. A fine pampering before school and fine tales for Midgit when he has to tell the class what he did on his summer holidays.
29th January 2014

Sleeping babes
29th January 2014

Traveling with kids
Sounds like you selected the perfect spot to stay with kids. Glad you had a wonderful time.
26th July 2013

Food prices
How did you find the price of food overall? I've heard that because of the strong dollar and weak Euro, eating out in Europe is a very reasonably priced experience.
27th July 2013

Food prices
Hi Shane, i found the prices were pretty much the same as here. In supermarkets it was way cheaper, but at a restaraunt or cafe we found it pretty much the same price if you convert. For example, a coffee would be 3 euros so AUD$4-5. One cafe we went for lunch the salads were 15 euro so AUD$20+. A croissant in a patisserie was 95 cents but i'm sure here in a bakery they would be about $2. So i guess good that it doesnt cost more! But no so good for a family of 4 eating out two meals a day...
24th July 2013

Dancing in the streets
How wonderful - wine, sun, children laughing :) Enjoy
12th July 2013

All things French...
The kids have definitely got your travel genes to go 28 hours without any dramas. I like the sound of the two patisseries :)
12th July 2013

Thanks Guys!
Yes they were very excited to spend an 'entire' day on a plane lol! We even put the into pj's then into new clothes to try and help :) and break up the time! The food has been very good and had 2 croissants for bfast - might need to diet big time on my return
12th July 2013
The Inlaws house

Tam tell your in-laws that I love their house! :)
11th July 2013

So France it is :)
Glad to see your plans for the year are coming off - the kids look like they are having an amazing time with Nonno - lucky you what a fantastic place to have rellies!
27th May 2013
Bowling old style

I love this photo! My son is 8 and a bowling nut so we thought this was so cool! Thanks for sharing. :)
29th May 2013
Bowling old style

thanks anastasia! amazing to think thy we're bowlin 160 years ago
26th May 2013

Your kids are growing up fast!
Good to hear from you again.
26th May 2013

Winter escape!
Sounds like you had a lovely Victorian Holiday Tam. I think Daylesford is one of the best weekend escapes from Melbourne (even when it's freezing in winter!) :)
29th May 2013

thanks guys! The uncle/aunt that came up were from Hobart so were right at home :) i loved the fire, rugs and up to date magazines in the cottage - very relaxing
6th March 2013

What a great weekend...
next time make it a week!
7th March 2013

Definitly a weeks worth of holiday down there! I wanted to write how much there was in case anyone else is questioning whether to go or not.
6th March 2013

Great memories :)
I love your family travel blogs - isnt Margs special? I remember many trips down to Simmos icecreamery and the Candy Cow with my boys when they were little - thanks for the memories.
7th March 2013

thanks cindy!
If you havent been there for a while then you will be massively surprised as there was 10 times more things than 10 years ago. Although, i guess i wasnt looking for child friendly things 10 years ago :)
3rd March 2013

Rubbish on the beach
It's great to hear that you enjoyed your 5 day escape to Bali. I've never stayed at Kumula Pantai but I have been to their Italian Restaurant many times. I just love the Gnocchi in tomato sauce and it's nice to sit under the large trees while watching the beach. As for the beach. It depends on the time of year. During the rainy season the currents bring all the rubbish right on the beach. Bali has been dealing with this problem for years and there are many rubbish-management schemes but the number of tourists is exceeding and there isn't enough ways to process it. On top of that many rubbish is thrown in the rivers which is taken to the sea and I believe there is even rubbish from neighbouring islands. During the dry season the beaches remain clean and during those months you can wake up early for a walk and swim... Luckily the Balinese and many hotels owners realize the importance of clean beaches. So they make sure that it is clean before the crowd appears. Hopefully they will find a solution soon because I wonder how long they can keep up plus at one point the rubbish is going to be more and more.
From Blog: Bali - Jan 2013
1st February 2013

Back in Bali.....
Damn those beaches are grotty aren't they, but at least the Indonesians get most of it cleaned up by lunch time bless 'em. I was told that during the monsoon, the rainfall washes all of the garbage into the sea only for it to then wash up on the beaches around the island.
From Blog: Bali - Jan 2013
23rd September 2012

Glad you found NaiYang
Awesome little beach isnt it? Glad your trip with the kids and gran turned out to be fun...and that presidential suite looks amazing!

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