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North America » United States » Hawaii » Waianae February 6th 2013

Three dive day: I saw a monk seal for first time, I had whales singing each dive and finished up with hundreds of spinner dolphins at E. Beach. Oahu Dive 14 Two holes Dive with HHD and Sophie a local DM that could free dive down with a 5mm and no weights pretty impressive. She claimed her fins were pretty good…; We heard something moaning the entire dive. I thought it was a monk seal but my buddies said that it was a whale in pain. The sight itself is rich in bright red pipe fish. Hector counted 28 of them I only saw a handful. They hide in holes and are very hard to get to. We spend sometime looking in the rubble for shells. Still to the day I can’t find my own sunrise ... read more
Hawaiian Turtle
Crab living in the coral

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu February 2nd 2013

Oahu Dive 12. Black water dive. I did my first black water dive. A black water dive is a night dive where you drift with the boat at real extreme depths. In Hawaii the depths drop to over 1000 ft pretty close to shore. Kaimana divers is the only one operation that does this kind of dive in Oahu and they brought the operation from their predescesors in Kona. Check them out here: They have a super safe system that hooks up all the divers to the boat so everyone can drift together in a spider web where each one can move up and down the line or along the side lines. We were only 3 miles off shore and drifted for a mile during the dive. As a photographer I have to note that ... read more
J Lambus Photography
J Lambus Photography

North America » United States » Hawaii » Haleiwa February 1st 2013

Today I went for a typical North Shore kind of day: Hoped on the Route 55 Bus to Haleiwa which is $2.50 on time, comfortable and easy ride so I didn’t have to worry about getting a parking ticket. Had lunch at the orfanic super market at the historic surf town. Visited Clark Little gallery and picked up some postcards for my loved ones then I spent the afternoon watching the end of today heats at the Volcom Pipe surf competition. What a chill day!... read more
After the surf!

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu January 26th 2013

Honolulu Honu Divers did a sightseeing tour to Rabbit Island. There were some swells and the ride was slow. Good enough to play around and shoot some scene shots through the wide angle port. (Aaron made a video make sure you watch it at the end. It shows the pod of dolphins and it gives you a better feel of the day than my photos ;) Oahu Dive 10. Rabbit Island. First Stop was Rabbit Island rich in Hawaiian formations but the surge was a little annoying for the camera. We saw 2 trutles and yellow butterfly fish following Anna. Log 516 67 ft 57 min Oahu Dive 11. Moku Lua Islands. I put my face down in the water to take a look and I couldn’t see the bottom at ... read more
Sightseeing ride East side Oahu
Shy baby turtle
Anna Fish

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki January 20th 2013

Oahu Dive 8. Corsair. Plane wreck at 115 ft. Great viz. We could see the wreck from the surface. Tim’s coordinates were spot on. Even though the area is known for strong currents we had a very slight one. But best of all we had whales singing the whole morning. I was playing with settings as we descended because at that depth we didn’t have much time to get a shot. Just about 16min. Time at depth is a big deal when you loose your computer and don’t have a watch. It is very easy to loose track. FU4 Corsair plane wreck is located off of the east southeast side of Oahu just outside of Manalua Bay. The Corsair ran out of fuel and it sunk in 1948. The pilot made a water landing and safely ... read more
HHD playing on the ascend line with the Corsair Plane wreck in the background
Sea Cave, Oahu (HI)
Into the Sunlight

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu January 19th 2013

Oahu Dive 6. Sea Tiger. 6 am start we were the first ones on site. Viz was 200+ deep blue. Dive with Hector and Kyle. The Sea Tiger is 168 ft (some sources claim 189ft) of artificial reef, sunk in 1999. The main deck sits at around 80 feet, while the hull hits the sand at about 127 ft. Originally named Yun Fong Seong No. 303, the ship was apprehended by the Honolulu Harbor Police carrying 93 illegal Chinese immigrants and became legend as Hawaii’s largest seizure of illegal immigrants. The name Sea Tiger came from one of the ship’s later owners, a Vietnamese fisherman. Voyager Submarines eventually bought the Sea Tiger and spent money and time getting her ready for her new home beneath the waves. This wreck never disappoints!. We did some shots on ... read more
Sea Tiger
Atlantis Submarine
Sea Tiger

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu January 13th 2013

Oahu Dive 3. The “Mahi” wreck. The "Mahi" is an old WWII minesweeper that was intentionally sunk in 1982 as an artificial reef and it is a world class dive. It is 185 ft long 33 ft wide steel hulled ship weighing approx 500 tons. It rests at 95'/29m of water and that is often the maximum dive depth as whitetip reef sharks and octopus often hide between the bottom and the wreck. If you want a longer bottom time the deck is between 60-80'/18-24m and there is plenty to look at. The Mahi's bridge collapsed during a hurricane a couple of years ago and most divers are not allowed to penetrate the inside of the wreck. On a typical dive at the Mahi, divers can expect superb visibility; we had 200+ viz and blue water. ... read more
The "Mahi"
THE MAHI-Minesweeper

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu January 12th 2013

When I got home I received this message: Congratulations on winning first place in the extremely competitive behavior category in the 50th International Underwater Competition sponsored by LAUPS. Your prize is a week of accommodations and diving at Crystal Blue Resort in Anilao, the Philippines. You will have a great time in Anilao, the resort is great (I am leaving for the Philippines tonight) and the photographic opportunities are tremendous. Again congratulations on a magnificent photograph. Please let us know if there are any issues. Bill Van Antwerp, Anastasia Laity, Chairs of the International Photo Competition Committee read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu January 12th 2013

I got the pleasure to do my first dives in Oahu with Hector Seguin Jr from Honolulu Honu Divers Hector runs a small and very professional local operation that would take you where others won’t. If you want to taste Oahu diving the way locals do it, Honolulu Honu Divers is the way to go. He will accommodate your needs: weather you are in the mood of a hardcore exiting dive and get out of the water yelling: Heca Dive!!!!! or a more traditional one… If you are an underwater photographer looking for a customized dive to get a specific shot with specific scenery or need to work around bottom time, look no more. Have you thought of a half and half shot with a turtle on the bottom half, Hawaiian mountains on the top ... read more
Hawaiian Green turtle
Hector from Honolulu honu divers
Stunning flatworm

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaneohe January 11th 2013

I went for an early walk along the beach as soon as he sun rose. Big waves brake far in the distance and close to the beach is flat and clear water with a tan beach. There is beautiful mountain scenery on the opposite side. Not to populated and quiet. I like Hauula. We drove north to Dive site No. 20 on my guide. Laie Point. Well what a surprise to find a very touristic lookout point there. Quite pretty but I didn’t see how to dive it. On the continent side there is a cliff that falls into the water and the waves crash there pretty hard so unless you are a local that knows the entry point I wouldn’t try on my own. We snapped a couple of shots and turned around to Lanikai. ... read more
Oahu North East
Hammerheads at Kaneohe Bay
Kaneohe Bay and Koolau Mountains

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