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North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu February 15th 2013

Dive 22. China Wall or Port Lock Dive with Arnie, Terri and Charlie. Jump off and climb up riding the surge up to get off and handing gear up to your buddies…kind of dive. Arnie does it solo to collect sea urchins for the university. We saw a pretty nudi I should have spent more time with. Eels and cleaning stations. There were a few leaf scorpions. I shot a couple of flatworms. 3 turtles and eels. It was surgie and I came up to the 25ft level to conserve air. Arnie and Terri are in their late 60’s and they do hardcore dives like if they were in their 20’s. Then we went for breakfast in Kailua. This is the site where Ana Fish had an awesome encounter with Monk Seals. This was my last ... read more
Pretty fish…juvenile….I think

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu February 14th 2013

Dive 21. E Beach. Solo dive I went back to E beach today to practice lighting techniques with the froggies. I could see the long swells from the look out area. There was some time in between swells but some of the waves were high and when that happens the ocean soaks ups the water in with some strength that can knock a diver with their gear down on the sand... It took me a while to decide. One of the freedive hunters at the beach offered to look out for me during the dive and meet me on the way out. So I went in. The yellow froggie was still in the same structure but on the bottom East corner of it and upside down and really difficult toget to. My head hurt from trying ... read more
Looking down
Blurred background
Painted froggie-2nd version

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu February 12th 2013

Today I did the 2 most amazing dives I have done in the island! Dive 19. E Beach with Sandi and Arnie We dove the dive site Arnie’s way. We did a big circle to the right of the pipe starting wide open to the west and around and coming into the pipe to get back. To start off Arnie showed me a purple flatworm. I regret I didn’t spend more time on it with the magnifier glass. We saw a desirable Nudi and pustulous Nudis, which I snaped quiclkly for my photo blog and moved on to the good stuff. We visisted the ledges were mama white tip comes to give birth. We checked it and only a small shark was in it and not pregnant. Sandi photographed and octo, a turtle, and some cleaner ... read more
Yellow frogfish closer look
Juvenile Bi-Color Damselfish

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu February 10th 2013

Oahu Dive 18. Panic Point The entry point to the site is about 15 concrete steps down into the water. The bottom steps at the water edge are very slippery but there is a good handrail to grab on to. There are bathrooms and showers at the site. The toilets don’t have doors …it feels a bit weird when you are busy and someone rolls by in a bike. We put our fins on at the last steps and walk into the water using a couple of big rocks and sort of slide on them into the water. The entire time I kept thinking how much of a bad idea this was but I ended up doing it like the my buddies. I dove with Sandi, Charlie, Arnie (Dive instructor) and Don, the boat captain from ... read more
Imperial Nudibranch
Spotty Eel
Map from Hauula to Panic Point

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu February 9th 2013

Oahu Dive 17. The Blowhole Today I finally got to dive with Sandi and Charly the couple of critterhunters that responded to my ad on scuba board looking for photographers to dive with in Oahu. I also got to meet Arnie, an experienced dive instructor and US Veteran. There is a hike down to the entry point. It is a bit tricky for my short legs carrying heavy breathing apparatus and underwater camera equipment. I am thankful to Arnie who carried my camera down and Charlie who carried my fins. Terri, another one of their friends and local diver joined us on the dive. Two of the divers were pretty older than me and I have to say that they caught up with me, passed me and left me behind. I am definitely not a surge ... read more
Giant Eel
Map Mom's to Blow Hole
Tako Octo

North America » United States » Hawaii » Waianae February 6th 2013

Three dive day: I saw a monk seal for first time, I had whales singing each dive and finished up with hundreds of spinner dolphins at E. Beach. Oahu Dive 14 Two holes Dive with HHD and Sophie a local DM that could free dive down with a 5mm and no weights pretty impressive. She claimed her fins were pretty good…; We heard something moaning the entire dive. I thought it was a monk seal but my buddies said that it was a whale in pain. The sight itself is rich in bright red pipe fish. Hector counted 28 of them I only saw a handful. They hide in holes and are very hard to get to. We spend sometime looking in the rubble for shells. Still to the day I can’t find my own sunrise ... read more
Hawaiian Turtle
Crab living in the coral

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu February 2nd 2013

Oahu Dive 12. Black water dive. I did my first black water dive. A black water dive is a night dive where you drift with the boat at real extreme depths. In Hawaii the depths drop to over 1000 ft pretty close to shore. Kaimana divers is the only one operation that does this kind of dive in Oahu and they brought the operation from their predescesors in Kona. Check them out here: They have a super safe system that hooks up all the divers to the boat so everyone can drift together in a spider web where each one can move up and down the line or along the side lines. We were only 3 miles off shore and drifted for a mile during the dive. As a photographer I have to note that ... read more
J Lambus Photography
J Lambus Photography

North America » United States » Hawaii » Haleiwa February 1st 2013

Today I went for a typical North Shore kind of day: Hoped on the Route 55 Bus to Haleiwa which is $2.50 on time, comfortable and easy ride so I didn’t have to worry about getting a parking ticket. Had lunch at the orfanic super market at the historic surf town. Visited Clark Little gallery and picked up some postcards for my loved ones then I spent the afternoon watching the end of today heats at the Volcom Pipe surf competition. What a chill day!... read more
After the surf!

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu January 26th 2013

Honolulu Honu Divers did a sightseeing tour to Rabbit Island. There were some swells and the ride was slow. Good enough to play around and shoot some scene shots through the wide angle port. (Aaron made a video make sure you watch it at the end. It shows the pod of dolphins and it gives you a better feel of the day than my photos ;) Oahu Dive 10. Rabbit Island. First Stop was Rabbit Island rich in Hawaiian formations but the surge was a little annoying for the camera. We saw 2 trutles and yellow butterfly fish following Anna. Log 516 67 ft 57 min Oahu Dive 11. Moku Lua Islands. I put my face down in the water to take a look and I couldn’t see the bottom at ... read more
Sightseeing ride East side Oahu
Shy baby turtle
Anna Fish

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki January 20th 2013

Oahu Dive 8. Corsair. Plane wreck at 115 ft. Great viz. We could see the wreck from the surface. Tim’s coordinates were spot on. Even though the area is known for strong currents we had a very slight one. But best of all we had whales singing the whole morning. I was playing with settings as we descended because at that depth we didn’t have much time to get a shot. Just about 16min. Time at depth is a big deal when you loose your computer and don’t have a watch. It is very easy to loose track. FU4 Corsair plane wreck is located off of the east southeast side of Oahu just outside of Manalua Bay. The Corsair ran out of fuel and it sunk in 1948. The pilot made a water landing and safely ... read more
HHD playing on the ascend line with the Corsair Plane wreck in the background
Sea Cave, Oahu (HI)
Into the Sunlight

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