Nanci and David Curry


Nanci and David Curry

Thanks for checking out our blog! We are currently in Paris, France.

We quit our jobs and left for Mexico in July of 2011. We had no idea our travels would turn in to so much more! Originally, we decided to try travelling for six months and if it did not work out, we'd go home. We found that by staying in one place for a longer time, say one month, gave us the opportunity to not only experience the neighborhood, but to learn the histories of places we visit and the rhythm of life.

We lived in four cities in Mexico in seven months before driving into Central America. We lived in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica and visited Belize and Honduras. We would have kept going into South America if not for two things - the Darian Gap and our trusty, broken Saturn.

Once back in Mexico, we stayed an additional six months in three different cities. In total, we drove over 30,000 miles in Mexico and Central America.

The journey then continued to Southeast Asia! We visited Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos and Myanmar including the islands of Borneo and Bali. We stayed for six months and discovered a different style of travel. We each wore holes in our new pairs of shoes.

We returned home to California for a week before getting on the road again, this time to Baja California. We stayed in Baja for 6 months enjoying warm weather and cool beer.

On the road again we are now travelling in Europe. The adventure continues...

since we left United States

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris April 15th 2014

I suppose I’m somehow dating myself here, but I can’t help thinking back to the days when you would buy a 45 or an album because you liked a particular song you heard on the radio. Invariably you took it home and played it a million times. It was your favorite song and you felt as though you were the one who had discovered it. Of course, as time went on, you noticed more and more people were also enjoying “your” song. It actually became popular and it seemed everywhere you went people were humming the song or talking about how great the band was. It was still the same song you discovered, but in some way it seemed different now that so many other people liked it. Other people were interpreting the meaning of the ... read more
Gargoyles at Notre Dame
Chateau Fontainebleau
Eiffel Tower and Carousel

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris April 2nd 2014

It was the last day of winter when I left her. It wasn’t anything she did; I just needed to move along. She was everything you could want and was easy to love. She kept me warm on many a winter night. She was beautiful, passionate and very romantic. The long nights on the river are unforgettable. And the food! I never ate so well in my life. A real Renaissance kind of girl you could say. I guess I don’t have to feel too bad. She has lots of other admirers and I know she won’t lack attention for long after I’m gone. It wasn’t her, it was me. I wanted something new. Maybe a little more refined and complicated. I needed knowledge to go with the looks. You know the type. Studious, businesslike. All ... read more
Moulin Rouge
Sunset Boats
Montmartre Nights

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome March 21st 2014

It has been said that the mark of a good meal is when each course leaves you craving just one more bite. If you have too much of one flavor, you lose your desire for it. A perfect meal has a variety of courses, each complimentary to the others, however not so similar as to cause lack of interest. I think travel is similar. If a destination has primarily only one dimension, it is difficult for me to stay interested for long. That is the problem with “fun in the sun” beach paradises for me. Once you have seen the sunset and had a few Margaritas by the pool, there isn’t much else to keep you motivated. The sand is warm and soft and the water is clear and blue. The hammock sways easily in the ... read more
Spanish Steps Bride and Groom
Colosseum Sunset
Trastevere Bike

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome March 12th 2014

We were sitting in the midst of the ruins of the ancient Trajan Market in downtown Rome on a recent sunny day, when a young lady approached us and asked us if we spoke English. She looked a little frazzled and seemed to be nervous about talking to us. We assumed she needed directions and noticed that we were kindly old people who probably spoke English and knew our way around town. When we told her that we indeed did speak English, she began to tell us of a new tour company she had started that specialized in “seeing Rome like a local”. The tour involved taking a bus out into the country and tasting olive oil and sharing a pasta lunch and wine with a local family on their farm. The price, while probably fair, ... read more
Delivery Bike
View from the top of the Basilica
Palatine Hill

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome March 1st 2014

Sirens blare from an ambulance racing down the cobblestone street, the familiar European “wee-doh, wee-doh” sound echoing through the warren of narrow alleyways. The street is lined with ancient apartment buildings, each accessed via huge, often graffiti covered doors. The pedestrians, dressed as if they just exploded out of GQ or Vogue magazine, easily avoid the disturbance, stepping to the narrow sidewalks without missing a stride. Waiters with ties, vests and aprons stand in restaurant doorways offering colorful menus and describing delicious sounding specials in multiple languages. Outdoor tables covered by umbrellas keep the occasional light rain away. The smells of fresh baked bread and strong coffee drift from richly decorated eateries. Diners lean towards each other at tiny, round tables indoors. They talk with their hands as well as their voices. Even if you can’t ... read more
Trastevere Graffiti Doors
Saint Peter's Basilica
Trastevere Cafe

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Rosarito January 26th 2014

Our six month “visa” to Mexico will soon be expired and we will be ending our visit to the Baja California Peninsula. We are spending our last month in Playa Rosarito, a small beach town just 20 minutes south of the U.S. Border. I put parenthesis around the word visa for a reason. We don’t have one! Technically we are illegal aliens and have been for our entire trip in Baja. We were talking to a local expat and told him of our lack of paperwork and he explained that large portions of the people in Baja are “illegal”. Now knowing that there are so many of “us” gives us the confidence to finally confess our less than correct ways. When we originally crossed the border at Tijuana back in August we read in Lonely Planet ... read more
Rosarito Nightclub
Desert Pit Stop- Baja
Surf Camp- Baja California

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas December 20th 2013

I watch the cruise ship enter the bay not long after the sun rises from the balcony overlooking Bahia Cabo San Lucas. It is nearly 1000 feet long and dominates the landscape of the area. The ships carry many hundreds and sometimes more than two thousand tourists, all waiting to come ashore at their first port-of-call since leaving California. Today there is only one, but often several ships arrive in one day. I imagine some passengers are getting their first view of Mexico. The water of the bay is crystal blue and the earlier morning clouds are a light pink color as the sun gently warms the day. It doesn’t take long for the anchor to drop and the launches to begin their first trips to the piers. I wonder what the passengers think as they ... read more
Pacific Sunset
A Bench with a View
Los Cerritos

We watched a huge, heavy sun rise above Isla Carmen from our balcony on the next to last day in Loreto, Mexico. The abnormal line of clouds in the distance turned evil, showing almost neon shades of orange and red. The Sea of Cortez turned from its overnight steel color to beautiful cobalt. It was rougher than normal and showed orange tinted wave caps as the day quickly brightened. By afternoon the clouds had filled the sky and ominously darkened as they stalled on the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains that separate Loreto from the main Baja Peninsula. The clouds began to swirl slightly and by noon a steady downpour had begun. By night the sky had opened and was dumping huge quantities of water. Our cement block roof began to leak again despite the relatively ... read more
Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas
Eye of the Pacific

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Loreto September 7th 2013

Confucius is often quoted as saying, “It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop”. After traveling in 14 countries over the last 25 months, we had to admit we were a little worn out. The heat of Southeast Asia had finally gotten the better of us, and we knew it was time to take a break. We didn’t want to stop, but we needed to slow the pace and perhaps get back to our original intentions of slow motion travelling. After a 30 hour flight back to San Francisco from Bangkok and a couple of more hours on the shuttle to our hometown in California’s Wine Country, we checked into our favorite cheap hotel for a couple of weeks to figure out what we wanted to do next. It was fun ... read more
Loreto Sunset
San Javier Mission
Cholla Cactus flowers

Asia » Burma July 28th 2013

Rudyard Kipling wrote many years ago, “This is Burma, It is quite unlike any place you know about”. With the lack of accurate information available today, we wished that he had of been a little less vague. Myanmar is changing rapidly and nearly anything you read may no longer be accurate. Usually reliable Lonely Planet was last updated in 2011 and is hopelessly outdated. Prices seem to have doubled and many restaurants are no longer open. Making independent travel even more difficult is lack of access to the internet once you arrive in the country. Most all hotels have Wi-Fi access, but the speeds, which often reminded us of the dial-up days, are uniformly so slow that making reservations on airlines, future hotels or any transportation virtually useless. We spent four days in Bangkok planning our ... read more
Myanmar Fisherwoman
Ayerwaddy River- Mandalay
Swimming Monks

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