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Departed Eureka KOA after saying goodbye to Bea and Virginia(the dog) as they were headed off to the redwoods and we were going south. Took the Lost Coast Highway and it proved rather challenging..especially fully loaded. If you decide to try it then do it as light as possible. It is rather difficult to pick up a fully loaded bike from a downhill incline. I missed a shift on a hairpin uphill curve and dropped the bike. Deb followed suit to keep from hitting me. Sorta took the fun out of the rest of the day and the curves to follow. I was worried about an instant replay and also a tad sore from the drop and roll. The scenery from the coast highway is beautiful. Of course the 4th of July weekend is not the ... read more
Lost Coast Hwy
Humbolt Redwood Forrest

North America » United States » California » Ferndale July 4th 2013

Another day in Eureka. We had no reservation at the KOA for 7/4 so we moved over to our new found friend Bea from Juneau, Alaska. She is a motorcycle rider, 75 years old and travels with her dog, Virginia. She had room by her RV and seemed like a great thing to do. However it is now 6 pm and no one is in our old site. Bea lead the Juno parade for years and was the guest leader for Ferndale's. We went to Ferndale, a quaint Victorian village about 20 miles down the road for the annual 4thof July parade. Proved to be a neat event, lots of friendly people and even a few local BMW bikers. If you are ever in Ferndale, the fairgrounds have water and power and no charge for camping ... read more
Organic Porter
Artist at work
Phone Booth

North America » United States » California » Eureka July 2nd 2013

Big Trees abound.Charlie actually drove his bike through one. Okay it was a tourist trap but it was neat. It is located in Klamath, CA and is a must do if you are in the area. Next we headed to the Redwood National park. Charlie had to stop and snap pictures of EVERYTHING. I think being in granola eating, tree hugging, environmentally conservative artsy-fartsy country (his words not mine) is rubbing off. I am actually right at home with all this, I just have no artistic talent. He hiked up a trail with glee to snap pictures of the redwoods and lush flora. Was I surprised! From there we had a nice lunch at Trinidad on the ocean. The Seaside Cafe had a delightful dungeoness crab fare and clam chowder. Then on to the Patrick's Point ... read more
Bikes in front of tall trees
Deb in Tree
Lush Foilage on 400 meter walk to beach

North America » United States » California » Eureka July 1st 2013

Well we are camped at a KOA .Tomorrow we will tour the redwoods Excuse spelling as this is phone.... read more

North America » United States » Oregon June 30th 2013

Well, stopped at place unknown to the travel blog. Great trip down 101 in Sunday traffic. We were not the only people who decided to use this road by a long shot. Needless to say there were a lot of motorhomes & trailers going home after the weekend. Local LEOS were out in force, I would guess practicing for July 4th. We stopped for the night at the Battle Rock Motel. Nice enough and the nice Korean lady collected sales tax on the room. Somehow I thought Oregon had NO sales tax.I would guess if you are the only game in town you can make up your own rules. I am always amazed to see cyclists peddling up hill with full packs on front and back fork tubes. I did 1523 miles but with a motor! ... read more
Rocks at Port Orford
Green Rock

North America » United States » Washington » Long Beach June 30th 2013

We passed through a wide place in the road known as Forks. If you are a Twilight fan you will know this town is the setting for the book. The tv show is not filmed here but with all the hoopla you would think it was. Capitalism at its best with tours, souvenirs and book sales which is fine because there is not a darn thing of interest in this town. There wasn't even time to take a picture of the town it went by so fast. I love the beaches of the Northwest coast. They are rugged and have volcanic sand with beautiful trees. Hotels are not built on the sand so they clutter the beach, you have to hike a mile or so to get to the beach.It was cool and we walked for ... read more
Highway 101

North America » United States » Washington » Long Beach June 30th 2013

Left Oak Harbor at 8:10 and ferry was to leave at 8:45.Only 17 problem. DUH..we were the LAST people on the boat. Good thing I had a reservation! Short ride on the ferry and we hit 101 for a ride down the coast. We had been told that the ride was not so great but I found it wonderful. Granted only about 20% was ocean view but the road was twisty and shaded with lush vegetation. Stopped in Sequin for brunch at Elys, an american/asian eatery that had the most unusual corned beef hash and eggs. Amazing with onions and peppers! On down the road and stopped in Hoquiam for gas...205 miles and only 4.5 gallons. One thing I can say for Hoquiam and Alberdeen...They make Summer Ave. in Memphis look good! Stopped in Long ... read more
Now that's a Beach
Deb on Beach

North America » United States » Washington » Oak Harbor June 29th 2013

After a great breakfast at the Acorn Bar we departed Colville at 9 AM. Destination of Oak Harbour about 330 miles away' We had been told of speed traps in Marblemount and Concrete. Small towns with 35 MPH and local LEOS that have active ink pens. Washington is a diverse state, going from lush greens to near desert (complete with sagebrush) back to green and then the ocean shore. Not a speedy day as much to view and great twisties. Tonights meal was at the local ELKS Lodge where we had hand breaded cod fried to perfection. Great visit and back to room. Tomorrow will be a ride down the coast to....I don't know...where ever we stop. I am ahead of schedule so time for some touristy things if they arise. Today was awesome..we had the ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Colville June 28th 2013

Another relaxed day. Left West Glacier in route to Port of Roosville with temperature about 50. After getting there (left Deb at border bar with firearms) they asked why I did not exchange in Eureka. Seems there are more Canadians in Eureka than US citizens. Had a great ride along the Kootenai River, sweeping curves and lots of deer-some very close. Finally found a McDonalds in Libby to use their internet connection. Ran into some riders, one couple on a chain driven BMW who said they would see us at Salem. After a neat ride along 20 to Colville, WA we stopped for the night at the Selkirk Motel. American owned and operated, clean, motorcycle friendly, just down the street from the Acorn Bar & Feed Station and best yet...$49. Hard to set up a tent ... read more
Riders at Libby

North America » United States » Montana » West Glacier June 26th 2013

Hi everyone, today was a defcon 4 day for terror. We did the going to the sun road. While climbing it started to rain, of course. Combine rainy narrow mountain roads, steep drops ,6700 ft ,idiot tourist tailgaters and then visibility of less than 10' we were in clouds of rain. I had to talk myself down from the ledge many times. I will end with a quote from John Muir”fear not to try the mountain. They kill care, save you from deadly apathy and call forth every faculty into vigorous, enthusiastic existence.” No S**t! Well, she left out the road construction. The road just opened Friday and they are busy repairing the damages from the winter. We came back the long way, cutting thru from 89 to 49 to 2. 49 is a great little ... read more
Car Wash

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