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7th. Dive. Turtle Cove. Woke up late since we got home after 1 am. We went to Turtle cove which has a pretty and expensive dive operation. $12.50 per tank no package discount. Mostly kids and tourist. The pad coral fingers take the divers to the wall down to about 70 ft. To the left there is a nice size cave where a school of tarpons hang out. That was awesome. Sitting inside and watch the tarpons hang in there. Not much macro life but lots of fish hanging around. I saw 2 yellow head jawfish no eggs. A few snapping shrimp. Would have been nice to take the close-up lens off and do fish portrait. The snappers and red hinds were curious and came straight to me. I have to write a review of the ... read more
Night Nudi
Snappy Shrimp

4thdive. It was our last dive with the Turne’s. Everet and Essi like to dive early so we broke out sleeping in routine and met at the Cobalt coast at 8 am. Everet drew a site map by hand and its regular sightings by areas. We could explore the area for every day for a long time and not be able to see what they have in the last years. It was a windy day and a lot of surge caused by the 5 ft waves at the shoreline so we headed straight to the wall where there was no surge, just a bit of current and the viz was great. The water was so clear and so blue that it was a treat. Everet showed me a super tiny 2mm flamingo tongue and a different ... read more
Rough head blenny
Orangesided goby (Gobiosoma dilepsis) ID By D. Devers

First dive. We flew into Grand Cayman late last night arrived just before they closed the car rental place so we didn’t have to take a taxi to Sunshine Suites. Good start. We caught up with Everet and Essy expert critter finders in the Caymans. Awesome. We signed up for 3 dives at the Lighthouse reef. Everet and Essy took us to the shallows north of the pier where we saw Tritonias laying eggs, pale jawfish no eggs. Everet showed me a dragonet with brown nose apparently very rare but also very skitish. We saw different species of triple fin blennies, sailfin blennies and squat lobsters. The 2 black seahorses that they have been photographing weren’t around. Lots of cling fish under the rocks on the shore line at the end of the dive. 28 ft ... read more
Dondice Occidentalis ID by E. Turner
White footed shrimp ID by E. Turner
light challenge

North America » United States » Florida June 29th 2012

06 29 2012 Dyron dive I was looking forward to try a new diopter. It is fixed to the port so I can only shoot small subjects with it but I was willing to have fun. Viz was really bad with a lot of sand in the water. I started the dive in the calurpa area around Judy’s flag. Sandra and Ariane were there too. I found 2 different color pike fish that were very curious with my port, a couple of nudis, and 2 sponge bobs: so cute. One black and one orange. A bit bigger that a pea jumping around. I love them. Then I moved on west and viz was so bad that I decided to head back and run into Steve on the way back and we decided to check on the ... read more
Green Pike fish
Nudi on calurpa
Brown Pike fish

I have my fave which one is yours?... read more
Maggie-1By Xi
Maggie-2By Xi
Maggie-3By Xi

North America » United States » Florida June 23rd 2012

Still have no diopter so I was trying to find big subjects. I set myself a goal of just shooting color but soon after I got in the water I got distracted and totally forgot about it. At the beginning of the dive I found a pair of very pretty yellow blenny but very skittish and did not let me take a photo they were curious though and they would tease me poking their little head out of the hole but every time I got closer they disappeared quickly. Then I found one of Deb’s shrimp: A dark one. Then a videographer wearing a pinnacle suit showed me an striated froggie so I showed him my shrimp in exchange. He left his tickle stick around I hope he got it out afterwards. Then I headed out ... read more
Deb's Funky Shrimp
Striated frogfish

North America » United States » Florida » Riviera Beach June 17th 2012

Well not much to say today. Viz was under 5 feet and I didn’t see anything interesting not even a diver. Some schools of shinies, disoriented barracudas that were getting way to close to me: Enough to make me nervous. A big mantis. Lots of nudis and skeleton shrimp. But no dioper no photos. : (... read more
Spotted Eel

I was up late last night organizing my head and I totally missed the alarm clock so I had a late start on my dive. I saw a trumpet fish swimming up in the water column. Then I shot that lovely black froggie that was very used to strobes flashing. I was getting an ugly shadow on the one side and only after a while I figure out the power was uneven initially I thought it was bad positioning or that the wire had gone bad again. Good learning experience. But froggie wouldn’t yawn for my camera anymore. Then I spend the time testing a +10 Subsee diopter and I am still getting soft result from f32 to f40. Can’t compare it to the new one I just lost in the Caymans. L Photos of small ... read more
Juv Trumpet Fish
Mantis Shrimp

It was my first dive after the Caymans and my eyes were used to see color so I couldn’t find anything in the first hour. Besides I had lost my diopter and I was using one that I believe is defective. I saw a crab hiding under an anemone that was sticking out of the bottom in an unusual way. I saw my first mating crabs, a crab with shiny green claws, a flatworm on a bright orange starfish, and a variation of a dondice doing a “dance”. All those shots were taking with the dioper and are bad. I wasn’t trilled with my photos and these are a few worth to show. 2hr 10 min. 7 pds on each pocket plus my ankle weight. 80 cc AL and my 7mm bear. Viz was crap so ... read more
Crabby hiding under anemone

We dove Sunset house today to taste a different side of the island. It is located in the south west side of the island. The facilites are much much smaller than dive-tech. There is a wide concrete ramp that leads the divers to the ladder that entry the water. There is a scuba booth that would rent tanks and some gear. Parking spaces are available as well as a waterfront restaurant and a pool but the staff had no information about critters or sightings. The house reef itself is nothing especial: Fingers that lead the divers out to the wall with some big coral heads just about 40ft. There is a wreck and a Mermaid statue that is supposed to be pretty neat to see. We didn’t. I saw lots of lined gobies, an orangutan crab, ... read more
Sort of Anemone
Fish on coral

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