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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan January 12th 2007

With a big delay, the bus to denpasar arrived at 22:00. Immidiately got asked ridiculous prices by bemo and taxi drivers. Decided there and then i did not like bali. With the knowledge of having to go home early, due to financial reasons, i choose to head for lombok the next morning, just to get away from it all if you know what i mean. Afetr a very long ferry ride, and 1 hour on the back of a scooter, i spend the night in senggigi, sonya's place. Then went over to gili trawangan (island) for new years. Didn't have a blast, but wasn't really looking for it either. Just had some quiet beers on the beach with a german couple. On the first of january i went back to sonya's place in senggigi, wher i ... read more
nice...!!   gili trawangan
flag and bali's gunung agung

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang December 25th 2006

So where was i, oh yeah, meeting my friend mardi, throwing away ideas about budgets, and deciding on pulau pagang to be my next destination. Although it cost a bit, it was so worthwhile. The island is situated just off the coast of Padang, absolutely nobody there, very robinson crusoe-like. The days food was the days catch, i'm talking fresh fish, eaten by (right) hand. All those years of parents trying to teach you not to touch your food, and then in indonesia just getting away with it. Absolutely love it. Beforehand i bought a kamus (dictionary) in padang for as little as 2 euro. So the 3 days i spend on pulau pagang i learned quite a bit of bahasa indonesia. I had a great time snorkling right off the beach, including a big drop-off. ... read more
accomodation on pulau pagang
view from teluk bayur

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukittinggi December 25th 2006

It's been a while, in fact it's been a month. But here are finally my indonesia blogs. Left Melaka, malaysia, on the 5th of december by ferry. I was waved of by literally hundreds of those fish with legs, sunbathing on the mudbanks. After about 5 hours, i arrived in Dumai, wich basically is a very ugly industrial city. Got hold of a minibus that left 2 hours later then announced, and shared it with 2 english guys and a couple of very grumpy local lady's. At about 1:30 am we reached bukittinggi, and although the town seemed to be sleeping, managed to get a room in an old dutch colonial builiding. A huge room including mandi for less then 5 euro's. Visited the local zoo, wich made me close to tears (example, an orang oetan ... read more
rainy season
bukittinggi zoo

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta December 3rd 2006

In bangkok, on kao san road, we managed to buy a krabi bus tickety for 180 baht (less then 4 euro) It was supposed to have taken 12 hrs, but that turned out to be 15, because first we stopped at surat thani before heading south again. From krabi port, we took the boat over to ban saladan, the main village on koh lanta. There were about 20 men waiting for us, all trying to drive us like cattle into their trucks and onto their guesthouses. We got tackled aswell, and when we decided not to stay in their resort, we were asked a very high price for the taxi trip. Competition is fierce, i guess. After much unsuccesfull searching along the beach, we decided to spend the first night in an expensive bungalow with AC. ... read more
a final goodbye
COOl  !!!!!

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur December 3rd 2006

I absolutely love this city. Already driving in by bus, on the look out for the first sight of the towers gets my blood going.The petronas towers are absolutely the most beautifull building in the world, at least that's what I think. So right after checking in at Lee Mun's guesthouse in chinatown, I took the Putra line to KLCC for some good "by night" photo's. On the stairs I met this really cool group of Malaysian youngsters, who were making photo's of eachother. So they made a real good shot of me and the towers. I love the one with me and the group, it looks so cool. I didn't want to lose too much time though, so the next day I hopped on a bus to Melaka. Ofcourse I visited the dutch church & ... read more
me and the towers
petronas by night
jalan petaling

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 3rd 2006

Chiang mai is such a nice place. I love the weekend market, they have so much stuff for sale, most of it hand-made. Everywhere there's people singin and performing. Really good atmosphere.On the day we erented a scooter, we set out a bit too late, so when we arived at mt. phusi/doi suthep temple, there were so many tourists, it was not funny. I believe they should at least forbid the big tourist busses to go up the hill. What a waste of fuel driving those monsters up a hill.....! After this we drove about 60 km's along the highway to doi inthanon nat.park, where we were expected to pay 400 baht entrance fee. Since we had come all this way, we agreed, but unfortunately there was only time for one waterfall. It was a very ... read more
drink driving???!
doi suthep

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Surin November 18th 2006

What to say about BANGKOK...well, it's a ratrace really. Especially when you decide to stay on kao san road. Apparently, there was a chinese festival of some kind, so a procession of dragons and the likes went through kao san. They had a metal frame with a pole, in wich 10 or so people climbed who hooked themselves up. Then the dragon came circling around the pole wich was hooked up on the watersupply and out the water came. In the meantime somebody was lighting fireworks, one of those 1000 BANGERS or something, wich they had hung on a balcony right behind me. So when it started to go off, i almost shit my pans. Then they went on to make a human pyramid, the further up they went, the younger the people. So it ended ... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran November 11th 2006

salaam! haletun chetori? Welcome to Iran, where there are no atm's, at least not the kind that you can use as a foreigner. Which is a slight problem when you don't have anything else with you then 20 euro's cash. And the visa alone is 50 us dollars!!! BUT......I was saved thanks to a good friend; BAHMAN. When he heard that I went to iran for a couple of days he arranged for his family to pick me up. And what a lovely people! The very first thing when we arrived in the appartment was a big meal. The Iranians definitely know how to eat. The rice comes with some very nice saffron rice and sweet barberries on top, and after a meal there is always the CHAY, tea, wich is served with chunks of sugar ... read more
tehran by night
boys selling good fortune cards

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Down » Downpatrick September 5th 2006

I would like to dedicate this journal to a great conservationist and professional enthusiast; STEVE IRWIN. I absolutely love his programs on discovery channel, and although some things he has done might have been controversial, he definitely has done a great deal for the conservation of not only australian wildlife, but also worldwide. Just watching his shows always gave me a boost, his energy and enthusiasm comes flying of the screen. When i was in his zoo in beerwah, queensland, i remember asking one of his staff if he was like that in real life too, and she gave me a definite YES. It is absolutely sad, and i hope his legacy will continue thru the development of his zoo, and thru television, so that many young generations to come get to see what this planet ... read more
straw bales
st. patricks hill
st patrick statue

Hi, everybody, how's life? As you can see, I have been traveling through northern ireland by now, and although the weather was crap/irish, we got to see a fair bit of what the north has to offer. Starting from belfast international airport, where I picked up my dad and also a very nice little rent-a-dent, we travelled thru poring rain to the city of Derry. Ofcourse that was shit, considering we couldn't really get out of our car unless we wanted to get absolutely soaked. And so, we drove onwards along the north coast. The rain stopped just now and then, long enough to jump out the car and have a wee puff, but even then, the scenery was already getting very good. Huge cliffs and a very rough sea provided us with some needed photo ... read more
my dad and i on cushendall beach
hexagons on the causeway coast
ballygally  harbour

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