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We headed to Cobalt right after breakfast. I had a great photo dive on my first dive. I got a green blenny on a yellow sponge that made great negative space. Then I saw a secretary blenny on a purple home. Very pleasant shot too. I didn’t find much on the second dive. Then we headed home for lunch we had leftover home made chicken and pasta from the day before. We caught up with emails and watched a movie. Then we returned for 2 more dives at cobalt. The dusk dive was sort of boring we didn’t see much action going on but the night dive was awesome. I saw a big Clingfish. It was the first time I see one of those and they are very cute. Turquoise lettuces were everywhere. Steve pointed out ... read more
Cling fish
Flamingo Tongue
ID please

05 24 2012 Arrival to Cayman Islands We had easy boarding on Cayman Air and a fast flight: a total of 1hr and 10 min…just over 1 hr!!! It almost took us longer to drive from Lake Okechobee to Miami than to fly from Miami to our destination. The flight was pleasant and arrival, immigration and customs were smooth and quick. The luggage was waiting for us when got out of customs: “ALL” the luggage with no delays or problems. We were worried we weren’t going to make it to the car rental place. They close at 10:00 pm but they were nice enough to wait for us to get our rental car. We got a cute blue mini car which was enough to fit our 4 bags , carry on and a neighbor that needed ... read more
I love this crab

I dove west with no compass. Mine mysteriously disappeared from my housing. I saw some hovering gobies, nudis everywhere but the find of the night was 3 “Deb’s” shrimp on a red sponge. 2 were smaller than the other ones. I did a short dive. Leaving 2000psi on the 100c for the next day.... read more
Hovering goby
Green Sparkly shrimp

Viz was awesome like a 100+ ft. I tried to shot some garden eels feeding but I failed the feeding part maybe someother day since they seem to be everywhere these days. I followed a spotted eagle ray and a school of blue tangs they are so pretty. Then I moved on and I checked the dark brown-green froggie that was still in the pen shell. I deleted all those photos they all look the same. I think the viz was so good that I couldn't see anything. I continued and I saw another spotted bumblebee shrimp in the blue glass area. It was the second one these days. Or since they are so rare maybe it was the same one twice. Should I count the spots to see if it is the same individual I ... read more
Yellow garden eel
Mating crabs
Spotted Bumble bee shrimp

Today I had a very relax dive. Judy showed me a tiny tiny seahorse and a nudi that looked like a Nodosa with no eggs. I had Steve’s close up lens because I lost mine and couldn’t get used to it. I moved west and found hovering gobies everywhere. One of them looked pregnant and I watched a few come out of the same hole. I lost Linda and Deb because I stayed behind trying to shoot the gobies. That was fun. Then I saw a green dworfy and I called Lureen to it. I continued my dive towards the sergeant mayor eggs at the bottom of the pilings towards the south edge and tried to shoot the fish fanning the eggs. Then I checked the wall and nudi world but I didn’t find anything different. ... read more
Arrow crab eating a crab.
Hovering goby

The aroma of Deb’s fresh brewing coffee woke me up. Hmmm it was going to be a great day. It was sunday morning. We chit- chatted like good girlz we are. We discussed how to address the aggressive behavior of divers trying to see our subjects. Steve was still half awake. I threw him and his gear in the back of my truck and headed to the west side of the bridge. When we got there our group was already in the water. I followed their flags and I saw a group of 3 divers chasing Diane. At some point I thought they were going to land on top of her and her subject: an orange-tinted striated froggie so I cut in front to protect Diane. The current pushed me towards them and of course the ... read more
Sargassum Nudi
Sargassum Frogfish
Dwarf froggie

Lighthouse The lighthouse is pretty chill and kick back. It belongs to the same operation as cobalt and all the dive needs are covered. Gear bucket, camera bucket, nice outside shower, a few suit-up dive stations. The entry into the site is a long dock over the rocky shore into the water that gets tricky with the surge. We used the rope at the end to lower the camera. There are buys with ropes that guide the divers to the wall. On the first dive I stay in the packed sand looking for the gaudi gobies but didn’t see any. Yet. I tried the 60 mm lens but the water was merky so that didn’t go to well. I couldn’t shoot any fish with out lots of back scatter. I saw huge squid. A big peacock ... read more
Elegant femail sailfin blenny

North America » United States » Florida » Riviera Beach April 29th 2012

This is the day I almost got hurt by someone at the parking lot and I got scared and ended up calling the police. It was sunday and it was raining. It was going to be a cold dive. My dive buddy misunderstood me and didn’t pick up my tank so I thru a fit and I wanted to leave. I am happy I didn’t because I saw 4 dwarf-ies on my own and a few more were shown to me. I saw a bunch of flabellinas, skeleton shrimp and crabs. My eyes were sharp but I was slow with my camera. I had strobe trouble causing bad shadows in my photos. I just hope the green guy is good. As always I will post a photo of it when I get to it. I tried ... read more
two froggies
Two different froggies

North America » United States » Florida » Riviera Beach April 26th 2012

My Capt wants me back on the boat tomorrow so I decided to sneak in another dive good viz or not. The water looked clear at the beach but once I got in it was very particulate. Oh well I will practice navigation today. I went to see Sandra’s striated froggie in front of the playground. It wasn’t so pregnant and wasn’t doing anything interesting so I snapped a few shots but didn’t make any efforts to get a good one. I continued west looking for the Pink Horn seahorses but no sign of them. Viz was getting worse. I continued anyway. I swam on the surface to the mark and dropped on it and there it was: a little tiny dworfy, with orange hint on it. Adorably cute. I took a few shots but I ... read more
Dworf Frogfish
Pretty Nudi

North America » United States » Florida » Riviera Beach April 25th 2012

I didn't write a log today so Im just posting photos.... read more
white nose pipefish

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