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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 11th 2009

Thailand, Pattaya, Nothing so good but a cold beer going down a thirsty throat while the heat of the day is slowly disappaering due to coming of evening. The charming company of Miss Paep just adds heaps of positive energy to my happy mood here outside the Jungle Bar in Soi Yamato. Soi Yamato might be full with rowdy open air Briitsh bars where the cliêntele - mostly groups of young Brittish males on a stag party - has the particular nasty hobby of getting quite gungo-ho for a good fight after knocking down a Meakhong River full with lager, still before moving into the New Star Guesthouse in cozy Soi Honey-Inn where everybody knows everybody, it was the Night Owl Bar where I used to stay. A small bar with three bar girls, a few ... read more
during one of the parties

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 9th 2009

Thailand, Pattaya. These last few days I have become a bit inactive as far as the Hot Mommas go, shunning their incessant attention on the boulevard. My mind full with worries about my Karmic health. Shit, had I been born an Asian I wouldn't have been in this mental mess, had I been born an Asian male I would have understood the Asian concept so much better. Or maybe I would have cared less about the plight of the Isaan sisterhood. I would probably look down on them with contempt, scr*w my b*lls off and get their hard earned money for moonshine whiskey, take it off them by force if necesary never mind the two or three babies she has got back in Buriram or Qurat that desperately need food and education. I'm tempted to go ... read more
sign in Penang
more Chinese

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 8th 2009

Thailand, Pattaya, 10-03-2009, afternoon. The PS Guesthouse down in Soi Yamato seems to be the main gathering place of the Kathoey Sisterhood - or was it brotherhood? - in Pattaya arriving late at night on the back of hired taxi motorbikes, their bare hairless legs to one side of the bike as a lady should, high harsh giggles ringing in the air when they recognise their friends, high pitched Thai voices hurting my ears. During the day it is usually okay with the PS Guesthouse being the only place in town where I can read my book undisturbed though this dumphouse is the biggest shorttime hotel in Pattaya where only a select group of mostly dutch and Belgium Farang can stay, old hands to Pattaya returning each year, spending most of their time down in the ... read more
local women
waiting for customers

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 6th 2009

Thailand, Pattaya. I'm in a slumber, in my half awake/half asleep state of mind which is hurting slightly because of the two 7 procent alcohol content Chang beer I consumed before retiring to my room for a well deserved night of sleep, with my dream world once again returning to the Thai concept of Karma...WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND as the Europeans might say. And Karma there is in my life. These ten days I spend here in Big Party Palace Pattaya are full with the past meeting old hands from days past, exchanging the latest gossip with the Hot Mommas on the boulevard, their luscious hot steaming aura an orgasmic self indulgence with my self-steem going into overdrive due no doubt to a female army of the Isaan sisterhood of Hot Mommas so willing to ... read more
market scêne in..
Thai lady

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 5th 2009

Thailand, Pattaya, 09-03-2009. I'm unsure whether to walk over to the Lek Hotel on Second Road for their 120 Baht buffet breakfast or maybe take a local breakfast, Khao Tom Phui which is a bowl of rice soup with all sorts of nice and tasty titbits added like fresh veggies, bits of fried fish right out of the ocean, mushy peanuts the Thai way, add a bit of Kaeng Phet - Thai Red Curry - to spike your palate, an expresso to wash it all down and your day will be just fine. Maybe watch the bobbing shaven heads belonging to Asian bodies clothed in saffron red or Dutch orange colored robes involved in their early morning daily Bindabaat, their alms round, carrying shyning small iron kettles wherein you can deposit your karmic benefits... However tranquil ... read more
Lighting insence
market scêne in..

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 4th 2009

Thailand, Pattaya, 008-03-2009, nighttime. A lith young lady still dressed in her short brightly blue colored bikini and probably on a short break in between her erotic acts on the stage of a nearby Go-Go Bar, is kneeling before a small spirit house in Soi 6, making a quick offering to the Phra Phuum - Thai for Guardian Spirits - of her choice, a bit of insence, a small glass of Mekhong whisky, a bit of rice and pieces of fish on a plastic plate to spoil her personal Phra Phuum before having to go back to her bar, throwing her light brown legs high in the air defying lustfull Farang eyes. Though Buhmipol's Kingdom might be officially Buddhistic in its religious nature, the signs of the earlier animistic way of life are still visible anywhere ... read more
bicycle taxi
Lord Shiva

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 2nd 2009

Thailand, Pattaya, 08-03-2009. It is 04.00 h. in the morning and I am deep asleep holding a softly snoring Moo in a tight embrace when the knock-knock-knock on my door starts. Soft groaning emerging from the other side of the door, a stammering voice "I want my Buddha back, Hans!", I don't need to make any second guess about the female identity of the person at the other side of my door.....Miss Guan of course, totally off her head no doubt on cheap Moonshine whiskey and way too much Yaa-Baa in her f*cked-up mind. Moo seems to know what and who too waking and telling me "too much smoke and whiskey, crazy old lady", adding in a semi-screaming voice "Allai?" plus a whole lot more hot-bodied Laotian accented Thai that is way beyond my limited Thai ... read more
Mural in ...
Mural in ...

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 1st 2009

Thailand, Pattaya, 06-03-2009. I silently wonder whether or not it was a good idea to let Miss Guan have my Buddha pendant for a couple of days, I mean that pendant has been around my neck for more years then I care to remember....still I told her she could wear it for two days, a Moordu against bad luck and hopefully it will also bring a fat wallet Farang her way, maybe a newcomer to the game, someone to look after her while holidaying in Pattaya and sending monthly checks by mail untill his next vacation. No more garbage collection on the boulevard for deposit money... I took Nik to Nana Plaza tonight for a Thai movie, 120 Baht for the tickets and charming female companionship into the deal who pays for the huge bag of ... read more
Miss Guan
Hindu Statue

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya June 30th 2009

Thailand, pattaya, 04-03-2009. Joy's heavily mascarad face shows pride and absolute happiness when she tells me about her new Austrian boy-friend who at just past his sixties is still virile but quite small bestowed by Lord buddha's gift to the male part of his devotees, showing me her pinky to indicate size...I'm not really sure to be amused or maybe better be bemused...the way Thai ladies of the night can talk about us the Farangs never ceases to amaze me!!! I remember Joy from several years back, petite and lith but being in her late fourties there is not much of a carriere left for her in the notorious Thai s*x trade, so I took pity on her and gave her the key to my room where she would spent most night fast asleep on the ... read more
little spirit house

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya June 29th 2009

Thailand, Pattaya, So you're one of those, one of an army of mostly elder gentlemen having slaved most of their adult lives supporting defiant offspring and a nagging wife always wiping your nose with the better paid job the guy next door has. By the time old age and a well-deserved pension is creeping up on you, kids gone out of the parental home, the wife something of the past if it wasn't for the monthly checks arriving by special delivery reminding you of your alimony duties. You have heard the stories of nubile modest young Thai ladies desperate to marry elder European males for a free ticket to the Land of the Surpreme, plenty of honey and money for those willing to pay the ultimate price...marrying an sweaty Farang male two or three times her ... read more
Market scène
Chinese ornaments

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